iPhone Won’t Unlock With Passcode

Have you faced a situation where your iPhone won’t unlock despite inputting the correct passcode? After continually putting the wrong passcode on your iPhone after being disabled for 1,5, or up to 60 minutes, you risk erasing and losing your data.

There could be many reasons for this frustrating situation, like a recent iOS upgrade or a forgotten passcode change.

Learning to troubleshoot and fix the problem could save you a lot of hassle and stress. You’ll know how to deal with it remotely or when you need to contact Apple Support for further guidance and resolutions. 

Read on to understand why your iPhone won’t unlock despite using the correct password.

Why Won’t My iPhone Unlock With Passcode?

Your iPhone won’t unlock even after you input the correct passcode because of software glitches after an upgrade, a corrupted system, or faulty user operations resulting in a passcode change. The good news is you can fix these problems quickly using simple steps like force restarting the phone, rebooting, recovering from iCloud, or using the default passcode. 

First, you need to understand how to troubleshoot your iPhone problem. Try to remember if you’ve had any passcode change that could prompt the error messages before looking for other reasons. If you’ve recently updated your iOS, albeit later than required, this could be why your passcode isn’t responding. 

iPhone Won’t Unlock With Correct Passcode

The anxiety and worry that creeps in when your iPhone’s passcode keeps relaying a wrong passcode error because it affects your iPhone usage can stall your activities—getting a quick fix for the problem by troubleshooting to get a working solution. 

Try the Default Passcode

The error could be due to a forgotten password change or a software glitch. Try restoring your iPhone using your default or the last passcode you changed as the first resort. Most people use the default password of 123456, which works for them in resolving the error. 

Force Restart iPhone

Restarting the iPhone manually restores the passcode error. Depending on which model and version of the iPhone you have, long press the side and volume down button until you see the Apple logo and reboot it to force restart your iPhone, which wipes down any software bugs or issues after an update. 

Directly Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

Many unlock options include erasing your iCloud or iTunes from another iDevice or your computer. This process unlocks your phone, where you can reset or remove your passcode prompt after the reset. But understand that you’ll lose your data and information and have to set up your iPhone again from your iCloud or iTunes.

You can use the standard Apple unlock options from the support center or other working unlocks from the internet like 4ukey or iDelock that record success in using them. Some iPhones have instructions for erasing your data after the 10th passcode attempt. Be careful when insisting on putting in the same passcode if you’ve activated this option. 

iPhone 5s Won’t Unlock With Passcode

The iPhone 5s is one of the classic and early iPhone models. When your passcode doesn’t unlock the phone, look into these fixes for restoration. 

Unlock iPhone Without Password Using iDelock

Go to the unlock website, choose a mode, and connect your iPhone to the computer. For later iOS models, the software will prompt you for two-factor authentication before removing the passcode. Devices with ‘find my enabled’ access to the settings have a good chance of complete recovery without any issues. 

Once you key in these requirements, the software begins the removal and recovery process. After removing it, you’ll have to set up your iPhone from scratch. 

Erase iPhone Using iCloud

Log in to Find my App on another iDevice or computer to find your iPhone 5s device. Then, select your iPhone 5s device and enter the passcode to erase all data and restore your iPhone. 

Restore iPhone via iTunes

First, connect your device to a computer and enter recovery mode from your device by powering it down. The computer will detect your recovery intentions and prompt you for confirmation on iTunes. Next, iTunes will download the firmware and restore your device. 

iPhone 11 Won’t Unlock With Correct Passcode

When your iPhone 11 won’t unlock after using the correct passcode repeatedly, there could be a bug in the system. Unfortunately, this problem is familiar to users after they update their iOS or other software bugs within the system. 

Force Restart iPhone

Manually restart your iPhone 11 using the volume up, down, and side buttons until the Apple logo appears. Let it rest for 30 seconds before rebooting to wipe down the bugs. It should restore your passcode error issue. 

Try the Default Passcode

Some users try the default passcode, which helps solve the error passcode problem. However, ensure you remove or reset the passcode once you have access to your device. 

iPhone XR Won’t Unlock With Correct Passcode

Consider these fixes before you disable your phone when your iPhone XR doesn’t respond to your passcode. 

Enter the Recovery Mode

Entering the recovery mode helps secure data you’ve not saved in iCloud. From recovery mode, you can access settings or iCloud, which you can use to restore your iPhone. Choose the recovery mode on your device as you connect it to iTunes to help you get the necessary firmware for your recovery and restoration. 

