Fun and simple DIY cat toys

fun and simple diy cat toys

If you own a cat, you’ve probably noticed that they can be pretty creative when it comes to playing. They’ll play with almost anything they can get their paws on, but it’s not always easy to come up with new toys for them. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of fun and simple DIY cat toys that you can make at home.

Making a toy

The best DIY cat toys are often the simplest toys that require little to no effort to make.  You can often easily make your own toys with everyday household items or items from a craft store.


Cats love paper and they love to shred it. Plus, paper is cheap and easy to get. Simply cut up some old scrap paper, magazines and newspapers or put them through a shredder if you have one. Then place the paper into an open box and weight for your cat to jump in and play. You can also keep the paper intact and roll it up, adding small items such as a bottle cap lid that will make noise and partly sealing it so they can play.


You can also make a cardboard tunnel for your cat to play in. Cut open one of the sides and place the box in an open area with the opening facing your cat. It’ll keep them occupied for hours and they can use it to play hide-and-seek. If you have lots of cardboard boxes you can make a path for the cat to play in.


If you have any old sheets around the house they can be a great way to entertain a cat.  Simply drape the sheets over a couch or between some chairs and let the playing commence. You can also add some light soft toys on top of the sheets e.g. a small ball and wait for them to pounce.


Fun and simple DIY cat toys

You can make a great toy for your cat out of a ball. Just cut out a hole in the ball (e.g. tennis ball) and put some catnip or a small jingly bell inside it. Your cat can then roll around with the ball. If you have any soft small balls around the house like those you can get at the craft stores for cards then they can be a great toy. Just place them strategically around the house like on the stairs and on smooth surface flooring. They can then run around after them.  If you’re a bit more crafty, you can also connect a small ball e.g. ping pong ball to a string and hang it from a stick for them to play with.


Another great thing to use is cellophane. Cats love to play with it and they’ll also love it when you put some catnip on it. Simply cut it into the shape or size you want and watch your cat have fun. You can find cellophane at any craft or art supply store and it’s usually pretty cheap.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are another fantastic way to keep your cat active and entertained. You can add a small items such as dried cat food that make sound inside the bottle and seal them. They can play and pounce on the bottle to their hearts content.


String is another great DIY cat toy that can be used to make cat toys. All you have to do is tie some string to a stick and you can make a cat toy in no time. You can also simply tie knots in the string or tie two pieces of string together and place it on the floor.


You can also make cat toys out of paper clips. Clips are extremely inexpensive and you can find them at just about any store. All you have to do is clip the clip to a piece of string and you have a DIY cat toy. If you’ve got some smooth flooring around the house you can also link the clips together so they can push the clips around the house.


The next material you can use for DIY cat toys is a stick. You can find a stick outside and bring it in, or you can use one of your cat’s toy sticks. Place a stick on the floor and watch your cat bat it around or bite it.

There are a lot of different toys you can make for your cat. It doesn’t have to be hard to find toys and they will love you for it.


How long will a DIY cat toy last?

These toys will last as long as good as you make them. The more durable they are, the longer they can last. Also, the more your cat plays with them, the faster they’ll wear out.

How do you make the ball-in-a-box cat toy?

Just take a small box, made a hole in it, and then attach a ball to the inside of the box. Attach a piece of string to the ball. Then tie the other end of the string to the outside of the box.

How do I get my cat to play with a toy?

It’s all about the enticing scent of catnip. Rub the toy on catnip to make it smell better, and leave it out for a few days to give your cat time to get used to the scent.

How long do cats usually play with their toys?

We asked a handful of cat owners about how long their cats play with their favorite toys. The average time was about 5 minutes.

What are the best toys for cats?

The best toys for cats are the ones that test your cat’s interest, intelligence and energy level. Leave a toy out for a day, and if your cat doesn’t play with it, then it’s not a good toy.

How often should I clean cat toys?

We recommend you clean cat toys at least once a week with mild soap and water.