How To Turn Off Lost Mode?

how to turn off lost mode

With increasing technological innovations, phones have become an important repository for the information you need to access frequently. Your device retains a record of your crucial details, like bank account information, emails, and other things that strangers shouldn’t access, or you could be at grave risk.

With the iPhone’s Lost Mode active, nobody can access your personal information or use your device. Nevertheless, if you forget your device’s pin, you’ll run into trouble since you won’t use it either. If you’re in such a situation, read on to learn how to turn off Lost Mode on your iPhone.

What Does Lost Mode Feature Do on iPhone Devices?

What happens when the phone is in lost mode? When your iPhone is in Lost Mode, your phone number displays on the home screen. Thus, if someone finds your device, they may quickly get in touch with you. Furthermore, you can easily monitor where your stolen device is.

Here are some processes occurring in the background while a device is in Lost Mode.

1. Locking the Device

When you enable your device’s Lost Mode, the very first thing to happen is that it will lock. Apple remotely locks your iPhone, making it inoperable until you or somebody else in its possession enters the correct pin to unlock it.

If you have a lost iPhone or set your device on Lost Mode, whether on purpose or merely out of curiosity, you may easily disable it by entering the device’s pin. However, if your device falls into the wrong hands, the thief must also enter your pin to access it. 

If they cannot provide the correct pin, the device will continue to display your telephone number while on the lock screen. The thief won’t be able to sit there and guess pin codes forever because the timeout keeps reducing every time they get it wrong.

Furthermore, it deactivates your device’s fingerprint and face recognition features. That’s an additional layer of protection that ensures you can only recover or unlock the device using your pin.

2. Disabling Notifications

Whenever in Lost Mode, none of your device’s alert sounds will play, and the lock screen won’t display any notifications. It will also turn off the alarms. Anyone with access to your device cannot view any sensitive information that typically pops up in the notifications bar.

3. Enabling Calls

There aren’t many things you can do with an iPhone on Lost Mode except:

  • Enter the correct pin to unlock the iPhone.
  • A glance at the contact information on the lock screen, if any. Then, use a different device to get in touch with the iPhone’s owner.
  • Make and answer calls.

Apple allows a device to receive calls even when it’s in Lost Mode to ensure the owner has a way of connecting with whoever may have their stolen device. However, the device can only contact the number on the lock screen regarding outgoing calls.

4. Enabling Location Services

You may be wondering, “How to track my iPhone?” When an iPhone is in Lost Mode, location services can be activated remotely to assist you in tracking down a misplaced or stolen device. If your iPhone’s location services are off before losing it, Apple force-enables them so you can easily monitor its whereabouts in real time.

5. Payments Suspension

When you turn on the iPhone Lost Mode feature on your iOS device, you signal to Apple that your device was stolen. That is Apple’s interpretation of the situation.

Apple will temporarily disable Apple Pay so that whoever has possession of your device is unable to access your financial information and steal your money. As a result, you can’t use any credit or debit card linked to your Apple Pay.

How To Turn Off Lost Mode on iPhone

How to Turn Off Lost Mode Feature on iPhone Devices?

Use the methods below to turn off Lost Mode on your device.

Method 1: Enter the Passcode on the iPhone

Are you worried that you won’t be able to remove your iPhone on Lost Mode? Start by launching the Find My application. After that, you will see a list of all the devices linked to your account.

Click the device with a lock symbol next to it. At the bottom, you’ll see “Turn off Lost Mode” in red. Tap it and verify your action.

Method 2: Turn Off iPhone Lost Mode on

You may wonder, “Can someone unlock my iPhone in lost mode?” The most dependable method for disabling Lost Mode on an iPhone is through iCloud, and it only takes a few clicks to disable iCloud Lost Mode. First, launch your web browser and go to Next, enter your Apple ID and password to log in.

Navigate to the “My Devices” section and tap the device on Lost Mode. Next, tap the “Lost Mode” option and select “Stop Lost Mode” to turn off the Lost Mode on iPhone.

