Vokèra Boiler Red Light On: Cause & Fix

Vokera Boiler red light on

Vokèra boilers with a red light, that’s either flashing or on constantly, have a fault and will most likely lockout, leaving your home without heating and hot water.

Many potential faults could be causing this issue, and you should hire a Gas Safe engineer to diagnose and fix the fault with your Vokèra boiler. However, our guide will get you closer to the reason why your Vokèra boiler is showing a red light so that your heating and hot water will work once again.

Vokèra Red Light Causes

Vokèra boilers with constant green light and no red light means there’s nothing to worry about and your boiler will provide heating and hot water as normal. However, should you see a red light on its own or alongside the green light then there’s a potential fault with the boiler?

Below, we’ve listed the issues that can cause various sequences of light you’re likely to see on your Vokèra boiler when it’s broken.

Red Light On and Green Light Off

A constant red light on your Vokèra boiler means that the unit has gone into lockout for safety reasons. Some of the possible faults behind this include:

The boiler is overheating;

The pump isn’t circulating hot water around the central heating system or to the taps when required;
Potentially harmful flue gases aren’t being expelled due to an issue with the fan.

Red and Green Lights On

If you’re seeing both red and green lights on your Vokèra boiler at the same time, whether they’re remaining on or flashing, your boiler could have one of the following problems:

  • Has been left in service mode after a recent boiler service;
  • Incorrect water pressure (either too low or too high);
  • The heating temperature sensors are faulty.
Vokera Boiler Flashing Green Light

Flashing Green Light

A constant green light on your Vokèra boiler is a sign that the flame within the boiler is working, and that’s what you want to see. Should the green light start flashing, that’s when there could be an issue to worry about:

  • Faulty hot water sensor
  • Boiler in standby 

How to Reset a Vokèra Boiler?

A simple reset could be enough to stop your Vokera boiler from flashing red and get the unit working to heat your home and hot water again.

To reset your Vokera boiler, move the mode selector switch to the ‘OFF/RESET’ position and then move it back to either ‘hot water only’ or ‘heating and hot water. Should this reboot get your boiler working again then you’ll know because there will be a constant green light. If not, you should hire a Gas Safe engineer to come out and take a look over your boiler.

Vokèra Boiler Error  Fault Codes

Vokèra Boiler Error / Fault Codes

Vokèra boilers with a digital display will show an error code alongside the red light which will help to get to the root cause faster than the boilers without a display.

A common Vokera boiler fault code is A01 which means the boiler has failed to ignite. There are many reasons why a boiler might fail to ignite, from no gas supply to a faulty ignition lead or PDB board. You’ll need a Gas Safe engineer to diagnose and repair the A01 fault as you should never carry out any work on your gas boiler yourself.

You can find a full list and explanation of all Vokera boiler fault codes in this Guide.

While you might be able to discover the cause of why your Vokèra boiler has a red light or is displaying an error code, you should hire a Gas Safe engineer to repair it.