Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions

Aquasana is a reputable company that manufactures various water filter systems, water bottles, and shower filters. They offer under-the-sink and countertop filters, and today we’re focusing on solving problems associated with the countertop filter. 

While this company specializes in effectively removing chlorine, detergents, mercury, and other water contaminants to make your water safe to drink, it must function correctly. 

Their water filters are usually robust, but it’s not uncommon that you may have to deal with an Aquasana water filter leaking faucet, Aquasana water filter with no water flow, how to do an Aquasana 2-stage water filter replacement, and other pesky issues. 

Here is Aquasana countertop water filter troubleshooting that can remedy the situation. 

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Repair

You may experience a situation where your water filter isn’t working. Here are the most common reasons that may occur and how to repair the countertop filter. 

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions
Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions

Make Sure the System is Plugged Into a Power Source

First, before you can learn how to use an Aquasana water filter, you want to ensure that it’s plugged into a power source. 

Whether you plug it directly into a wall or decide to use some sort of extension cord, you must connect the water filter and rule out the possibility that it’s an electrical defect. 

Ensure the Middle Reservoir in the Water Pitcher Contains Water

Your Aquasana water filter will not perform as intended if there’s no water in the pitcher. Remember that you’ll have to use the filtered water stored in the reservoir (outer) to fill up the central tank. 

Check for Excess Water on the Filtration Dock 

Usually, a little excess water in the filtration dock won’t disrupt the system. You can use a towel to dry the machine, and always ensure that you keep that part fey when in use. 

Ensure the Water Tank is Fully Attached to the Filtration Dock

Consumers often report that they’ve experienced problems when the water pitcher was not properly attached to the filtration dock. 

Every part of the water filter has to be in its rightful place for the system to function correctly. Removing and reattaching all the parts is the best way to ensure each piece is secure. 

After you lock the pitcher into the dock, it filters automatically. After around five to ten seconds, the outer reservoir will fill with filtered water. You’ll need to wait for the light to turn off before disconnecting the water tank from the filtration dock.

Ensure the Filter and Filter Chamber Lid Are Properly Attached

Remember to confirm that the lid is secure on the filter chamber. Otherwise, the water filter won’t work. 

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Leaking

Leaking water is a significant issue for most water filters at some point. Here are our top tips for when Aquasana countertop water filter troubleshooting when water starts to leak out. 

First, check the O-ring because it might need to be more secure. It’s the most common cause behind water seeping out of the filter. Also, check that you even have the O-ring, as some buyers report not receiving it in the package. 

A missing O-ring means there’s no seal for the filter housing. If the ring is stretched, ripped, or damaged, you’ll have to call for a replacement because the water filter will not work without it.

How To Repair Leaking From the Bottom 

Here are the common reasons for leakages:

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions

Breakage of Locking Tabs

There are locking tabs on the water filter that have been the source of many customer complaints. Reportedly, they break very easily with minimal pressure or stress, which causes small cracks in the locking tabs. 

The stress is caused by the water pressure changing, and when the owner removes and replaces the filters.

The cracks can eventually turn into tears, resulting in large amounts of water leaking and potentially causing damage. 

Filter is Damaged

Check the water filter to ensure that it isn’t cracked. If it appears that the filter isn’t damaged, wipe it with a cloth and clean water and put it back in place. 

Hold the Water Filters in Place

You need to put the filters back into the correct filter chamber and lock them in place securely. Make sure they fit snugly, and hold them in place while you turn the water filter on to see if it’s working correctly. 

If so, this has solved the issue, and you must be careful not to allow the filters to get dislodged.

Replace Water Filter 

There are multiple reasons why you might need a filter replacement. Suppose you can’t clean the Aquasana water filter or need an Aquasana AQ-4000 replacement filter because yours is in poor condition. In that case, purchasing one right away is best to maintain the system. 

By typing in “Aquasana Water Filter Amazon,” you should be able to find a list of accessories that come with this product, including the filters. 

It’s good practice to replace these every six months to one year, depending on how much water you usually use during this period. 

While it may be somewhat expensive, it’ll keep your machine in tip-top shape. 

