Amana Washer Won’t Spin – All the solutions here

Amana Washer Won't Spin - All the solutions here

Many important household tasks can lag behind if a home appliance is not working correctly. Many users complain that their amana washer won’t spin. What’s the cause?

Well, no need to worry. This guide will cover all the problems and solutions to get your amana washer back on track.

The Amana Washer Won’t Spin – Common Problems and Solutions

Washer stop spinning is a common issue. It can lead your amana washer to stop working altogether. 

Luckily, we are here to guide you on how you can fix your amana washer’s spinning problem yourself.

The Lid Switch Is Defective

The lid switch plays a crucial role in the washer mainly for security reasons, as it stops the spinning in the washer when the lid is opened. A damaged top can lead your Amana washer to stop the spin, even with the closed lid. 

Here is how to identify whether your Amana washer’s lid switch is damaged.

  1. Turn off your Amana Washer.
  2. Remove the control panel from the back of your Amana Washer and pull up the front panel.
  3. The lid switch should be visible now. Remove the plugs connecting with it.
  4. Use a voltmeter to determine whether the volt is changing or not when the lid is open and closed.
  5. If your volt is stable in both scenarios, then the lid switch needs replacement.

To replace a defective lid switch, follow these simple steps:

  1. After opening the front panel, remove all the wires connected to the lid.
  2. Unclip the switch and pull it out.
  3. Replace the defective switch with a new one and attach all the wires.
Amana Washer Won't Spin - All the solutions here

The Amana Washer Won’t Spin if it’s Not Filled With Water

If your amana washer is not filled with water, you will not be able to continue the washing cycle. It’s a common issue due to the failure of different parts in the washer.

Here is everything you need to check and fix to fix the water filling issue of your amana washer.

  1. Check the filter screens of your washer. Detach the fill hoses, and check both filters for clogging or damage. In case of dust or dirt, clean them with a soft cloth, and if they are damaged, replace them.
  2. The water inlet valve is another thing you might want to look at. It controls the hot and cold water in the washer’s tub. Use a multimer for continuity. If it is not found, replace it.
  3. The water level switch controls the amount of water needed for the wash. Remove the top control panel to test the continuity of the button with a multimeter. In case of no continuity, replace it with a new one.
  4. Another reason for not filling water is the timer knob is faulty. Remove the top panel of your washer, check the wires are correctly attached and test for electric power. Use multimer to take continuity test on terminals of the timer, replace if no  continuity is found

It’s Not Agitating

If your Amana washer is not agitating correctly or not at all, it needs to be replaced. To replace the agitator, follow these simple steps.

  1. Remove power from your amana washer.
  2. Open the lid of the washer. The agitator is located in the center.
  3. Remove the agitator altogether, and check for any damage at the bottom. In case of damage, replace the agitator with the new one.
  4. If the agitator is in good condition, check its coupling, located under the agitator. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one.

The Motor Coupler Is Defective

Another common issue that can affect your amana washer’s spinning is the motor coupler. The coupler is vital in any washer as it binds the two pieces together during the spinning.

The process involves a lot of wiring, so recording the wire placement is recommended before starting. Here is how you can replace a defective coupler of your Amana Washer.

  1. After turning off your washer, remove the screws of the console, generally located at the back.
  2. Take out the console, and you will find two clips inside it holding the lid and top of the panel. Remove those clips and remove the harness of the lid switch.
  3. The whole back panel of the washer will come off. Tilt the cabinet of the washer and remove it.
  4. Lay the washer on its back carefully, then remove clips holding the pump to the motor.
  5. Remove the pump from the top of the motor. Now unscrew the frame and wires connecting to it.
  6. Use a screwdriver to push out the rubber on the top of the coupling. 
  7. Remove and replace both coupling. One is under the rubber, and the other is on the bottom of the motor.
  8. Plug all the wires and put the console back to its original state.

The Door Lock Switch Is Defective

If you notice the washer door is not latching correctly, the door lock is defective. It is an integral component of the washer, securing the door while the appliance is in usage. However, the door lock can also wear down. That is mainly due to electrical reasons.

You can use a multimeter to test the switches on the door lock. There are multiple switches. Hence, take the one-by-one approach for better inspection. If the multimeter shows a discontinuity in a switch, that’s where the error lies. Luckily, you can easily replace it.

However, the door lock can also be damaged mechanically. That usually happens if you have been using your amana washer for quite some time. Check the door whether it latches correctly or not. If it does not, replace the door lock to prevent further damage.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is a pivotal component in the amana washer. However, it can loosen over time. Inspect its adjustment. You can tighten it with the pulleys, which could get your Amana Washer spinning again.

But, the drive belt could also be damaged or broken. And, that’s when you should replace it.

Amana Washer Won't Spin

The Stator Windings are Damaged

Amana Washers are equipped with stators. They create an electromagnetic field, causing the tub to rotate. However, these stators are held together with windings. They can be damaged over time.

Access your stators to see any winding damages. That could be the reason preventing your Amana washer from spinning. If there are any signs of defects, you should replace this component right away.

The Rotor Magnets are Damaged

Rotors and stators go hand-in-hand in Amana Washers. Both components are responsible for creating electromagnetic fields. Like stator windings, rotors are bound by magnets. These magnets can be damaged mechanically. Or worse, the rotor itself can be worn out.

