Can a rabbit eat carrots?

Can rabbits eat carrots?

Yes – You can feed your rabbits carrots but sparingly as they’re high in carbohydrates including sugars.

What are carrots?

Carrots are a root vegetable that belongs to the parsley family. They are most often orange in colour, but they can also be purple, white, or yellow. They are crunchy and sweet vegetables.

What are the health benefits of carrots?

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is good for your bunny’s vision as well as their overall health. What’s more, they are also low in calories and high in fiber making it a great treat for rabbits. However its important to bear in mind they’re not always the best option for their everyday diet as they’re high in carbohydrates.

How to prepare carrots for a rabbit

  1. First wash your carrots and carrot leaves removing any dirt and chemicals that may be present.
  2. Cut the root end of the carrot. Optional: Removing the green tops. For the skin – you can leave it on or peel it off.
  3. To serve, chop the carrot into smaller pieces.

How much carrots to give to a rabbit

Adult rabbits can be fed approximately 1 tablespoon per 2 lbs body weight sparingly.

How to store carrots

Store carrots in fruit and vegetable drawer of your fridge for up to 5 days or so.

Where can I buy carrots?

Can a rabbit eat carrots?

You can buy carrots with carrot leaves at your local farmers markets and grocers. They are normally found in bundles loose or in bags.


Can rabbits eat the leaves of the carrots?

Yes – In addition to carrots, rabbits are also able to eat carrot leaves. These leaves are high in Vitamin K, which can help prevent the formation of blood clots.

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