Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost

Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost

AirTags are one of the best and most popular technological inventions that Apple has come out with in recent years. The ability to attach them to an item and have the precise location in case they’re lost is something many people have wanted for years and now have. These little devices make keeping track of all your most valuable items more manageable than ever. 

You can set up your AirTag on your iPhone, iPad, or another device to easily track your wallet, purse, keys, or something else via the Find My app on your device. These devices are terrific for ensuring you never lose your things, no matter how important. When you lose something that your AirTag is attached to, the device will send the NFC (near-field communication) alert. 

NFC enabling allows you to use the Apple AirTag tracker to locate your lost (Read also: How to Locate Lost Apple Watch: The Easiest Ways) items and AirTag. As long as your iPhone or other device is NFC enabled, you’ll be able to track the things that the AirTag is on. 

Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost: Solutions Here

AirTags are innovative, but how does an Apple AirTag work? They work by using Bluetooth technology to transmit a location to the registered user, so they don’t lose whatever item they’re trying to keep tabs on. 

Sometimes when tracking is enabled, it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. If you’re struggling with your Apple AirTags when they’re NFC enabled and lost, or your iOS device notifies you that an AirTag is following your location, but you don’t know where it is, here are some solutions that could help you. 

Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost
Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost

Tap and Hold NFC-Capable Smartphone

If your AirTag is lost or there’s another AirTag tracking your location (Read also: How to Locate Lost Apple Watch: The Easiest Ways) without your permission, you’ll get an alert on your iPhone or another iOS device. You’ll need to tap and hold your NFC-capable smartphone to troubleshoot the issue. Doing this will illuminate the screen so you can proceed to the next step. 

Tap the Notification That Appears

When you tap and hold your smartphone, the screen will light up, and any notifications will appear. 

Once the screen turns on, you’ll tap on the notification that appears, letting you know about the AirTag tracking your location or letting you know that your AirTag is tracking your lost items. You’ll want to click on the notification to open up potential options before proceeding to the next step. 

Turn On Bluetooth Connection

You’ll need to turn on your Bluetooth connection if it’s not currently set to on. To do this, you’ll go to your settings app. From there, you’ll tap Bluetooth and either check that it says on or tap the switch to turn the technology on. 

You’ll need to enable Bluetooth connection to ensure your NFC-connected device can connect properly to the AirTag and track the location of the AirTag. Even if you’re attempting to locate an AirTag that’s following you without permission, you’ll need to turn this feature on. When this is off, you won’t be able to find the AirTag, which defeats the purpose.  

Use Tracker Detect on Android To Scan for AirTags

If you don’t have an iPhone or other iOS device but are trying to track an AirTag, you can still track it. Several developments in the app world have allowed you to use any of your Android devices to track Apple products. Tracker Detect is one of the best Android apps that’s legitimately compatible with Apple devices (Read also: Apple Device on Lost Mode: What happens when Lost Mode is enabled?). 

To track an AirTag on an Android phone or device, you’ll need to download the Tracker Detect app by Podspot. To download the app, you’ll go to the Google Play store. From here, use the search bar to search for Tracker Detect. 

The app’s thumbnail looks like an iPad, is white and green, and free to download to your device. Once the app is downloaded, you can start tracking the AirTag via your Android device. 

Using Tracker Detect is pretty simple. If for some reason, you’re struggling, there are helpful articles via their “help” menu option that can assist you with tracking the AirTag or any iOS device. You’ll need to create an account and follow all the on-screen prompts to ensure that tracking is available to you. 

Apple Support AirTags NFC Enabled Lost

Remove the Button Cell Battery

Once you’ve tracked where the AirTag is, thanks to your Find My app or the Track Detect app on an Android device, you can remove the button cell battery to ensure that whoever placed the AirTag to track you isn’t seeing your location anymore. 

To do this, you’ll take the AirTag and look for the stainless steel battery cover on the device. You’ll gently press down on the battery cover. While pressing down, you’ll slowly rotate the battery cover counterclockwise until it you can’t spin the battery cover anymore. 

Once it stops rotating, you should be able to remove the cover and see the coin battery. You’ll remove the battery, and the device will no longer be able to transmit a location. You’ll also do this when you’re performing an Apple AirTag battery replacement. 


AirTags are an excellent tool to help ensure you don’t lose your most essential items. Even if you do lose them, you’ll be able to track their whereabouts easily, thanks to Apple’s technology. While Apple AirTags can be great tools, sometimes people can use them for malicious intent. 

When dealing with this new technology, it is vital to track where an AirTag is at and turn it off so it’s not tracking you anymore. Hopefully, the above guide will help you if you find yourself dealing with an AirTags NFC enabled lost issue. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

AirTags are some of the best inventions that Apple has created but there’s quite a bit to learn about them and hundreds of questions floating around on the internet from AirTag users. For those who still have questions surrounding your Apple AirTags, here’s what other users are wondering. 

Can someone use my lost AirTag?

Technically, yes. If you lose your AirTag, the person who finds it can use it if they take the time to unregister it from you and to themselves. Unregistering and stealing your AirTag is a more complicated process and requires hacking knowledge, but it does happen. Hopefully, if you lose your AirTag, a good samaritan will find it and return it to you without stealing it for themselves. 

How far can you track an AirTag?

How far you can track an AirTag will depend on the method you’re using to track it. If you’re using a Bluetooth connection, then the Apple AirTag tracker range will be only as much as the Bluetooth, which is about 15 to 30 feet, depending. 

Now, the tracking range will be much farther if you’re using the Find My app on iPhone or other iOS devices. You can track it around the world as long as it’s pinging off of a service tower, much like you can track your friends’ and families’ phones wherever they are in the world. 

How do you know if someone is tracking you with an AirTag?

When an AirTag isn’t with its owner and it is tracking you, you will only get a notification. The Apple AirTag has to be following your location for some time before you’ll get a notification on your Apple device saying that an unknown AirTag is following you. 

If an AirTag is following you and you have an Android, you won’t get a notification like this which can be alarming for some. 

How do you check if an AirTag is near you on your iPhone?

If there’s an AirTag near you that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll get a notification on your device letting you know. If you have yet to receive a push notification, you can still check if there’s an AirTag near you. 

To see if there’s an AirTag near you, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, you’ll need to open your iPhone or iOS device. Once you’ve done this, click on the Find My app and tap on the “items” icon at the bottom of the phone or iPad screen. 

Here you’ll be able to see a list of any AirTags within your vicinity. The list of items will include any of your known AirTags and any unwanted ones that are following you. 

Can AirTags be traced back to the owner?

When you get a notification that an AirTag is following you or you find one near you, you will get a notification letting you know. When you tap on the push notification, it will open a website that indicates the owner’s name, email, and other contact information so you can return the device to the rightful owner. 

How you or whoever finds your AirTag chooses to return the device is up to you or them. Or, if it’s an unwanted AirTag and you suspect malicious intent, report the device and the provided contact information to the authorities and get the tag to stop tracking your location. 

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