What can a rabbit eat?

A rabbit’s diet is very important to its health and longevity. Pet rabbits should be fed a high-quality, balanced diet consisting of hay, pellets and fresh vegetables or fruit. A pet rabbit’s diet should be composed of approximately 80% hay, 10% pellets, 8% fresh vegetables and 2% fruit. Both a varied diet and portion control is necessary for a healthy rabbit, as they’re susceptible to poor nutrition such as obesity, dental problems, and bladder stones.

What can a rabbit eat?

Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems. Introduce new foods one at a time and in small amounts. The foods listed below contain general guidelines for what a rabbit can eat. Consult your veterinarian for your rabbit’s specific dietary requirements.


Hay is a rabbit’s primary source of food and should be changed daily. It contains a good source of fiber and helps them to maintain a healthy digestive system. Hay is also essential for their teeth.

An adult rabbit can eat 3-4 cups of hay everyday. Hay should be placed at least 18″ from the edge of a rabbit’s cage to avoid it being over-used and wasted. Hay should be stored in a dry place and protected from the sun. If hay develops an unpleasant odor, it is a sign that the hay is no longer fit for consumption.

Type of hayCan my rabbit eat it?
Timothy hayYes
Alfalfa hayYes
Oat hayYes
Orchard grassYes
Meadow hayYes


Type of vegetablesCan my rabbit eat it?
Green lettuceYes
Red lettuceYes
Butterhead lettuceYes
Romaine lettuceYes
Bok choyYes
Cilantro (leaves only)Yes
Celery (including leaves, stalk and root)Yes
Turnips (including leaves)Yes


Type of fruitCan my rabbit eat it?


OtherCan my rabbit eat it?

What should a rabbit not eat?