How To Replace Aquasana Countertop Water Filter 

It would be best if you replaced Aquasana water filters every six months. If you neglect to replace your water filter, contaminants will clog the filter, leaving no space for the filter to capture any other particles or chemicals, which will then flow out into your water source.

Here are the steps to take to replace your Aquasana countertop water filter:

Remove Filter 

If you have the Clean Water Machine, you must remove the top and twist the filter, gently lifting it out of the machine. 

For the AQ-4000 version, take off the filter caps and twist them in the same direction as the arrows.

Now remove those worn filter cartridges and throw them out. Next, re-use the O-rings that are good for at least ten years. 

Press Reset Button

Where is the reset button on Aquasana? The Aquasana water filter reset button is on top of the filter. 

Once you’ve determined it’s time to reset the filtration system, lift the top cover and find the reset pinhole. You’ll need a safety pin or paper clip to press the reset button.

Ensure you only press the button with a little force because it can get jammed. After pressing the button, wait a few seconds for the LED light to shine blue.

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions
Aquasana Countertop Water Filter Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide of Solutions

Drop in New Filter 

The kind of system you have dictates whether you must drop in the new filter and twist it to the right to lock it into position, or you may have two filters to fit together securely.

If you have more than one cartridge, you have to make sure that you’re placing them in position correctly. 

You have to twist in the direction that the instructions detail until you hear a clicking noise. Remember that this step is crucial because it will only work if you’re successfully locking them into place.

*Be sure to keep the O-rings so you can use them again. You can also call the manufacturer for replacement pieces if you lose them and cannot find them online to reorder. 

Replace Top

After replacing the filters, put the top back on the filtration system. Now put the top cover back on, turn it to the left, and lock it into the previous position. Ensure that everything is sealed because it will only operate if done correctly.

Flush One Cycle and Discard Water

If you wish to flush the water filter, turn on the cold water as well as the diverter valve by pulling the pin and allowing it to flow for approximately ten minutes into the sink.

Make sure not to drink the flushed water; throw it out. The faucet diverter valve drips off and on for about three days until the filters are completely saturated.

After the filters get saturated, you should expect a residual flow of water every time you use the filter because the system is designed and vented to clear the line.


After reading the information above, you’ll know exactly what to do when a problem arises with your Aquasana water filter. You can avoid most issues with proper installation and timely replacements. 

Also, changing the O-ring frequently will help to prevent leaking due to the fact that it flattens out over time, and its connection with the air filter loosens. Hopefully, these Aquasana countertop water filter troubleshooting tips will help you resolve any issues with the machine. 

Please contact us if you have futher questions about this issue or any other. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the responses to the most commonly asked questions concerning the Aquasana countertop filter:

Why is my countertop Aquasana leaking?

Dissatisfied customers have reported that the Aquasana leaking faucet happens due to the breaking of locking tabs designed to hold the water filters in position for the reverse osmosis system.

Why is my Aquasana countertop filter water cloudy?

Cloudy water is merely tiny air bubbles on a microscopic level; these bubbles should go away within moments of filling the outer reservoir.

If you flush the cartridge and still see cloudiness, this is normal and can last for a few days with note cartridge installations.

However, if the water is cloudy after changing the filters, you should wait until after the first flush to drink the water. 

Why is the Aquasana countertop water filter beeping?

A battery powers the timer in the electronic part of the water filter. Whether the water is on or off doesn’t matter. The light is programmed to beep and make a beeping sound every six months. 

Additionally, the filtration system will beep as an indication that the filter needs to be changed to ensure that the filtration system is functioning optimally. 

You must remove the battery if you don’t use the alarm system. This is not advised, however, as you miss the opportunity to stop a potentially clogged filter ahead of time.

How do I stop the Aquasana countertop water filter from beeping?

You’ll need to replace the batteries or filters to stop the countertop water filter from beeping. If you perform these actions regularly, around every six months, you should experience only a few episodes of beeping. 

Why is my Aquasana countertop water filter making noise?

Air bubbles tend to gather within the system over time, even more so after the filters have changed.

You can mitigate this issue by filling the filters with water if they are an enclosed cartridge type, or be sure to fill the filter housings with water before replacing them.

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