Aftershokz Troubleshooting Guide

aftershokz troubleshooting

Aftershokz, the creator of the first stereo wireless earphones, has been creating new innovative products for nearly a decade. But, while their bone conduction headphones are a hit, they don’t come without their issues. 

This product functions differently from traditional headphones that transmit sound via the air into your eardrum. Instead, they transmit sound through bone vibrations along your jaw and cheekbones. 

The sound goes directly into your inner ear, which has its advantages. Understanding how they work is significant when determining why you’re having specific issues. 

How To Resolve Issues With Your AfterShokz Headphones?

When you experience problems, it’s crucial to understand Aftershokz troubleshooting techniques. If your Aftershokz won’t turn on or charge, or you’re having other hardware and connectivity issues, you’re in the right place because we’ve got solutions. So let’s get to it!

1. My Headphones Won’t Turn On

Are your Aftershokz not turning on, and you don’t know why? 

There are several possible reasons why your headphones appear broken; the main reason may be that the batteries may be dead. Just charge your batteries for a full two hours.

Afterward, activate the headphone by holding the volume up button for three to five seconds. You’ll hear a “welcome” greeting. 

If that doesn’t fix the problem, contact customer service. 

My headphones won’t turn on

2. My Headphones Won’t Enter Pairing Mode

Here’s what to do if your Aftershokz headphones aren’t connecting to pairing mode:

  • Firstly, ensure your headphones are off.
  • Next, hold the volume up button down for five to seven seconds. 
  • The programmed voice, Audrey, will welcome you, and you’ll keep pressing the volume up button.
  • You’ll then hear “Pairing,” followed by flashing blue and red LED lights. 

If you cannot access pairing mode with your headphones, contact Aftershokz’s customer service team.

3. My Headphones Aren’t Charging

If the Aftershokz not charging is a persistent problem, consider the following:

For starters, if your headphones are nearing zero percent battery life, the manufacturer suggests not using them. Also, refrain from turning on the headphones too soon after you just put them away to charge.

If the battery has gone a long time without being charged, you should use an even more powerful charger for some time. However, don’t exceed five volts and two amps. Then, go back to using the regular charger for the device. 

You can also use a magnetic charging cable to charge your headphones and determine if the original cable is working. 

If these solutions do not work, contact the manufacturer for assistance. 

4. My Headphones Aren’t Lasting 6 hours

Aftershokz headphones are supposed to last for six to eight hours on a full charge, which requires two hours to complete. 

If you have charged your headphones and the battery is 100 percent full when you begin using them, and they don’t last six hours, you should contact customer service to make a claim. 

My headphones won’t pair with my phone

5. My Headphones Won’t Pair With My Phone

Suppose you have a connectivity problem and ask yourself, “How do I reset my AfterShokz Aeropex?” 

Follow the instructions:

  • Start with the headphones off.
  • Go to pairing mode by holding the volume up button down for five to seven seconds. Once the device turns on, you’ll notice blinking blue and red LED lights.  
  • Hold the volume up, volume down, and Multifunction buttons down simultaneously for three to five seconds. You will feel vibrations and hear beeps.
  • Turn the headphones off.
  • You can repair the devices again, but turn your phone off and on first. 

What Is the Multifunction Button on AfterShokz?

There’s a multifunction button featured on AfterShokz wireless Bluetooth headphones, and you use them for several functions. The button is in the left transducer. 

The convenience of having a malfunctioning button directly on your headphones is unrivaled. With this button, you can receive and make calls with a few clicks of your finger—you can even control your music with this feature.

Aftershokz multifunction button not working?

The problem that occurs the most with the malfunction button happens when you receive a call as you’re listening to music. In this situation, the user sometimes forgets how to use the commands, or the commands don’t function. 

Just wait for one to two seconds before picking up the call to remedy this problem.

The multifunction button may be damaged. If the headphones are still under warranty, claim the warranty. Alternatively, you can take your device to an electronic repair shop.

6. My Headphones Won’t Pair With My Windows 7 Computer

Perhaps you’re having difficulty connecting your headphones to a Windows 7 computer; use the following Aftershokz troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Click “Start” on the computer and click the option labeled “Devices and Printers.” Keep in mind that depending on the configuration of your computer, you may have to click the “Control Panel” first and then the option for “Devices and Printers.” 
  • Choose “Add a Device.”
  • An Add Device window will appear, and the computer will search for your headphones immediately.
  • Be sure to have your Bluetooth headphones in the discoverable mode; achieve this by placing the headset into ‘pairing mode.’

If you’re having trouble connecting, check the batteries to see if they’re low. You should also try a hard reset and try again. If none of these suggestions work, call customer service and ask them to walk you through the process.

My headphones won’t pair with my Windows 10 computer

7. My Headphones Won’t Pair With My Windows 10 Computer

Many people don’t seem to have issues with connecting their headphones to a Windows 10 computer, according to Aftershokz. 

However, if you follow the steps above and still can’t connect them, you can opt to file a claim, contact customer service to try alternative techniques, or update your driver to ensure that it’s not the PC itself instead of the headphones. 

