Things You Should Know About the iPhone’s Mark As Lost Mode

mark as lost iphone

Misplacing items or having them stolen is an occurrence that happens way too frequently sometimes. It’s not always your fault, but even when it is, mistakes happen, and Apple prepares its devices for the worst. 

Apple products link to iCloud for many reasons, and accessing Find My iPhone is one of the biggest reasons. You can access Lost Mode through Find My iPhone, a feature that protects your device and information for emergencies.

So what does marking as lost do on an iPhone? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know. But, first, let’s go more in-depth as to what Lost Mode is. 

What Is “Lost Mode” on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

Lost Mode is a Find My iPhone function that allows you to lock the screen of your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and even iPad. Lost Mode ensures that your Apple device is locked and your personal information, like credit card numbers or even your social security number, is protected.

Lost Mode works even without your Apple device because it is accessible by As a result, it will remain secure even when you lose your iPhone or any other Apple device. 

What Happens When You Mark a Device as Lost?

Several things occur when you mark a device as lost on Lost Mode to guarantee your phone cannot be hacked. 

Most crucial components of the device are inaccessible or disabled, like your phone itself, notifications, and payments, but some remain on for finding your iPhone purposes. These include phone calls, location services, and low power mode.

Lost Mode is programmed to protect your phone and your information, but the ultimate goal is to find a way to get it back to you. 

iPhone Will Be Locked

1. iPhone Will Be Locked

The most important feature of Lost Mode is that your device is locked. No one who doesn’t know the password will be able to access anything on the device. You will be able to access your phone via Lock Mode, including calls and messages you can send to your phone to get it back.

2. Notifications Are Disabled

In Lost Mode, your notifications will not pop up on your screen or make any sound. This includes text messages, app announcements, and any social media updates. If you had previously set alarms, they wouldn’t go off either. This way, hackers won’t be able to see your notifications if your phone has been stolen.

3. Calls

Calls on your device, including Facetime calls, are enabled. This feature is allowed for the sole purpose of your phone being picked up by the right hands. If they can answer calls, they can most likely find out who the phone belongs to and return it.

You can call your number from a friend’s phone to make things easier and speak to the person who found your phone.

Location Services Is Remotely Enabled

4. Location Services Are Remotely Enabled

Location is another service that is not disabled with the hopes of being able to find your Apple device. Accessing your phone’s location can pinpoint where it is and whether or not it’s safe to get it. It can also show you if you need to buy a new device. 

This includes knowing if your phone is traveling and where it goes if it does move.

5. Payments Are Suspended

Payments are suspended in Lock Mode to prevent thieves from accessing Apple Pay or any credit or debit cards you have saved in shopping apps. 

Be sure to suspend your credit cards if they are with your phone. If your phone has been stolen and even Find My iPhone can’t help you get it back, be sure to keep an eye on your bank account. It’s never impossible for a phone to be hacked in some way. 

It’s better to be safe and get new passwords and card numbers if you never get your phone back for security reasons. 

When you do get your phone back, turning off Lock Mode will allow you to make payments again. 

6. Low Power Mode Is Enabled

Low Power Mode immediately turns on the moment you activate Lost Mode. 

Low Power Mode keeps your phone on for longer because it doesn’t burn as much battery with the simple tasks your phone can complete. This mode gives you more time to find your phone before its battery runs out. 

7. Secure Your iPhone

When your iPhone is marked as lost on Lost Mode, it secures the best technology it can provide. Every step taken is designed to protect your phone from a security breach. Having a Find My iPhone app and logging in before losing your phone is the first step in securing your iPhone.

Secure Your iPhone

Mark a Device as Lost in Find My on iPhone

To mark a device as lost on your iPhone, you need iCloud and the recommended system requirements to access every possible resource. In addition, you need, at the latest, the iOS 13 update to use Find My iPhone. 

If you’re up to date with the minimum requirements, to mark your device in Lost Mode, you need to open it in Find My iPhone. Once you’re in the app, you can select your device and click on Lost Mode. 

From there, you’ll enter your passcode and update your contact information if need be. One of the most impactful features Lock Mode has is the ability to send a message to your phone’s locked screen. So you can make whoever has your phone aware it’s lost and how to contact you.

If there is no response, there is little you can do apart from tracking the location.    

Mark a Device as Lost in Find My iPhone on Mac

Marking your device as lost on your Mac is fairly similar to marking it as lost on your iPhone. Both the MacBook and iPhone devices require iCloud and utilize Find My iPhone to track the location of your missing Apple Device. 

The difference is that Find My iPhone is an app on your iPhone, whereas, on your MacBook, you can only access it through web browsers. You can access Lock Mode on Safari 7, Firefox 27, Google Chrome 35, and Opera with macOS. These are the required versions of each browser.

If you are using a Windows device, you can use Firefox 27, Google Chrome 35, Edge 79, and Opera. 

As long as you have the proper requirements for whatever device you are using, you can mark your Apple device as lost.

Mark a device as lost in Find My on Mac

Turn off Lost Mode for an iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, or Apple Watch

It shouldn’t matter what device you have when it comes down to how to turn off the mark as lost on Find My iPhone. Turning off Lost Mode is as simple as knowing the password of your device and entering it. 

Unlocking your phone is the same even in Lock Mode, as long as it’s not dead.

Once your Apple device is unlocked, you can go back to iCloud’s Find My iPhone, click on Turn Off Lost Mode, and then Stop Lost Mode. This will return your phone to its original state. 

How To Ensure You Can Enable Lost Mode?

To make sure you can enable Lost Mode, you need to ensure your device has the required updates, as previously stated in the article. If you’re using a Mac or a Windows device, limited browsers can access Find My iPhone.

What if the Device Is Offline?

If your Apple device is offline, Find My iPhone will still work. It uses other Apple devices nearby to pinpoint where yours is located. 

Even if your iPhone has a dead battery, it can be found as long as it has the required updates. Although, you will only know it’s the last location before the battery dies. This is helpful when your phone is misplaced and stays in the same spot you left it on accident. 

How to Ensure You Can Enable Lost Mode

How To Find a Lost iPhone without Find My iPhone?

While Find My iPhone is the best and most accurate way to find your lost or stolen Apple device, there is an alternative. If you have shared your location indefinitely with one of your friends, they can check your phone’s location. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t have Find My iPhone for your device, you can’t put it in Lock Mode, and you can’t protect your information. So if your location isn’t showing on your friend’s device or it’s moving, it’s better to change all your passwords and card numbers. 


Lost Mode in Find My iPhone is an essential feature that makes the difference in keeping your personal information from being exposed to dangerous people and your account safe. 

One of the first things you should do when purchasing an iPhone or Apple device is to set up an iCloud account and a Find My iPhone login and password. 

Mark as Lost Mode keeps your information safe and can save you the money and hassle of canceling credit cards and buying a new phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do thieves do with a stolen iPhone?

Thieves steal iPhones to order and resell them online. They also steal iPhones to use as a replacement for their own smartphones and to use stolen credit card information.

Will police recover stolen phones?

Yes, the police recover stolen phones.

Can an iPhone in lost mode be reset?

A factory reset cannot be done without information the user does not have.

Can I use an iPhone that I found?

You can’t. In most cases, you won’t be able to use it by the end of the day, but sometimes an iPhone will work for a few hours before shutting down for good.