How to house guests comfortably in a small house or apartment

guest house or apartment

Many people who live in small houses or apartments dream of owning a bigger place. However, this dream is usually given up due to the sheer cost of upgrading. In some cases, the amount you’d save by moving to a bigger apartment wouldn’t even be enough to buy a house.

If you’re living in a small place and you still want to be able to host your friends and family, here are some tricks you can use to house guests comfortably without having to buy a bigger place.

Multifunctional furniture

If you’re lucky, you might have a couch bed that you can use for additional sleeping space. Of course, this is an absolute lifesaver if you have a guest over. Multifunctional furniture is a great idea for saving space. For example, a table that can be used as a workstation can also be used as a dining table and as a surface for a couch bed. You can even use it as a bed by day and a desk by night.

Couch bed

A couch bed can be great option if you are hosting more than one person. The comfortable seating area during their stay will also function as a sleeping area in the evenings. It also means no messy sleeping areas or loss of space during the day.

Seat bed

A seat bed is a great alternative to a full-sized couch. It can be used as a regular chair during the day, but when guests are over, it can be easily converted into a couch. With a seat bed, you don’t have to worry about your house guests sleeping on your couch and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up after they leave.


A futon is a low-cost bed that can be easily folded into a couch. It’s a great choice for saving space. If you have a bed that can be folded into a couch, it’s a great choice for saving space.

Borrow a mattress

If you have a close family member or a friend, you can borrow a mattress for the duration of your guest’s stay. If you’re renting, your landlord may even let you borrow a mattress. This alternative method of housing your guests is great especially if they are travelling from afar. The only downside is that you may have a mattress lying about the house during their stay.

Air mattress

An air mattress is a great alternative if there are children or your guests are likely to stay over for a few days. These inflatable mattresses are relatively inexpensive and can even be used outdoors. Air mattresses are easy to store and can be deflated quickly for storage.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag can also be a great option. Sleeping bags are great for camping, but they can also be used in place of a guest bed. It’s easy to store and can be used with an air bed.

Clean & organise

How to house guests comfortably in a small house or apartment

When you have guests over, you can’t just leave your house messy. You might be too busy to clean up properly, so it’s a good idea to do a quick clean-up before your guests arrive.

Organisation is the key to having a comfortable stay for your guests. A neat and tidy house is less stressful to live in than a messy one. Prepare a list of things to do around the house and make sure that you don’t forget anything.

So as you can see, there are a number of ways to house guests comfortably in a small house or apartment without buying a bigger house. So, if you’re a person who loves to host guests, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to do so without buying a bigger house.


We get asked a lot of questions about guests sleeping over. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a comfortable temperature to sleep at?

There is no universal answer to this. Most people prefer to sleep between 60-67℉. But if you are expecting guests who are used to a different temperature, then you should give them a blanket that they can use to adjust their own temperature.

What is the best sleeping arrangement for guests sleeping over?

The most comfortable arrangement is a queen or king size air mattress with a foam pad underneath.

What is the best location for the air mattress?

The best location is the living room.

Where can I buy an air mattress?

You can buy an air mattress on Amazon, Walmart, or any store that sells camping gear.

How do I clean an air mattress after letting guests sleep over?

After letting guests sleep over, you can just put the mattress back into the packaging it came in. Then, you can spray the mattress with bleach and let it air dry.

Should I use a foam pad underneath the air mattress?

Yes – you should. The air mattress will be more comfortable with a foam pad underneath.

What is the best foam pad to use underneath the air mattress?

The best foam pad to use is the one that comes with the air mattress.