Beats Studio Buds Won’t Stay in the Ear? Find Solutions Here

beats studio buds wont stay in ear

Earbuds are far less bulky, portable, and convenient than headphones! However, the never-ending struggle many faces are keeping their earbuds in place. Therefore, your earbuds should not slip out while jogging, exercising, walking, dancing, or sitting.

If they do, something is wrong. The best earbuds fit perfectly in your ear. They won’t budge unless you manually remove them.

Wondering why Beats Studio buds won’t stay in the ear? Read on to learn why your earbuds keep popping out and tips on what you can do to keep them on.

How To Stop Beats Studio Buds From Falling Out?

There’s an unending list of culprits behind why your earbuds keep popping out. Knowing what could be wrong is the first step toward finding a solution. So how can you stop your earbuds from falling out?

1. Wear Them in the Correct Way

Usually, each earbud is labeled ‘L’ for Left and ‘R’ for Right. So, ensure you are wearing the right earbud in its rightful position. Then, insert the earbuds inside your ear up to where it feels comfortable.

2. Put Ear Hooks on Studio Buds

If, even after putting your earbuds correctly, you still have difficulty keeping them in place, Beats Studio buds ear hooks may be helpful. Ear hooks are question mark-shaped accessories that attach to each earbud. These hooks are designed to fit behind your earlobes and help keep your earbuds from moving.

Bring your earbuds to the store to see if they fit the ear hooks before purchasing. Most ear hooks are designed to pair well with generic earbuds. However, not all ear hooks will fit all earbuds.

Put ear hooks on Studio Buds

3. Stretch Your Ear Lobe

Pulling or tugging on your earlobe every time you put on your earbuds creates more space for them to fit in. If you have tiny ears, stretching your earlobe when wearing your earbuds is an easy way to ensure they don’t slip off.

4. Wear a Sweatband or Warmer

A warmer or sweatband is a stretchy, spongy material that fits over the earbud. They may not look cool, but they are pretty convenient when you don’t want to wear cold earbuds and, more importantly, when you don’t want to keep putting your earbuds back on each time they pop out. In addition, warmers offer much-needed stability eliminating the chance of your earbuds slipping.

However, warmers increase the size of the earbud and may feel slightly uncomfortable. They can also alter the sound and reduce audio quality.

5. Choose the Right Ear Tips

The perfect Beat Studio buds are never too small or too big. They are the ideal fit. You can get small earbuds with less chance of popping out, but the sound performance will be highly compromised.

Earbuds are made in standard sizes. Beats Studio buds’ silicone tips help ensure a tight fit so your earbuds don’t slip. Choose Beats Studio buds ear tips that feel the most comfortable and ones that keep your earbuds secure in your ear.

Choose the right ear tips

6. Clean Earwax and Excess Sweat

Earwax is essential for the protection of your ears from debris. However, earwax tends to accumulate and cause your earbuds to feel supper slippery when you put them on. Using a wet wipe, cotton wool, or soft tissue to clean your ears helps get rid of sweat and wax. This way, your earbuds have a better grip and stay in place.

7. Earbuds Too Close to the Jaw

The jaw muscles move every time you talk, chew, or yawn. These muscles are located close to your ears and may cause involuntary ear movement, affecting how earbuds attach to your ears.

Your lower jaw has muscles that are connected close to your ears. As a result, when you chew, yawn, laugh/smile, or talk, those muscles also move your ears. If your jaws are super close to your ears, jaw movements mean your earbuds can get loose.

8. Ear Cartilage Deficiency Syndrome

There are no bones on the earlobes. That hard surface you feel when you grip your ears is called cartilage. Some people are born without cartilage in their ears, which is medically known as Ear Cartilage Deficiency Syndrome.

You may develop this condition as an embryo or due to an accident. This condition means you have different-shaped ears that may or may not correctly accommodate earbuds.

How To Insert Earbuds Properly?

It may seem simple, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who wear earbuds wrong. So to help you out, below are simple instructions to follow when putting on your earbuds.

  • Find the ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings engraved on each earbud
  • Place the ‘L’ earbud on the left ear and the ‘R’ earbud on the right ear.
  • Ensure that the ends of your earbuds point towards your mouth at a 45-degree angle
  • If necessary, adjust the earbuds and the attached wires to secure them in place.
How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

How To Keep Earbuds From Falling Out?

