How to connect a Nintendo Wii to a smart TV

how to connect a nitendo wii to a smart tv

The Nintendo Wii is still considered by many to be one of the most favourite gaming consoles. Gamers can play a variety of games including Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Sports. Nintendo’s continued success in the gaming industry includes the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite!

How to connect a Nintendo Wii and Wii U to a smart TV

How to connect a Nintendo Wii and Wii U to a smart TV

Connecting a Nintendo Wii or Wii U to a smart TV can be a breeze! Simply follow the instructions below or if you’re an experienced game console user take a look through the quick reference guide near the end of the article.

Samsung smart TV

Samsung smart TVs have HDMI cables so you can hook up a game console. After plugging in, it’s as simple as changing the source to the correct HDMI port. 

Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U consoles have a very similar set up when plugging into an HDTV screen. The Nintendo Wii is an older console with AV component connectors, you can get an HDMI adaptor to connect it to an HDTV. While the Nintendo Wii U comes with an HDMI cable.

With a Nintendo Wii, you can purchase a Wii to HDMI adaptor and connect it to your TV. Use your remote to click “input,” then “source” and click on the HDMI port you plugged into. With a Nintendo Wii U, plug the game pad into the AC adaptor, then use the HDMI cord to connect the TV and plug into the Wii. If you’re looking for an adapter for a Wii to Samsung smart TV look no further.

LG smart TV 

How to connect a Nintendo Wii to a smart TV

LG makes some of the best smart TVs on the market, from the clear CX OLED HDTV and the 4k panel NANO90. You can easily connect a console to them using HDMI or USB ports. 

Nintendo Wiis are an older console, so they have a little more complicated setup with modern smart TVs. You’ll need to get a Wii to HDMI adapter – if you don’t already have one. Plug your console’s AC adapter into the wall, and change your LG’s input source to the corresponding HDMI port. 

The Nintendo Wii U comes with an HDMI cable. Plug one end into the Wii and the other into one of the HDMI ports (use the first one to remember easily). Plug your Wii U’s AC adapter into the wall and turn it on. Click the house-shaped button on your LG remote and scroll to the HDMI input source. 

Toshiba smart TV 

Toshiba smart TVs have just about every sport imaginable, making it easy and enjoyable to play your favorite game. 

To plug in a Wii, you’ll need a Wii to HDMI adapter – unless you want to untangle a few component cords and go the old-school route! The setup is the same as the Wii U. Once done, simply use the remote (or your Alexa!) to change the input to the HDMI or AV cable source. 

The Nintendo Wii U is the modern version of the classic Wii console. While you can use AV and component cables, the easiest way is to connect with an HDMI cord. Plug your Wii U into the wall, then use the HDMI cord to connect it to the TV. 

If you don’t want to plug your console into the wall, use the provided AV or component cables. Connect the single end into the console and plug the others into the TV’s back in their corresponding colors. 

TCL smart TV

TCL smart TVs are known as one of the best Roku televisions. The TCL 6 Series / R635 2020 QLED is one of the best models for top – notch graphics. They come with all the ports of other smart TVs, so you’ll be set up and gaming in no time. 

Traditional Wii consoles don’t come with an HDMI cable, so you’ll need to connect component or AV cables to their corresponding colors on the back of a TV. However, you can purchase a Wii to HDMI converter to connect without AV cables. 

The Nintendo Wii U can be connected in three ways: HDMI, AV adapter or component cables. Connect to your TV without AV cables using the HDMI cord, though you’ll have to plug the console into a wall. All ports needed to connect are on the right-back side of a TCL TV. Choose the one you want to connect, change the input source and game away!

Vizio smart TV 

Vizios are one of the best – performing smart TVs at their price point. Models like the OLED 2020 offer excellent graphics and all the ports you need to connect to your favorite game console. 

You can plug a Wii into your TV using component and AV cables, connecting the corresponding colors. The traditional Wii console will need a Wii to HDMI adapter to connect while a Wii U can use an HDMI cord to connect without AV cables.

Quick reference guide to connecting Nintendo Wii and Wii U to a smart TV

Quick reference guide to connecting Nintendo Wii and Wii U to a smart TV


My Wii is not connecting to the TV. What can I do? 

If you have more than one input channel, try pressing the “TV/Video” buttons until the Wii connects.

My Wii has no sound? What can I do? 

Make sure the two audio components are plugged into their corresponding color ports. 

How do I set up a Nintendo Wii? 

Press the “A” button on the remote. The lights will blink for a few seconds, then the first light will only be lit. If it doesn’t light, sync your remote. 

Go through the setup instructions, including language, sensor bar position, date / time, screen settings, etc. 

Does a Nintendo Wii have an HDMI port? 

No. To connect without component cables, you need a Wii to HDMI adapter.

Can you hook up a Nintendo Wii to a laptop? 

You will need a Wii to HDMI adapter, and your laptop needs to have an HDMI port. Or, you can buy a USB-C to HDMI port adapter. 

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