While an iPhone in lost mode can unlock without a passcode, the person would still need the Apple ID and password.

Method 3: Turn Off Lost Mode Without Using Apple ID or Passcode

If lost mode is pending, or the above methods don’t work, you should seek help from one of the many passcode unlocking tools. With these tools, you don’t need to know the owner’s Apple ID or passcode to disable Lost Mode on an iOS device.

Turn Off iPhone Lost Mode Without Apple ID or Passcode

How To Turn Off Lost Mode on AirPods?

To turn off Lost Mode Airpods, sign in to with your Apple credentials. Then, tap All Devices and select the device in Lost Mode. Next, click Lost Mode, change the information and choose Stop Lost Mode.

How To Turn Off Lost Mode On Apple Watch?

To recover your misplaced Apple Watch, select Unlock and input your passcode. The watch’s Lost Mode will deactivate by itself, and you can resume using it as usual. You can also do it via or the linked iPhone.

Enter your credentials to log in. Next, tap Find iPhone and click All Devices, then select your Apple Watch. Finally, click Stop Lost Mode again to confirm.

To turn off Lost Mode via iPhone, tap the Find My application and select your missing Apple Watch. Next, click Activated in the “mark as lost” section and select Turn Off to confirm.

How to turn off lost mode on apple watch

How To Turn Off Lost Mode for Apple Pay?

Go to in your web browser to access iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and password. Next, tap Find My iPhone and click “All Devices” from the drop-down menu. Select the device that’s presently on Lost Mode.

Navigate to the padlock icon button marked Lost Mode and choose Stop Lost Mode to turn it off.

How To Turn On Lost Mode for AirTag & Turn Off Again When Found?

Launch the Find My application on the iPhone to turn on Lost Mode. Next, click Items at the bottom of the screen and select the missing AirTag.

You’ll need to follow on-screen prompts to enter your contact information and turn on notifications to get updates on your AirTag location. You can then disable Lost Mode after recovering your AirTag. Next, launch the Find My application, click Items, and select your AirTag.

Select Lost Mode, click “Enabled,” and then select “Turn off Lost Mode.”

When Should You Turn On Lost Mode on Your iPhone?

Lost Mode is meant for use when your iPhone goes missing or stolen, but you have not lost hope of locating it. Whenever your iPhone is in Lost Mode, it’s locked, and nobody will be able to access your personal information.

Anybody who locates the device sees a message on the screen that it’s lost and they need to get in touch with you. You can also continue tracking its whereabouts while in Lost Mode.

When Should You Turn on Lost Mode on Your iPhone

Can You Enable Lost Mode When the iPhone is Offline?

Suppose your iPhone or iPad isn’t connected to a network when you activate Lost Mode for whatever reason. In that case, Lost Mode won’t be active until it reconnects to a network.

If the device isn’t online at the moment, you can select “Notify me when found” to receive an email from Apple when it reconnects.

Final Thoughts

If you misplace your iPhone, the Lost Mode function allows you to locate and lock your device, protecting your data.

Make sure you disable Lost Mode if you plan on selling or giving away your iPhone. Otherwise, the new owner will not be able to set up their Apple ID and use the device. We hope our guide on how to turn off Lost Mode has been helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take my iPhone out of Lost Mode?

Launch the Find My iPhone application, tap All Devices, and select the device in Lost Mode. Next, tap Lost Mode, click Stop Lost Mode, and select Stop Lost Mode again. Entering your pin will also disable Lost Mode.

Can Apple turn off Lost Mode?

Yes. Apple can remotely turn off Lost Mode.

Can an iPhone in Lost Mode be unlocked?

You can only unlock an iPhone on the Lost Mode by entering the correct pin.

Does Lost Mode lock the iPhone?

Yes. Lost Mode locks your device, making it useless to the thief.

How do I turn off Lost Mode on Android?

The most common and easiest method to exit Lost Mode on an Android mobile phone is to reboot the device.