Hi There! My name is Dave, the owner of this spectacular website: ICDSC.org. I have build this website to share weekly tips about subjects that are common in everyday life.

Now you might think… what does ICDSC stands for? Actually it doesn’t stand for anything at all. This website is a bundle of different topics put together, just like the name is put together by a bunch of different letters.

As you can deduce from the name of this website, I am a simple man. I like a practical, simple, but pleasant life. This blog shares weekly tips to share a easy lifestyle that makes you happy! 😉

Get to know me

Besides the updates on this blog, I like to make music or to meet up with family and friends. When I am home I like to entertain my dog James or play games on my playstation.

Finally, I work 3 days a week as a freelancer at a writing company. Because I really enjoy writing, I like to take the profession home with me through this blog.

Do you have any suggestions for this blog? Send an email to info@icdsc.org.