Simple care and maintenance are ideal for keeping earbuds snug in your ears and enhancing their durability. However, if your earbuds cannot stay on your ears for a few reasons, below are a few tips you could use to keep earbuds from falling out.

1. Clean Your Earbuds

Earwax and debris tend to collect on your earbuds the longer they are in use. This makes it harder to use them. Plus, they look old and unkempt. When Beats Studio buds won’t stay in the ear, cleaning your earbuds removes all the unwanted substances and gives them a firm grip.

2. Try the Demonstration Models

Usually, you’ll find a few demonstration models which can help identify which ear tips or earbuds are best for you. Avoid countless trips to the store to purchase earbuds and accessories by trying these models and getting yourself the best-fitting earbuds.

3. Use Appropriate Accessories

Feel free to ask for insight on how to pair Beats earbuds with a wide array of after-market accessories to help them fit better. They include:

  1. Ear hooks: These are soft silicone hooks that go behind your earlobes designed to keep earbuds in place
  2. Replacement earplugs: These are made of soft memory foam material, designed to help cancel out noise, and are sized according to the shape of your ear canal. They are the most reliable accessory for excellent earbud fit.
  3. Connecting cord: This wire connects to each earbud and has metal or rubber clips that attach to your collar. Each time one earbud falls, it won’t bring its counterpart down whenever it drops.
  4. Ear wings: These resemble ear hooks but feature soft rubber ‘stop’ addition that fits inside the ear and holds the earbud in place.

Note that no two people have the same ear shape. So if Beats Studio buds won’t stay in the ear, getting custom-made accessories is better than buying standard-sized accessories that may or may fail to solve the issue.

Why Is It Important to Get a Stable Fit in Earbuds?

What’s more annoying than your earbuds popping out right in the middle of your favorite song? Finding earbuds and earbud accessories that fit right can be like going down the rabbit hole. Getting stable-fitting earbuds makes a whole lot of difference. Why? Read on.

1. Better Comfort

Will Beats Studio buds hurt my ears? Your ears are very sensitive. The wrong-fitting earbuds can cause incredible discomfort, especially when they are too big or heavy. The correct fitting earbuds fit in like a glove and cause no discomfort.

2. Great Sound Quality

The best-fitting earbuds offer the best sound quality. Earbuds that fit too tight or are loose make the sound feel distant and distorted. On the other hand, snug earbuds increase the sound effects, offering stable bass and deeper sound.

3. Better Noise Cancellation

The whole point of putting on earbuds is that you don’t want to hear anything outside of what’s playing on your smartphone. Ill-fitting earbuds allow ambient sound, thus ruining your listening experience. Stable fitting earbuds seal your ears for improved focus and concentration.


The smile you wear when you find the perfect earbuds is unparalleled. Unfortunately, the best-fitting earbuds are hard to find. Listening to music, podcasts, and other exciting audio is possible, but only if you use right-fitting earbuds.

Earbuds need to remain fitting enough to work out, walk, laugh, run, bend and perform other tasks without falling off. So beats Studio buds won’t stay in the ear? Above are valuable tips on why your earbuds keep falling off and what you can do to stop that from happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Beats earbuds to stay in your ear?

It’s simple. Wear your Beats earbuds correctly, find the right size earbuds, and put on ear warmers to guarantee a snug fit. Also, keep your ears clean from wax and sweat, and voila! An earbud that stays put!

Do Beats Studio Buds fall out easily?

No, they don’t. Beats Studio earbuds come at a standard size that fits a significant fraction of the population. In addition, they feature convenient accessories like detachable tips that you can switch with warmers for an even better fit.

Do Beats Studio Buds stay in your ear while running?

Yes. If you wear your earbuds correctly and clean your ears well before putting them on, Your Beats Studio earbuds will stay put while running and through any other kind of rigorous physical activity.

How are you supposed to wear Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Studio buds have a unique ergonomic design that’s easy and comfortable to wear. Be sure to wear each earbud on the right ear by following the ‘L’ and ‘R’ tags engraved on each earbud.

Do I need bigger or smaller earbuds?

If you feel pain or discomfort whenever you put your earbuds on, you should probably opt for bigger earbuds. Alternatively, if your earbuds keep slipping off at the slightest move, you should get smaller earbuds.