Can a rabbit eat cantaloupe?

Can a rabbit eat cantaloupe?

Yes – Rabbits can eat cantaloupe so long as it is in moderation.

What is cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is a type of muskmelon that has a distinct smell. It’s sweet when ripe but can be bitter when it’s unripe. The flesh is softer and mushier than other types of melons and is usually orange.

What are the health benefits of cantaloupe?

Cantalope are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that improve your bunny’s immune system and digestion. They’re also low in calories and fat. However, it does contain moderate levels of sugar.

How to prepare cantaloupe for a rabbit

  1. Wash the cantaloupe under water.
  2. Cut the cantaloupe in half and scoop out all of the seeds.
  3. Cut it further into quarters and then into smaller pieces.
  4. Serve in a shallow bowl.

How many cantaloupe to give to a rabbit

Adult rabbits can eat approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 lbs body weight.

How to store cantaloupe

Whole cantaloupe can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. If sliced store in the fridge for no more than 2 days as after this time it starts to lose its freshness.

Where can I buy cantaloupe?

Can a rabbit eat cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe can be bought at your local farmers markets and grocery stores.


Can a rabbit eat cantaloupe seeds?

No – Rabbits should not eat cantaloupe seeds as it can be a choking hazard and also upset their digestive systems.

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