Why Isn’t Airplay Working? Find Solutions Here

You finally find time to sit down and enjoy some videos when you find your Airplay isn’t working. Technology is a beautiful thing until it doesn’t work. Thankfully, Airplay is not complicated, so you can fix it in no time. Try these things to get your Airplay working.

Why Isn’t My Airplay Working On My Roku TV?

There are several common reasons why your Airplay isn’t working on your Roku TV. Try the following steps to get your Airplay working again.

Restart Roku

Sometimes your Roku needs a restart, and a simple restart can solve the problem. When you power it down, it is best to wait a few moments before you power it back on.

Restart Modem

Airplay works with Wi-Fi, so your internet must be working correctly. Whenever you run into issues with your internet, it is best to restart the modem. 

Screen Mirroring

When trying to use screen mirroring, you must set it up properly. Go through the setup process to make sure everything is working correctly.

Apple Support

Apple suggests that you ensure that your devices are within range. You should check your devices to ensure they have the latest updates, and you should restart both devices.

Reset Your Roku

If you have tried everything, you can try resetting your Roku. A reset can fix any software issues, and you must choose your settings again.

Why Isn’t My Apple Airplay Working On My Vizio TV?

When Apple Airplay isn’t working on a Vizio, it’s usually because the device and the TV are not on the same network. You should check this first, but here are some other solutions.


Airplay will only work if your devices are compatible, apple devices must run iOS 12.4, and your Vizio TV must be Airplay compatible.

Airplay Feature

You must enable the Airplay feature on your Vizio TV. Press the V or Home button on your remote control and select Extras. You will see Airplay, which would help if you turned it on. 


All devices should have the most current updates installed. For Apple devices, connect to the charger and the Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings>General, tap on Software Update, choose the update you want, and tap Install Now.

Press the V or Home button on the remote control for Vizio TV. Select System and then Check for Updates. Wait a few moments while the TV checks for updates. The updates will begin downloading automatically. You will see the TV restart, and it will install the updates. Once installation is complete, the TV will restart again.

Restarting Your Vizio TV

Restarting your TV can solve the problem if your Vizio TV has an issue. Turn your TV off and unplug it. Wait one minute, and plug it back in. Turn the TV on and retry your Airplay.

Restart Phone

If the TV doesn’t seem to be the problem, it may be your phone. You can restart your phone and try Airplay again.

Why Isn’t My Apple Airplay Working On My LG TV?

Your LG TV and your Apple device must share the same network. You should check this before attempting any troubleshooting fixes.


Your devices must be close enough to each other so that the signal can reach them. When your devices are too far apart, they will not be able to share the signal.

Reset Your LG TV

Try resetting your TV by unplugging it for five minutes and then plugging it back in. Turn the TV back on and retry Airplay.

Airplay Option

You must enable the Airplay option on all the devices that you are using. On your TV, go to Settings>Airplay. Ensure that your iPhone and your TV connect to the same network. Open Control Center on your iPhone. Tap screen mirroring and select the Apple TV device you want to mirror. You will have to enter the Airplay passcode.

Why Isn’t Sound Working On Airplay?

You will not enjoy Airplay when there is no sound. Try these things to get the sound back on.

Change Your Firewall

Go into System Preferences>Security&Privacy and choose Firewall. You will have to enter your password. Go to Firewall Options and Add Application and then select Core Audio. Click Add and then OK.

2.4GHz Network

It would help if you connected Airplay to a 2.4GHz network to work correctly. 

Sound Settings

Go to System Preferences>Sound. Open the Output tab and set Apple TV as the output device. Make sure that you save your changes. 

Why Isn’t Airplay Working On My Phone?

Airplay relies on Wi-Fi, so that should be the first thing you check. Make sure that all devices connect to the same Wi-Fi and that they are using the latest iOS versions.

Screen Mirroring

You must enable screen mirroring on your phone. Swipe down on your phone’s screen to your Control Center. Tap on Screen Mirror and wait for the phone to identify compatible devices nearby. Choose the Airplay-compatible device that you would like to use.

Stop and Restart

You can restart the screen mirroring process. Swipe down on your phone’s screen and open the Control Center. Find the Screen mirror and choose to stop mirroring. Wait a few moments and then reconnect.


You can reboot your phone. Shut off and then restart. This will refresh your device and may solve the issue with the Airplay.

Why Isn’t Airplay Working On Apple TV Mac?

Many solutions for why Airplay isn’t working on your Apple TV Mac are similar to other solutions for televisions.


Your devices must be Airplay compatible. Check compatibility with your Apple TV Mac.


Your devices must be close to each other to be able to connect. Move the devices closer together to see if the devices will connect.

Software Updates

Both Airplay and Apple TV Mac must have the latest software to achieve a connection. Check both devices to ensure you’re not missing any updates.

Same Network

Airplay and Apple TV Mac must share the same network to connect. Ensure they are both on the same network. 

Restart Devices

If all else fails, restart your devices by powering them down, leaving them off for about 30 seconds, and then restarting. 

Why Isn’t Airplay Code Working?

When you find your Airplay code is not working, there is an easy fix. 

Reset Airplay Code

You can reset the code by changing your Airplay security type from Password to Passcode and back again. 

TV Is Not Showing Up on Airplay

The biggest problem with a TV not showing up on Airplay is compatibility. 


If your TV is not showing up on Airplay, it could be because it is not compatible. If the TV is compatible and the Airplay feature is enabled, the TV should appear on Airplay.

iOS 14 Airplay Not Working

Many people encounter problems with their iOS Airplay. Here are a few solutions.

Same Network

You first need to check whether they are using the same Wi-Fi network. It can be helpful to reset the network settings to ensure there are no glitches. 

Software Update

Update your device to the latest iOS software to ensure no updates are missing. 

Restart Devices

Restarting your phone and your TV will ensure no errors with the devices, and you can try again on a fresh startup. 

Turn Off iOS 14 Restrictions

Go to Settings, then General. Tap on Restrictions and then Enable Restrictions. Enter your passcode and toggle restrictions to Off. 

Airplay Only Playing Audio

Sometimes, your Airplay will play the audio, but all you can see is a black screen. Here are some hints to help solve this issue.


Your devices must be close enough to work correctly. When they are too far apart, one or more features of Airplay may not work.


You should check all your devices to ensure the Airplay feature is on. Connect all devices to the same network. Restart your TV by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. Restart your mobile device. Once everything is back online, try Airplay again.

Airplay is very user-friendly. It is a way that you can stream audio and video between your electronic devices. It relies on your network, so you don’t have to worry about wires and cables. Although there may be a glitch or two, you can fix the issues with a bit of patience.


Here are some frequently asked questions about why Airplay isn’t working. 

Why is my Airplay suddenly not working?

You should first check that both devices are on the same network. You must sign out and connect to the correct network if one is on a different network.

How do I get my Apple Airplay to work?

Connect your TV and your device to the same Wi-Fi network. Choose the video that you want to stream and tap Airplay. Select the compatible TV where you want to play your video.

How do you reset Airplay on iPhone?

Swipe on your iPhone screen to open the Control Center. Select the Airplay Mirroring button. Choose the TV you want to use and tap to mirror your screen.

What devices are Airplay compatible with?

You can use any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that can run iOS 11.4 or later for Airplay. The Airplay-compatible TVs are Apple TVs and those from LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio that are Airplay-2 compatible.