How To Charge the Apple Watch 5 Without a Magnetic Charger?

how to charge apple watch 5 without magnetic charger

Apple coming out with a watch was one of their most innovative ideas to date. Since releasing this product in 2014, Apple has consistently improved its design and technology to produce additional Apple Watch series. 

You can connect it with your iPhone, track your steps, set timers, and more from your wrist. However, if you want to continue using your Apple Watch 5, you’ll need to charge it often. When you purchase an Apple Watch 5, you’ll get a magnetic charger that you can easily use as a square or USB plug to charge. 

Things happen sometimes, and if you don’t have the magnetic charger or it breaks, you’re probably wondering how to charge the Apple Watch 5 without a magnetic charger. Before you get too stressed, read to learn how to charge an Apple Watch. There are other ways to charge an Apple Watch besides using your magnetic charger.

Can You Charge the Apple Watch Without a Magnetic Charger?

The magnetic charger is one of the easiest ways to charge the Apple Watch 5. It comes with the watch and works like a charm, so we’d be lying if we said this wasn’t the best way to charge your Apple Watch. If you’ve lost the magnetic charger or it broke but can’t purchase a replacement, you can charge an Apple Watch without the magnetic charger. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t need to completely stop wearing your Apple Watch 5. Instead, we’ll talk about how you can get your gadget up and running again with a full battery without using the magnetic charger. 

How To Charge the Apple Watch 5 Without a Magnetic Charger?

How do you charge an Apple watch? Before you head out and buy a new magnetic watch charger for your Apple Watch 5, here is how to charge your Apple Watch without a magnetic charger. Also, here are some Apple Watch charger hacks for recharging an Apple Watch 5 without a charger.

Use The Hidden Port To Charge Your Apple Watch

1. Use the Hidden Port To Charge Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch has a hidden port. For how to charge an Apple Watch with a hidden port, first, find the hidden port on the clasp area of the bottom band. It’s a six-pin port when you lift the small cap. 

You’ll need to take your watch off and then look for a pinhole to find the port. There are battery bands that allow you to plug the band into the hidden port to charge while wearing it. Apple warns people about using this charging method because of the potential electrical hazards, but there are still bands out there that can charge your watch through this port.

2. Use an iPhone Charger

Since you have an Apple Watch, there’s a good chance you have an iPhone and the charger lying around somewhere. You can use your iPhone charger to charge your Apple Watch.  Most Apple Watch series 5s have a slot you can plug a traditional iPhone charger into. 

All you have to do is plug your charger into the wall and then into your watch. It should begin charging immediately. Not all iPhone charges will be compatible with your Apple Watch 5, so you’ll need to be careful before trying this method. This Apple Watch charger hack isn’t as popular, but it’s worth considering. 

3. The USB Charger

Most Apple products come with a charger that has a USB plug on the end. This way, you can connect it to a square before plugging it into the wall. You can use this USB charger to charge your Apple Watch. 

The best part about a USB charger is how portable it is. You can easily store it in your laptop bag, purse, or even your pocket if you need to. You can plug the charger in and charge your watch with your computer or laptop when you’re on the go and don’t have access to a wall outlet.

4. Use a Portable Battery Pack

Portable battery packs are lifesavers when charging your devices when you’re on the go or somewhere you won’t have access to electricity. While they’re great for charging your phones, you can also use them to recharge your Apple Watch. 

They’re simple to use, and you can easily plug your Apple Watch into the portable battery pack, and it should begin charging immediately. 

If you’re interested in using a portable battery pack to charge your Apple Watch, you’ll want to look for one that is compatible with your series 5 Apple Watch. If it’s not, you’ll not be able to charge your watch, and you’ll have to find a different way. 

If you plug it in and it’s not charging, there’s a good chance you forgot to charge the portable battery pack. Make sure it’s fully charged or has enough power to charge your Apple Watch before you try this charging method. 

Can I use my iPhone charger to charge my Apple Watch

Can I Use My iPhone Charger To Charge My Apple Watch?

Yes and no. It depends on which Apple Watch series and iPhone charging cable you have. Older iPhone cords won’t be able to charge Apple Watches because most of the older iPhones came out well before the launch of their watches. Newer iPhone charging cables can charge newer models. 

Can You Charge Apple Watch 5 Wirelessly?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t charge your Apple Watch 5 wirelessly. Some off-brand wireless chargers might say they can recharge the device for you, but you need to be wary about using these as they can damage the watch’s battery. Overall, it’s safer to say that you can’t charge this type of Apple Watch without a charger that has cables. 


Losing your magnetic Apple Watch charger or breaking it doesn’t mean you need to run and buy a new one immediately. While these are the most common chargers for the devices since they come with them, they’re not the only way to charge your Apple Watch 5. 

There are several charger hacks to charge your smartwatch without a magnetic charger, so you can try one of these tricks to get it fully charged again the next time the watch runs out of battery. 

The best options for you to charge your Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch 6 without a magnetic charger are to use a portable battery pack, a hidden port, and a USB cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a homemade Apple Watch charger?

If you want to make a DIY Apple Watch charger, you can with a little bit of work. Why there’s no real way to make a DIY charger cable for your Apple Watch, you can make a charging box out of the charger you already have and a small box.

You can use the box that the watch came in or another smaller box. You’ll need to take a drill or knife to make a hole that will fit the Apple Watch and a line on the back to place the cable in, so it’s not moving around. 

You’ll be able to feed the magnetic charging cable through the hole and then place the watch on the charger and plug it in. This way, you don’t need to spend money on a charging box for your watch. 

What is the remote port on Apple Watch?

Most people probably wonder what the remote port is on an Apple Watch because it’s such a small device. How could they hide it, and what is it for? This little six-pin port is near the area where the band connects to the watch. According to Apple, it’s there to run diagnostics that are sent to Apple to improve their products in the future further.

Can I charge the Apple Watch 7 with an old charger?

With many new Apple products, you can sometimes use your old chargers to charge the devices. As for the Apple Watch 7, you’ll need to use the new Apple Watch Series 7 charger USB-C charging cable that it comes with. It won’t be compatible with older Apple Watch charging cables, unfortunately. 

Can I charge my Apple Watch with my iPad charger?

You can use specific Apple chargers across their devices to charge iPads, iPhones, AirPods, and more. You can use your iPad’s USB cable to recharge your Apple Watch as long as the cable fits with your Apple Watch. If it doesn’t, you don’t want to force the plug into the device because you can damage the watch and cable. 

Can my iPhone 13 charge my Apple Watch?

While you can use various Apple chargers to charge a variety of their devices, you cannot use your actual iPhone 13 to recharge your Apple Watch. There’s no way to use the phone to connect to the Apple Watch. And you cannot use your iPhone 13 phone charger to charge your Apple Watch.