8. My Headphones Won’t Pair to Anything 

You’re ready to listen to your favorite tunes, and when you turn the headphones on to connect to your device, nothing? You might wonder, “Why are my AfterShokz not working?”

Ensure the sound is up on the headphones and the device. If they are up, follow the steps from topic 5.

9. My Headphones Keep Disconnecting From My Devices

There are a few reasons your headphones could be continually disconnecting from devices you’re trying to use. 

If the headphones have a low battery, keeping a stable connection will be tricky, which is why it’ll cut off repeatedly. Try charging it for a minimum of 15 minutes, then restart both devices and try to connect the headphones again. 

If you’re too far from the Bluetooth, that can also be problematic and cause the connection to drop or not connect. You shouldn’t be more than 32 feet away from your device, and try getting closer to see if that stops the headphones from dropping the signal. 

You can also try “forgetting” the headphones through your settings, turning the headphones and the device off, and restarting both. 

My headphones keep disconnecting from my devices

10. My Headphones Only Have Sound on One Side

Dealing with Aftershokz and only one side working is frustrating. Try these tips:

Your headphones may only work for one year if the audio settings are incorrect. For example, are you struggling since the Aftershokz left speaker is not working? 

Go to your audio settings and check to ensure you didn’t turn the mono option on by mistake. Also, balance the audio output for both earbuds if connected to a PC or phone. 

Clean the earbuds because they could have gotten dirty or collected sweat and dirt over time, clogging one side more than the other. 

If none of these solutions remedy the problem, contact the manufacturer. 

11. My Headphones Cut In and Out

Check the battery for each device you’re using. They should have at least a 30 percent charge to work seamlessly. 

Other common causes for cutting in and out:

  • You’re too far away for the Bluetooth signal to register
  • Your signals don’t match
  • There is cross-body interference
  • Another obstruction is blocking the signal
  • High WiFi usage
  • Too many devices connected at once
  • You need to reset the headphones

The solutions? 

  • Get closer to the device you’re using
  • Check that your headphones are paired correctly and that the Bluetooth models aren’t too different from one another (2.0 vs. 5.0)
  • Avoid high usage areas
  • Reset the two devices
  • Ensure you’re not near something like a wall that could block the signal
My headphones cut in and out

12. My Headphones Sound Staticy

Often, just following standard Bluetooth connectivity troubleshooting tactics will help resolve static issues:

  • Turn the Bluetooth off and on again
  • Check the devices paired correctly with one another
  • Restart the source device and the headphones to see if the static continues

13. My Headphone Mic is Picking Up Too Much Ambient Noise

The AfterShokz Aeropex does not block background noise because it leaves your ears completely unoccluded. This lack of isolation is a feature, not a bug. You will hear other noises in the background consistently.

14. My Headphone Mic Isn’t Picking Up My Voice

Try to perform a reset on your device if it isn’t picking up your voice. It is almost always a connection issue that you can resolve by restarting all devices involved in making the call. 

The Headband on My Headphones Cracked

15. The Headband on My Headphones Cracked

If your headphones are still under warranty, you can try to file a claim with the manufacturer if you prefer to replace your current headphones. 

If that’s not an option, based on the style of the Aftershokz, you could consider a few alternative options. Since the band is so thin, you could always wrap duct tape around it to hold it in place or super glue the parts together without touching the internal wiring. 

16. The Headband on My Headphones is Peeling

Here are a few methods that you can try to replace a headband that keeps peeling:

  • First, replace the outer coating only if the foam is still intact.
  • Next, take out the headphone cushion if necessary. 
  • Finally, peel off the leather (or whatever fabric it is) entirely, which doesn’t affect your comfort when wearing them. 

*Be careful with this method because it leaves the sponge underneath exposed, which can collect sweat and smell bad. 

The other method allows for a more personalized application. You would purchase your favorite fabric pattern and stitch it onto the band after peeling the fabric that’s coming off. Voilà!


If you’re experiencing various issues and starting to panic, try the Aftershokz troubleshooting tips above to fix your device if you can’t claim the warranty coverage. 

Most times, it’s a quick oversight, such as the battery not being charged, needing a hard reset, or a poor Bluetooth connection. Either way, this exhaustive list should help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AfterShokz be fixed?

You’ll receive a warranty valid for two years with every purchase, though no repair service is available. You can open a claim Immediately if you have problems with a manufacturer defect.

Why are my AfterShokz double beeping?

There are several reasons why your Aftershokz headphones may be beeping twice. If you’re experiencing two short beeps, it may indicate that a phone call is coming through. 
Otherwise, the headphones usually only beep once, for various reasons like moisture in the charging port, to end a call, go to the next song, the battery dying, and so on. 

How do you check an AfterShokz battery? 

To check the battery status, turn the headphones on and push the volume up or (-) button when the music is off. Audrey (the programmed voice for this brand) will say, “Charge Me,” “Battery Low,” “Battery Medium,” or “Battery High.”