Force Restart iPhone

Try to force restart your phone using the volume down and side buttons before rebooting the system again. This simple restart helps remove system glitches that could prevent your iPhone from responding to your passcode. 

Erase iPhone Using iCloud

Use Find my App on another device to erase your iPhone and restore it. This process is straightforward, but you might lose some data if it’s not on iCloud. 

iPhone 6s Won’t Unlock With Passcode

Fixing an iPhone 6s that doesn’t respond to the correct passcode could erase data not saved on the iPhone. However, some simple solutions like force restarting or rebooting the iPhone may fix your problem but won’t always work. 

Rebooting iPhone

Quickly restart your phone to clear any system or software issues. 

Remove iPhone Screen Passcode

You can remove the iPhone screen passcode once you gain access to your device. First, you must recover data using iTunes or erase the iPhone using the Find my App phone. These options help you gain access to your device, where you can remove the passcode to resolve the problem. 

iPhone 12 Won’t Accept Correct Passcode

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact software problem when your iPhone 12 won’t accept the correct passcode. It could be that you forgot your new passcode after changing it or a bug in the system causing the problem. However, you could restore your device with fixes like erasing your iPhone using iCloud, recovery using iTunes, force restart, or a reboot. 

iPhone 7 Won’t Unlock With Correct Passcode

Despite numerous system updates, sometimes you’ll find users experiencing a passcode error when putting in the correct passcode. To solve this problem, use the Find my App on another iDevice to erase and restore your iPhone, manually restart the device, or reboot it. 

iPhone X Won’t Unlock With Correct Passcode

With iPhone X, understand how you can force restart the phone. This quick fix could solve your passcode problem—download iTunes on your computer to help you recover your phone and data. 

Enter iPhone Passcode Not Working

When you enter your iPhone passcode, which isn’t working, you should first retrace your steps to check if you recently changed your passcode. If you didn’t, reboot or force restart your phone to rid the phone of any bugs and glitches. Still, if you aren’t successful, consider using recovery from iTunes or erasing your iCloud to access your phone.

iPhone Password Not Working Suddenly

The most common reason your passcode isn’t working is a recent iOS update. Other causes are forgetting your passcode or other software bugs. 

iPhone Passcode Screen Not Working

Your passcode screen isn’t working because of a malfunctioning app, software or hardware problem, or a faulty screen guard. Fortunately, there are several ways you can maneuver this problem. For example, you can hard restart, use iTunes or iCloud, or use an unlock to restore your phone. 

iPhone Passcode Not Working After Update

The wrong passcode error after an update is a common occurrence after an update. But you don’t need to fret. There are working fixes that could sort your problem within minutes. 

My iPhone Won’t Let Me Type In My Passcode

An unresponsive passcode screen won’t let you input the passcode. Inspect your phone’s recent activities for any unusualness when troubleshooting.

Try rebooting or restarting your phone manually to see if you’ll notice any changes. If they don’t work, you’ll have to look into recovery with the iTunes option or erasing with iCloud. 

iPhone Pin Not Working

Your iPhone pin isn’t working because of a system problem, or maybe you’ve forgotten your pin. 

iPhone Not Recognizing Passcode

The system could be problematic if your iPhone doesn’t recognize your passcode. So first, check if you’ve recently updated your iOS or changed your passcode. Then, try using the default passcode or rebooting your system for resolution. 

New iPhone Passcode Not Working

If your new iPhone passcode isn’t working, ask your vendor or Apple support center to give you the default passcode if you haven’t changed the passcode yet. Restarting the iPhone is another quick fix that could help you access your phone. 

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode

To unlock an iPhone passcode, you require an unlock software on your computer like iDelock. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer and follow the prompts to remove and restore your iPhone passcode.

iPhone Says Passcode Is Incorrect

The system could have a problem or two if your iPhone relays an error message after severally using the correct passcode. Work with other iDevices to gain access to your devices. 

Why Is My iPhone Saying My Passcode Is Wrong?

Your iPhone could have minor system issues that you can quickly sort at home using a computer, internet, or another iDevice. 

Using this information, you can quickly sort the panic and anxiety that comes with the passcode error message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common queries people ask.

What are the common causes of iPhone passcodes not working?

Most users report this fault after an iOS update, or sometimes they forget their passwords. 

What do you do when your phone doesn’t accept your password?

You can try the default passcode, reboot or force restart your iPhone, use Find my App to access iCloud and erase your iPhone, or restore your iPhone using iTunes.