LG HBS 810 Problems & Solutions

lg hbs 810 problems

Bluetooth headphones and headsets are among the most significant inventions in our modern day and age. Gone are the days of untangling headphone wires or accidentally tugging them out of your ears when you stand up to walk away from your phone. 

The LG HBS 810 is a great Bluetooth stereo headset and is excellent for work or pleasure. However, if you’ve purchased this item and are having some issues, you’re one of many. While it’s a great product, nothing is perfect. Here’s your complete guide to troubleshooting various problems associated with this product. 

LG HBS 810 Problems & Solutions

Those who use the LG HBS 810 headset report a few issues, which isn’t unusual for these items, regardless of the brand. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you don’t want to dig through your LG HBS 810 manual.


Most of these LG HBS 810 problems are easy to fix, and you can quickly handle them yourself, while others might mean you need to send them in for repairs. 

Does not power on

1. Does Not Power On

If you’re ready to use your headset, but it won’t turn on, there’s a simple solution. This happens mainly because you didn’t charge the device long enough to power on. Try charging the headset for a little bit, and then try again. If it still doesn’t turn on, there could be an issue with your charger or the headset itself. 

How do you turn on LG Tone earbuds, though? First, ensure that they are charged, then open the case. You’ll see a flashing blue light. Then, remove each earbud and listen to music from your paired device.

Are you wondering, “how long do LG Bluetooth headphones last?” You should get eight hours of playback time on your LG Bluetooth headphones if you’ve fully charged.

2. Unable To Communicate With the LG Bluetooth

There could be two reasons your chosen device doesn’t communicate with LG Bluetooth. The first is that your device might not support that headset, or the battery of the headset didn’t charge enough. 

Be sure to check with your device to ensure it’s compatible with this headset because if it’s not, then it won’t be able to communicate. Second, if it is compatible, if you haven’t charged the headset enough, it won’t be able to communicate without completely draining the battery, so you’ll need to set it aside to charge. 

3. Unable To Pair the HBS-810 With the Bluetooth Device

Usually, when you can’t get your HBS 810 with your Bluetooth device, it’s because the headset isn’t turned on or it’s not in pairing mode. So first, switch the headset’s power button to the “on” position. Then, if the headset is on but still not pairing, turn it to parking mode by pressing the “call” button and “on” switch simultaneously to switch to pairing mode manually. 

Unable to pair the HBS-810 with the Bluetooth device

4. Low Sound (Speaker)

If you’re listening via your headset, but the speaker sound is too low, you can increase the volume. You can do this by pressing the “+” button until it’s at your desired volume. 

LG Tone Left Earbud Not Working

Nothing is more frustrating when the right earbud is working, but the left earbud isn’t. Sometimes one will disconnect while the other stays connected. The best way to solve this issue is to reset the earbuds and then try reconnecting them. 

You’ll need to press and hold the touchpad of the left earbud for ten seconds or more until the LED light flashes red. Next, insert both earbuds into the case and then take them back out once the light stops flashing. You can now try reconnecting them, which should resolve the issue. 

LG Tone Left Earbud Not Working

LG Headphones Won’t Retract

The retractable headphone feature is one of the best things about the LG HBS 810 headset. Retraction ensures that the wires don’t tangle and that you don’t have earbuds dangling about. Typically, you’ll pull down slightly on the wires, and they should start retracting immediately. 

If this isn’t happening, there could be a jam with the wires, a tangle, or the device’s interior is dirty, preventing them from retracting. You can try to clean out the inside with canned air, but if they continue not to retract, you might need to check your warranty and get a new headset. 

How Do I Pair My LG HBS 810?

You can’t use your LG HBS 810 without pairing them to a Bluetooth device. Luckily, pairing this headset isn’t tricky and won’t take you more than a few minutes. Here’s how to pair your LG HBS 810: 

  • Turn your headset into pairing mode by pressing the “call” button while the headset’s power switch is switched to “on.”
  • Wait for the LED light to start glowing or flashing blue; this means it’s in pairing mode.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for the device you wish to connect the headset to
  • Once the headset is in pairing mode, look for its name on your other device.
  • Click on the LG HBS 810 headset and wait for pairing to complete
  • Try listening to music or calling someone to see if the pairing worked! 
How do I pair my LG HBS 810

How Do You Reset an LG Wireless Headset?

Resetting your LG wireless headset is one of the best solutions to many issues you might experience when using them. But how do I reset my LG HBS 810? 

When you reset the headset, you’ll have to pair them again afterward, but here’s how you can reset your headset: 

  • Disconnect your headset from any Bluetooth devices
  • Press and hold the “call” button until the light starts flashing or glowing red
  • Place the headset in its charging case or on the charger
  • Wait for the light to stop flashing red (this can take around ten seconds)
  • Leave it on the charger for a few minutes before attempting to repair it with your Bluetooth device 

If you reset your headset and it doesn’t solve any issues you’re experiencing, you might need to contact LG support and request an LG headset repair service for the product. 


Whether you use your LG HBS 810 headset for work or pleasure, experiencing any issues with it can be frustrating. Most problems users experience with this LG product are easy fixes from the comfort of your home or office, but some might require you to send it to LG for an LG HBS-810 repair or to get a new headset altogether. 

Many of the issues you’ll experience can be solved by simply resetting the headset, unpairing it, and pairing it again to your Bluetooth device. However, if this can’t solve your problems, check out your warranty and see if you need a new headset or repairs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my LG Tone free in pairing mode?

You’ll need to place your headset into pairing mode. Hold down the call button and then set the power to “on” until you see the LED light start blinking or glowing a solid blue. When this happens, it indicates that your device is in pairing mode, and you can enable Bluetooth pairing. 
Be sure to click on your LG headset on the device you’re trying to connect to complete the pairing process. 

Why is my LG Bluetooth headset not working on one side?

There are several reasons why your headset isn’t working on one side. Usually, the headphones are waxy, dusty, or have lint in them. It would be best to clean them regularly to ensure this doesn’t happen. If that’s not the case, there’s a chance your product is defective. 

Why does my LG Bluetooth headset keep disconnecting?

Nine times out of ten, your Bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting because you’re not close enough to the connected device. Most headsets can’t be more than 32 feet from the connected device. 
Try staying close to the device or within this range; disconnections should be less frequent. However, your headset could have a more significant issue if disconnections continue.