LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750 Problems & Solutions

lg bluetooth headset hbs 750 problems

If you’re trying to search, how can I fix my Bluetooth headset problem? Look no further, as this article has all the troubleshooting info you could need to fix any LG Bluetooth headset HBS 750 problems! 

Before you give up on your headphones, there are some things you can do to try and fix them. Keep reading to learn simple troubleshooting tricks for common LG Bluetooth headset HBS 750 problems, like charging issues, volume issues, and deciphering what the blinking lights mean. LG smart tv wifi connection problem guide is here.

LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750 Problems & Solutions

You can find most of this information in the LG HBS 750 manual, which you can find online or refer to the one that came with your headset purchase. 

1. Does Not Turn On

If your LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750s won’t turn on, there are two likely causes. You may wonder: why is my Bluetooth not turning on? 

The first is the headset not fully charged, meaning it doesn’t have the power to turn on and function. Make sure the HBS-750 battery is fully charged before using your headphones. 

The second reason they aren’t turning on is that there is no Bluetooth device for them to connect to. If your device is not adequately set up for Bluetooth, the headset will not turn on. 

Luckily, both of these problems are super easy to remedy! For the first problem, make sure your battery is charged, and if you’re not sure, plug them into the charger for an hour or so. After that, it should only take two hours for the headset to be fully charged. 

For the second problem, make sure your handheld device has Bluetooth capabilities. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to use the headset with that device. 

Unable to Communicate With the LG Bluetooth Headset HBS-750

2. Unable to Communicate With the LG Bluetooth Headset HBS-750

A lack of Bluetooth communication is another common problem with the LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750, but it has simple solutions! LG Bluetooth headset HBS 750 problems are usually easy to fix. 

If you can’t communicate with the LG Bluetooth Headset HBS-750, the headset may be low on battery. Even if you have some battery, it may not be enough to complete a successful device connection. 

To fix this, simply charge the headset for up to two hours or until fully charged. The other possibility is that your device does not support Bluetooth activity. 

Ensure that the device you’re trying to communicate with has Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, the device has no Bluetooth settings, so it will not work with Bluetooth devices. 

3. Unable to Pair the HBS-750 With the Bluetooth Device

If you cannot pair your headset with your Bluetooth device, two problems could be the reason. First, double-check that your device has Bluetooth capabilities. You may be dealing with one or both of the following problems if it does. 

The headset may not be on, or the headset may not be in pairing mode. First, check that the power switch is ON. If you think the problem is with the pairing setting, turn the headset off and press the CALL button. While holding the CALL button, turn the power back to ON. 

This action will manually place the headset in pairing mode, and you should be able to select the headset on your Bluetooth device. 

4. Low Sound (Speaker)

If the speaker has low sound, there’s only one solution: to turn the volume up. Usually, users don’t realize the volume is down on the lowest setting, so increase the volume with the headset’s volume dial so you can hear better! 

If the speaker volume is still too low, try charging the headset or resetting it. If none of these tricks work, your headset may have a speaker problem that needs replacing. 

This headset has eight volume levels, and the controls are on the side of the headset. Ensure you press the VOLUME UP button when dealing with low volume. 

LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750 Not Charging

LG Bluetooth Headset HBS 750 Not Charging

It’s frustrating when you plug everything in, but the LG Bluetooth headset is not charging. If the LG HBS 750 won’t charge, try these troubleshooting tricks. The problem could be your charger, charging port, or power source. If the headphones won’t charge, follow these tips to troubleshoot:

  • Try multiple power sources (outlets) and ensure they work with other devices. 
  • Check the charging block and the power cord for damage. If there is damage, replace the charger. 
  • If the charger seems fine, check the charging port. Use a small pin to clear the port and ensure the lead in the port is not bent. 

If you do these actions and the LG HBS 750 won’t charge, you may need to replace the headphones. Contact LG customer service for a replacement under your warranty. 

Bluetooth Headphones Blinking Red Light When Charging

When the red LED light on your headset blinks continuously, your headset is low on battery. If your headset is low on battery and you plug it into the charger, it may continue to blink red until the battery level increases. 

There’s no reason to worry about this unless the red light persists after an hour or more of charging. This persistent red blinking means the battery level did not increase, and something may be wrong with the charger. 

If this happens, follow the tips above concerning what to do when the LG Bluetooth headset does not charge. 

What Does It Mean When Your Bluetooth Is Blinking Blue?

The battery is full if your LG headset blinks the blue LED light! When you see the blue blinking light, you can unplug the headset from the charger and start using it. So the blinking blue light is a good thing! 

As mentioned, blinking red means the headset is low on battery charge and needs to be plugged in. Lastly, the LED light may turn violet or purple. This blinking violet light means the battery is half full, so the headset is functional, but it won’t last as long as a full charge. 

Why Are My Headphones Only Working on One Side

Why Are My Headphones Only Working on One Side?

Many people ask why my LG Bluetooth headset is not working on one side. Unfortunately, this malfunction is a common problem. 

Unfortunately, this problem is difficult to fix, especially if it persists. If your headphones only work on one side when you use them, try turning them off, resetting them, and turning them back on again. 

If only one side of the headphones continues to work, there may be frayed or damaged wiring inside the headset. When this happens, you usually have to replace the headset, but this problem should fall under your warranty. 

How Do I Reset My LG HBS 750 Bluetooth Headset?

If you want to know why does my LG Bluetooth headset keep disconnecting? You may want to reset your headphones. This section will answer the question: how do I reset my LG Bluetooth headset? 

Good news! Resetting your LG HBS 750 Bluetooth headset is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below to reset your headset:

1. Hold down the power button and the VOLUME UP button simultaneously. Hold both buttons for ten seconds or until the headset turns off. 

2. Once the headset turns off, leave it off for about a minute. 

3. After a minute, turn the headset back on by switching the power button to ON. 

4. Try to repair the headphones with your device once they come back on. 

And that’s it! Resetting these headphones is a piece of cake and takes less than three minutes. A total reset like this is often the solution to different problems. But if a reset doesn’t work, the headphones may need professional attention. 


For simple problems with this headset, you’ll be surprised by how effective a simple reset is. These Bluetooth headsets can be finicky, but they usually need a little TLC to start working again. 

However, if any of these problems persist, there may be internal damage to the headset, requiring a replacement or professional attention. 


Are Bluetooth earphones repairable?

Yes, most Bluetooth headphones can be repaired by professionals. You can try to take your headphones to a tech-repair shop, send them back to LG to fix, or ship them to an independent repair center. But until the professional assesses the headset damage, there is no guarantee. 

Why do earphones suddenly stop working?

You’ll need a professional to diagnose the problem with your headphones. But possible reasons they are not working include faulty wiring, moisture damage, or other interior damage to vital components. 

Why does my LG Bluetooth headset keep disconnecting?

If your headphones seem to pair and work fine when you set them up but disconnect periodically, you may be moving too far away from your device. 
Most Bluetooth headphones and headsets only have a range of about 30 feet, so if you move farther away from your Bluetooth device, your headset will lose connection.