Turtle Beach Headset Mic Not Working? This is How to Fix It

turtle beach headset mic not working

Turtle Beach is one of the most popular brands for gaming headsets. With durable products and excellent audio quality, these headsets are compatible with PC and gaming consoles. If you run into a Turtle Beach Headset mic not working, there are a few things you can try.

A turtle beach wireless headset mic that is not working might come from issues with the mic or audio settings. However, outdated drivers are another common cause for Turtle Beach headset mic that are not working for pc. And in some cases, the problem comes from hardware issues. You can usually troubleshoot the problem to pinpoint its cause and address it.

Read on to learn more about Turtle Beach headsets and how to cause common issues with the mic.

Why Is My Turtle Mic Not Working?

If you’re dealing with a Turtle Beach headset mic that’s not working for your PC, there might be a simple explanation such as the audio being on mute or the wrong audio output or input being selected. Click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select the arrow next to the speaker option. You’ll be able to switch from one input or output to another.

You should also check your Turtle Beach headset for signs of damage. Why is my turtle beach headset mic not working on my laptop? The problem could come from a damaged part or frayed cable. If you have another headset, connect it to your computer to see if the problem persists.

The issue can also come from the software you use. If you’re running into Turtle Beach headset mic that is not working on OBS or experiencing issues with another recording software, make sure you have the latest version of the software installed. Updating your drivers can also fix this issue.

Reasons Why Your Turtle Beach Headset Mic Is Not Working

Let’s take a closer look at three common reasons why your Turtle Beach headset mic might not work.

The Mic Device Settings Are Wrong

Microphone settings indicate whether your PC or console has permission to access your mic. These settings also control the volume level of your microphone. You can experience a P24 Turtle Beach headset mic not working if you have the wrong settings selected.

The Drivers Are Not Up to Date

Is your Turtle Beach X Wing headset mic not working? The problem could come from the drivers. A driver is a software component that helps your OS communicate with a device. Manufacturers release new versions of their drivers to fix bugs and keep up with the latest version of an OS.

Using an outdated driver can cause problems with your microphone because your OS might not be able to communicate with your headset properly.

There Is Something Wrong with Your Hardware Console

Are you running into problems with your Turtle Beach headset with detachable mic which is not working on PC? You should consider potential hardware issues with your PC, such as the audio port not working. 

Hardware issues can also happen on gaming systems, either with USB ports, transmitters, or controllers.

Reasons Why Your Turtle Beach Headset Mic Is Not Working

Different Ways to Check and Fix Your Turtle Beach Headset Mic

There are different methods you can use to fix a Turtle Beach headset mic that stopped working. Read on to learn more about narrowing down the cause of the problem and addressing it.

Check Your Mic Device Settings

If you have a Turtle Beach P11 headset mic that stopped working for your pc, you should check your mic settings. You can find these settings by clicking on the Windows button and looking for Settings. Navigate to System and then Sound. A new window will open, and you will be able to adjust different audio settings:

  • You can choose which microphone your PC uses as default. If you currently have the built-in mic that came with your laptop as your default microphone, it might explain why your Turtle Beach headset mic isn’t working.
  • You can also use the Windows mic settings to manage your different audio devices, including enabling and disabling them. Make sure you didn’t disable your Turtle Beach headset by accident.
  • The mic settings also give you the possibility of adjusting the microphone volume on a slider. Make sure you don’t have your microphone volume on mute or at a low level that would make it difficult to hear anything coming from the mic.

Next, you should check your privacy settings. If you have a Turtle Beach headset mic which is not working on your Windows 10, there might be an issue with your privacy settings preventing your computer from accessing this microphone.

Go to Settings, and then Privacy. Click on Microphone. You will be able to manage permissions for accessing your microphone. You will also see a list of apps along with a toggle button you can use to allow or prevent these apps from using your microphone.

You can fix a Turtle Beach headset mic that’s not working for your PS4 by accessing the microphone settings of your PlayStation. Go to Settings, Devices, and Audio devices.

This screen will let you choose audio devices for input and output. You will also be able to adjust the microphone and headset volume. You can also toggle an option to have your PlayStation switch to your Turtle Beach headset automatically when you plug it in.

You will find similar options on Xbox. If you have a Turtle Beach headset mic that’s not working for your Xbox One, you should go to Profile & system, Settings, and then Devices and accessories. If there are issues with the audio output, adjust the sound settings or select a different audio format.

If there are problems with the microphone, connect your Turtle Beach headset to your Xbox controller and go to System. Select Audio and then Headset chat mixer. This option will adjust the volume of your microphone compared to in-game sounds. You can also select Mic monitoring to adjust the overall volume level.

Different Ways to Check and Fix Your Turtle Beach Headset Mic

Update Your Drivers

If you have an issue like a Turtle Beach PX3 mic not working on PC which you can hear in the headset but the PC doesn’t, the drivers could be to blame. Outdated drivers can cause your microphone to stop working or to work sporadically.

You can visit the official Turtle Beach website to download the latest version of the drivers available. However, you should know that some Turtle Beach headsets like the Stream Mic, Elite 800, or P11 will install drivers automatically.

Some models like the PX24 headset, the Recon 50, or the X12 mic require you to install drivers manually. If you have a Stealth 450, Elite Pro PC, or Recon 320 headset, you will need to install drivers manually to use features like Dolby surround sound.

It’s best to check the user manual that came with your headset to learn more about compatible drivers and how to update them.

Troubleshooting Hardware

Do you have a Turtle Beach Star Wars headset mic that is not working? If you’re on PC, there is a convenient troubleshooting tool you can use to detect and fix common issues.

You can find this built-in troubleshooting tool by going to Settings, System, and then Sound. You will find a Troubleshoot option under the Input section. This tool will run a few tests and can detect common issues with your PC, headset, or drivers.

You can also try connecting your Turtle Beach headset to a different computer or laptop. This step will help you figure out if the problem is coming from the headset or from your computer. Alternatively, you can test a different headset with a mic on your PC to see if your PC has problems with any microphone that you plug in.

If you have a Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset mic not working on a gaming system, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the problem.:

  • For wireless headsets that use a transmitter plugging into a USB port, you can try unplugging the transmitter and pairing the headset with the console again. Make sure nothing is obstructing the transmitter.
  • If you use a Turtle Beach headset that plugs into your gaming controller, check the battery level of your controller, and try connecting the headset to a different controller.
  • You should test your mic with different games to see if the problem persists or exists only with a specific game.
  • Inspect your headset and the audio ports on your gaming system to look for signs of damage.
  • Try borrowing a headset to see if you can get the mic to work on it. If your console doesn’t let you use any of the microphones you plug in, you should check the mic settings.
  • Check the compatibility of your headset. An older Turtle Beach headset might not work properly on a next-gen console. Plus, not all headsets are compatible with computers, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.


Dealing with a microphone that doesn’t work properly can be frustrating. We recommend following the steps outlined above to narrow down the cause of the issue and address it. In most cases, you’ll be able to get your Turtle Beach headset mic to work by adjusting your mic settings, updating your drivers, or addressing potential hardware issues.