Inspect the rotor and its magnets for any problems. Unfortunately, the only solution for these components is a replacement. 

The Defective Lid Switch Needs Replacement

Generally, the lid switch is defective if there are any issues in its assembly. You can use a multimeter to test all lid switches individually. If one does not have continuity, replace that switch. And, the problem should be solved!

The Motor Coupler Needs Replacement

The motor coupler usually lasts long. However, there’s no fixing it if it is broken. Inspect the motor coupler for any signs of wear and tear. Replace with a new one to see if your washer works now. It is one of the most common solutions for the amana washer won’t spin problem.

The Washer Won’t Spin If The Door Lock Switch Needs Replacement

As mentioned earlier, you can use a multimeter to inspect each switch on the door lock. If the problem lies in one of the switches, you can easily replace it.

However, the door lock can also be damaged mechanically. In that case, the only solution is to replace the damaged lock.

The Drive Belt Needs Replacement

The drive belt only needs replacement if it is broken or damaged. It could also be loosened. The solution to that is tightening the belt with the pulleys. 

The Stator Needs Replacement

Generally, the stator itself is not damaged. Instead, its windings are the cause of defects. Scrutinize both components. If you see any signs of tear on the stator, you can replace it. 

The Rotor Needs Replacement

Rotor magnets are responsible for rotating the tub in either direction. However, the magnets are prone to mechanical damage. Inspect each one carefully for defects. If there are no signs, check the rotor. It could also be causing the malfunction. You can get a rotor replacement.

Amana Washer Won't Spin

The Top Load Washer Troubleshooting

You can troubleshoot your Amana Washer by yourself. If you are unsure which issue your washer is facing, you can give the diagnostic mode a try, 

  1. Spin the dial clockwise one time.
  2. Now move your dial Left, Right, Right, Right, Left and Then Right.
  3. Lights will turn on, and turn on the automatic diagnostic mode by moving the dial to the final spin.
  4. The self-diagnostic mode will now start and will be completed within 2-3 mins.

The Washer is Overloaded

A common yet frequent problem that can cause your Amana washer not to spin properly is its weight overload. The load not only describes if the clothes are stuffed to the full but the actual weight of all the items that are in the drum.

 If you are filling multiple bulky items simultaneously in the drum, it can lead the washer to either spin slowly or not at all. To fix this, read the manual to understand better how much weight your Amana Washer can carry. It is highly recommended to wash one bulky item at a time.

Unbalanced Washer

An unbalanced washer can not only lead to not spinning but can also cause several performance issues. By following these steps, you can make sure that your Amana Washer is leveled or not and adjust if required:

  1. Place a leveler on top of your Amana Washer, the first side to side and then front to back.
  2. The results will not be perfect if your washer comes with a curved top. Use the seam between the cabinet and the washer’s top to place the leveler.
  3. If all four feet of the washer are not on the ground, you won’t get the perfect result. Rock the washer with both hands on the opposite site to verify this. If your washer is rocking washer needs to level.
  4. Lift the washer’s front about 4 inches or 102 millimeters using a wood block or any object of the same size that can bare the weight.

If your washer comes with metal feet, use this method:

  1. Use an adjustable metal wrench to unscrew the jam nuts.
  2. Turn them towards the feet clockwise until they are 13 millimeters or half an inch from the washer’s cabinet.
  3. Turn the leveling feet clockwise to lower or counter-clockwise to raise the washer.
  4. Now use an adjustable wrench to tighten the jam nuts by turning them counter-clockwise until they are tight against the washer

If your washer comes with plastic feet, use this method to adjust all four feet accordingly

  1. Turn the plastic feet counter-clockwise using adjustable pliers to lower the washer or clockwise to raise them.
  2. Move all the feet until they are aligned equally. 

Verify the changes you have made using the leveler and ensure that all feet of your Amana washer is touching the ground.


The fact that the amana washer won’t spin is a common problem. Replacing your rotor magnets, drive belt, motor coupler, door lock switches, lid switch, or stator windings can fix this issue instantly. Scrutinize each component carefully for any signs of damage. 

Contacting a professional technician is the safest bet if you cannot identify the problem yourself. Remember you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you. You can go through the guide above to learn about each component in detail.


How to repair the Amana load washer?

Try resetting your Amana load washer to fix the issue. Unplug your washer, press and hold the Start or Pause Button for 5 seconds and start the washer. This will reset your Amana Washer.

Why is the Amana Washer not agitating?

If the washer is not agitating, it needs to be replaced. Check first with a multimeter. If no continuity is showing, replace it.

Why is my Amana Washer not filling with water?

Check the water inlet valve, water level switch, timer, and filter screen to fix this issue.

Why the  Amana Washer won’t spin?

There is a defective part in your washer causing this issue. Check lid switch, coupler and agitator, which can be causing the issue here.

How to replace the Amana Washer defective lid switch?

Open your front panel, unplug all the wires and plug connected to the lid switch. Replace it with a new one and attach the wires as they were.

How to replace the Amana Washer worn drive belt?

Remove the panel cover, lay down the washer on its back and remove the belt cover. Lose the belt by moving and then releasing it by hand. Add the new belt.

How to locate the Amana Washer defective devices?

You can point out the defective parts by putting your Amana washer in self-diagnostic mode.