Can a rabbit eat Orchard grass?

Can a rabbit eat Orchard grass?

Yes – Orchard grass can be usually be fed to most rabbits of any age.

What is Orchard grass?

Orchard grass is a type of perennial grass that grows in most parts of the United States. It’s also known as: Orchard grass, ‘Z-grass’, ‘Cockle’, ‘Cock’, or ‘Rabbit grass’. It grows in fields, yards, and lawns in the fall and early spring and ranges from blue to brown in color. It has a sweet taste and a soft and fine texture making it one of the favourite hays for rabbits.

What are the health benefits of Orchard grass?


Orchard grass is a fairly nutritious hay. It contains a good source of fiber, which can help keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy and strong. It also contains relatively low levels of calcium and protein, which makes it generally suitable for rabbits of any age.

How to prepare Orchard grass

Preparing Orchard grass for your rabbit can be easy. You can either feed it fresh – that is, cut it just before eating – or dried. To dry Orchard grass, simply hang it in a location where it’s protected from moisture and pests. When dried, it should look like hay.

How much Orchard grass to give to a rabbit

The amount of Orchard grass you should feed your rabbit depends on its size. As a general rule, an adult rabbit should eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of hay per 5 pounds of body weight per day.

How to store Orchard grass?

Orchard grass hay should be kept somewhere dry and cool. If you are feeding your rabbit Orchard grass fresh, it should be kept refrigerated.

Where can I buy Orchard grass?

Can a rabbit eat Orchard grass?

Orchard grass is one of the most widely available form of hay for rabbits. Thus it can be found at most pet stores and green grocers.  It comes in either a mixed variety or single variety.


Is Orchard grass a good alternative to Timothy hay?

Yes – Orchard grass can be a good alternative for rabbits that are picky eaters or have allergies.

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