Can rabbit eat spinach?

Can rabbit eat spinach?

Yes – Rabbits can eat spinach but sparingly. It’s high in oxalates, which can damage a rabbit’s kidneys.

What is spinach?

Spinach is a leafy vegetable belonging to the Amaranthaceae family. It has a mild flavor and a unique texture.

What are the health benefits of spinach?

Spinach is a good source of vitamin K, vitamin A, and folate. It’s also high in iron and calcium.

How to prepare spinach for a rabbit

  1. Rinse and drain the spinach thoroughly under cold water to remove any chemicals, dirt and bugs that may be present.
  2. Cut the stems of the spinach.
  3. Cut the leaves into smaller pieces before serving.

How much spinach to give to a rabbit

Spinach contains moderate levels of calcium and high levels of oxalic acid so should be given to rabbits sparingly: 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds body weight.

How to store spinach

Remove excess water from the spinach using a paper towel or salad spinner. Then place into a plastic bag in the fridge.

Where can I buy spinach?

Can a rabbit eat spinach?

Spinach can be bought at grocery stores and farmers markets.


Can I feed boiled spinach to rabbits?

No – It’s not recommended to give boiled spinach to rabbits. Only feed your rabbit fresh spinach.

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