LG Bluetooth Headset Won’t Turn On? Find Solutions Here!

lg bluetooth headset wont turn on

Bluetooth headsets are highly popular among anyone using headphones or headsets. They’re perfect for on-the-go communication, listening, and physically intensive activities like working out and relaxing without worrying about a cord. But what do you do when your LG Bluetooth headset won’t turn on?

If you’re struggling to get your headset to turn on, we’re here to help. Read on for a quick guide on how to troubleshoot the problem and how best you can find a solution!

What Do I Do If My LG Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Turn On?

If your LG Bluetooth headphones refuse to turn on, they might have sustained damage. If you recently took a fall or have reason to suspect they’re damaged, this is the most likely suspect.

It’s unfortunately common for people not to care for their headphones correctly. Accidentally washing them, letting them overheat, or several other problems can cause this damage.

However, that isn’t to say that damaging the headphones is the only way to stop them from working. There are multiple causes for the headphones failing to turn on.

The most common culprit is that the headphones simply aren’t charged. You can remedy this by leaving them in their charging dock or any other charging method you use.

It’s often best to use the stock charger the headset came with. If not, you should find a charger with similar specs and charging power. Using an unauthorized or unrated third-party charger can overcharge your headset and cause damage and other issues.

Why Is My LG Bluetooth Headset Not Working On One Side

Why Is My LG Bluetooth Headset Not Working On One Side?

There are numerous reasons why your headset may only work on one side, but one of the most common is a low or dying battery. As the power levels decrease, performance is hindered to conserve battery life. You can fix this by charging your Bluetooth headset back up to full.

If the problem persists, you likely have an issue with the hardware. There may be damage to only one headphone. If there’s a wire for the headphones, there’s a chance that damage to the wiring may cause only one side to work.

A third possible culprit is a poor connection from the device to the headset with which you’ve paired it. The signal will waver if you’re listening from your computer and walk away too far. This can cause only one side to work until you’re properly back within range. You can remedy this by staying in range of whatever device your headphones are connected to.

LG Bluetooth Headset Died And Now It Won’t Turn On

If your headset died and won’t turn back on, there are several possible issues to blame. One is that the headset isn’t charging properly, which is often an issue with the cord.

You might also have a fault with the battery in the headphones. If the headphones’ battery or other internal components are damaged, you’ll likely need to have them repaired professionally or replaced. Replacing these small and fragile components is often best left to the professionals, so be careful opening your headset up!

Finally, there could be issues with drivers with some headsets. More advanced LG headsets may need installation or updates from a smartphone or computer. Look into your specific model and ensure that you aren’t behind on drivers, as being severely behind may cause the headset not to turn on.

LG Bluetooth Headset Not Charging

LG Bluetooth Headset Not Charging

The most common issue when your headset fails to charge is with the charging device itself rather than the headphones. You should check the cord for any damage or visible wiring. If the wires are fraying or are bent to a dangerous point, this can disrupt the flow of electricity.

If you’re charging with a USB cord and brick instead of a straight AC adapter, you should consider switching out both the cord and the brick. If you do so and the issue remains, switch to a different outlet. Also, try plugging directly into the outlet instead of using a surge protector or similar device.

The issue lies in the headset if you can guarantee that the outlet and cords you’re using aren’t faulty. Check the charging port for debris and ensure nothing prevents you from getting a full connection. You should clean any dirt or dust out of the outlet as well.

An older headset may also have issues holding a charge. This is especially common in headsets that have seen prolonged use, as charging the battery over and over will gradually wear it down. If the battery struggles to keep a charge, you’ll need to replace it to remedy the issue.

Should the issue remain, there’s likely something wrong with the internals. The battery might have failed, or another component might be stopping the headset from working altogether. Either way, consider having them repaired or replaced.

How Do I Reset My LG Bluetooth Headset?

You can fix some issues with a reset of the headphones. Some software snags are often resolved by a reset or forcing the headphones to shut down completely and then restarting them.

Look to the side of your headset. Most models will have controls on the side of one that can control power and volume. Hold the power button down for roughly five seconds or until the battery status indicator shows that they’ve been shut down. If there is no battery indicator, your headphones are completely dead and cannot be reset.

You only need to charge if you can’t reset your headphones from a lack of battery. However, if your headphones won’t charge, you won’t be able to reset them. That means that professional repairs or a replacement are in order, as there’s little that you can do with the headset.

How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems

How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems?

Fixing pairing problems requires a bit of troubleshooting. The first step is to ensure that your devices are compatible. Some older phones may not work with an LG Bluetooth headset. You should also ensure that whatever device you’re using has Bluetooth capabilities, as not all devices will.

Once your device is Bluetooth capable, you should ensure you aren’t exceeding the maximum pairing range. Staying well within this range can help make sure that a weak signal never interferes. While the headset won’t immediately fail outside of this radius, it will deteriorate quickly. You check your device’s range by searching its model number or calculating it on the Bluetooth website.

Beyond these issues, you can also reset your headset’s connection. To reset your LG Bluetooth headset, the first step is to delete your headset from your device’s list of paired devices. Once you’ve done so, power both devices off.

Let both remain off for a minute before turning them back on. If the headset appears in the list of pairable devices, your problem shouldn’t continue. Pair them back up and see if they’re working properly.

If they’re failing to connect still, a compatibility issue is likely. Consider trying to pair your headset to a different device. For example, try a different phone or switch to a different computer. If it works, you can safely assume there’s something wrong with the other device.

Making sure that the headset is fully charged can also help. If the devices are compatible but continue to fail to connect, consider figuring out which is the issue and factory resetting it. Be aware that doing so to a phone or computer will wipe its data, so have a backup first!

With such a reset, you can usually smooth out any software glitches.

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How To Turn Off A Bluetooth Headset?

Most LG Bluetooth headsets have a power button on one of the earbuds. You can turn off a Bluetooth headset by holding that button down for three to five seconds.

Otherwise, if you can control the headset with an app, use the app to shut the headset down. Most apps have this option, but be careful not to unpair the headset beforehand, or you’ll need to pair the devices again before turning it off.

You shouldn’t let your headset power off by completely draining the batter, as this can sometimes negatively affect the headset itself. Instead, you should ensure that you’re turning your headset off in the standard ways.


When your LG Bluetooth headset won’t turn on, it’s difficult to troubleshoot the problem properly. By following the guide and troubleshooting tips we’ve provided, diagnosing and fixing the problem is more reliably done!

Do your best to take proper care of your headphones and ensure they’re charged. Remain within range of the device your headset is paired to for the most optimal performance. If components begin breaking, have the headphones professionally repaired or replaced.

For more tips on using your favorite gadgets, be sure to browse our website for more information!


What distance will my headset and connected device be able to withstand without interrupting the connection?

Most Bluetooth headphones have a range of 33 feet. You will lose your Bluetooth connection if you are more than 33 feet away from your device. 

How stop the vibration in this headset?

Press and hold both the + and – keys on the device without releasing them, and press and hold the power button to turn the device on.

Why did my Bluetooth headphones suddenly stop working?

Ensure that the Media Audio setting is enabled on your Bluetooth headphones if you are not getting sound.