Can a rabbit eat beetroot?

Can a rabbit eat beetroot?

Yes – Beetroot including beetroot leaves can be fed in moderation to rabbits due to their relatively high calcium and oxalate concentrations.

What is beetroot?

Beetroot or Beta vulgaris is a root vegetable that is a variety of Chenopodiace family; the same species as garden chard and other leafy green vegetables. It is cultivated for its edible taproots. Beetroot is a deep red color and a sweet and earthy flavor.

What are the health benefits of beetroot?

Both beetroot and its leaves are rich in vitamins and are also packed with minerals and fibre that are good for the rabbit. Beetroot leaves are more nutritious than beetroot itself.

How to prepare beetroot for a rabbit


  1. To prepare beetroot for a rabbit, wash and scrub thoroughly.
  2. Peel the skin and remove the tips and tops of the beetroot.
  3. Then chop or grate it into smaller pieces and serve.

Beetroot leaves

  1. Wash the leaves thoroughly to remove dirt and germs.
  2. Remove any dead or discolored leaves.
  3. Then slice or grate feed to your rabbit.

How much beetroot to give to a rabbit


The general feeding guidelines recommend about 1 tablespoon per 2 lbs body weight.

Beetroot leaves

For beetroot leaves – 1 cup per 2 pounds body weight.

How to store beetroot

Store in the fridge in a plastic bag. Note: beetroot left too long in the fridge will turn brown and develop an unpleasant flavor.

Where can I buy beetroot?

Can a rabbit eat beetroot?

Beetroot is a seasonal vegetable, with the peak season being the fall and winter months. Beetroot is cheap and very easy to find in most grocery stores and local farmers’ markets.


Can a rabbit eat pickled beetroot?

No – It is not recommended to feed your rabbit pickled beetroot.

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