AC Not Blowing Cold Air? This is How You Fix It

ac not blowing cold air

AC not blowing cold air?

If you’re frustrated because your house AC is not cooling things down properly, it’s time to diagnose the problem. 

Typically, there are a few common reasons why the AC won’t cool down each room well enough. 

In this article, we’ll explain each reason so you can perform a little air conditioning troubleshooting, discover why the AC is not blowing cold air, and end up with a comfortable home life.

Thermostat Isn’t Set Correctly

The first potential problem when your AC is not getting cold is that the thermostat is not set correctly. Many people assume that it’s always best to put your thermostat as low as possible and leave it there. However, this isn’t true for every home or situation.

Here’s How to Set Your AC’s Thermostat

The temperature you choose on a day-to-day basis will depend on where in the country you live, what type of insulation you have in your home, and what time of year it is. 

In the summertime, when temperatures outside are warm to hot, you should set the air conditioner unit at a higher temperature than that same AC would need if located somewhere much colder. For example, if your house frequently reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day, you would set your thermostat to at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Running your air conditioner in this manner will help the AC unit maintain a home temperature that’s comfortable for most people throughout the day. It’s more effective to do this than trying to cool down an entire house in just one hour or so once you get back inside from the hot afternoon sun.

ac running but not cooling

Why This Works so Well

Here’s the idea behind this rule of thumb for setting your AC unit’s thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature in each room by simply using a fan. You’ll save money on the power bill when you’re not constantly turning the AC on and off if things start getting too hot or cold.

If there are rooms in your house where it gets too cold or hot no matter what the AC unit’s thermostat is set to, you can use cheap box fans in these rooms instead.

If there are areas of your house that feel warm all year round, it’s probably time to look into getting better insulation for your home. Insulation keeps cool air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter. It’s a great way to save energy when it comes to cooling your home in warmer months and heating it in colder months.

Proper insulation is especially important if you live in an area where summers are typically hot or winters are typically cold, without not much of a transition season in between.

If your AC is not cooling, always check how well you’re regulating it via the thermostat first.

house ac not cooling

The Filter in the Air Conditioner Needs to be Cleaned

If the filter on your air conditioner is dirty, it can cause several different problems. Overall, you’ll ask yourself, “why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?”

You Need to Clean or Replace a Dirty Filter

A clogged or dirty AC filter will have trouble cooling down each room properly. The trouble stems from the fact that the airflow coming from the unit’s vents isn’t powerful enough to reach every corner of your house. That’s when you end up with a situation where the air conditioner is working but not cooling.

If it’s difficult to see the AC filter, you may want to turn off your unit and then remove any furniture or other things that block your access. Once you locate the air conditioning filter (it will probably sit behind a cover where you can slide it out of one of the grates), wipe away any dust on top of it with a damp cloth. 

If the filter is really dirty, you may want to vacuum or use a brush on it before wiping it down with a wet towel again. Finally, replace the filter if it’s too far gone to work properly. Otherwise, you’ll continue to complain that the central air not cooling.

ac not cooling

Refrigerant Leaks

If the cooling system in your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you’ll end up with a situation where the air conditioner not blowing cold air but running. This can cause several different things that all relate to setting the temperature incorrectly or not at all for an extended amount of time.

Fix Any Leaks You Find

You’ll need to get any refrigerant leaks fixed immediately if you expect to stop asking, “Why is my AC not cold?”

The thermostat may need replacing if you’ve checked for refrigerant leaks, didn’t find a leak, and you’re still experiencing issues with your AC system. 

Once the refrigerant leak gets fixed correctly or you’ve replaced a bad thermostat, your AC should blow cold air again.

Is the AC not cooling to the set temperature even after fixing the leak? If so, you probably have bigger air conditioner unit problems to address. In this case, ask your professional AC technician to conduct a complete diagnosis of the unit to find the real issue. 

ac not blowing cold air

Heat Pump Is Damaged

If your air conditioner’s heat pump isn’t working properly, it won’t cool down your home at all. You’ll discover that the AC is not blowing cold air. 

Call Your AC Professional if You See a Damaged Heat Pump

A damaged heat pump isn’t something you’ll typically fix yourself unless you have the technical skills required to do so. Instead, you’ll want to call out a professional HVAC technician to come out and take a look at what might need repair in this situation.

You’ll notice a big improvement after your professional AC representative fixes the damaged heat pump. You’ll no longer notice that the air conditioner is not as cold as it used to be and you’ll experience a comfortable home once again. 

air conditioner troubleshooting

The Evaporator Coil or Condenser Is Worn Out

Why is my AC not working? Well, if your air conditioner seems to struggle with its ability to cool down a room some days and not others, it’s possible the evaporator coil became damaged. 

A broken evaporator coil can cause freon levels in your unit to rise or drop while the air conditioner is in use. These varying freon levels might impact how well it cools each area of the house when you turn on the unit.

You Need a Professional Inspection 

If the evaporator coil is starting to wear down, you’ll need to get your air conditioner looked at by a professional. An air conditioner unit technician can recommend what the problem is. If he or she finds a damaged evaporator coil, then they can replace it to get the unit back into working condition. 

Once this issue gets addressed and fixed, your AC should cool each area of the house like normal again. You’ll no longer wonder why the AC running but not cooling.

central air not cooling

The Vent Is Blocked or Clogged

If your air conditioning vent seems blocked in some way, that’s probably why the air conditioner running but not lowering the temperature. 

You’ll want to check each vent in your home if you have any concerns about this. You’ll need to clear away anything that’s blocking the ability of cool air to flow freely through your vents and into your room(s) again. 

You Need to Clear Out the Vent

To clear a blocked or clogged vent, you can try using a small cleaning brush or vacuum. Once your vents are clear, it should become much easier for the air conditioner to blow cold air into each area of your home. It won’t struggle with airflow issues any longer and you’ll stop noticing the AC barely blowing air

If that doesn’t work, you will want to call out a professional who knows how to clean out an air conditioning unit properly. Or, they might discover a different problem as the cause of your AC frustrations.

Air Conditioner Too Small

If it seems like your AC is not cooling enough of your house with ease, you may need to upgrade to a larger unit. 

Upgrade Your AC Unit to a Bigger Size

A larger unit can cover more square footage and perform better for you. It will help keep each room at an ideal temperature without having one area of the house feel too hot or another area stays too chilly.

Once you upgrade your air conditioner to a larger model, the extra power provided by it should easily handle cooling down each room without a struggle. 

ac not blowing cold air

Keep Cool

If you’re frustrated by a central air conditioning not blowing cold air, you should know that there’s always a logical reason for the problem. Don’t keep living with an AC not blowing cold air. Instead, use the above tips to identify the issue, get it fixed, and enjoy a cool home once again. 

Frequently asked questions

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AC is running but not blowing cold air?

One of the causes of this issue is that your vent may be blocked or clogged. To fix this, you’ll have to get rid of the blockage. By doing so the AC will run like it’s supposed to. If there’s no blockage in the vents and the issue persists, there might be a different cause to the problem.
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