Warmhaus Boiler Error Codes 2022

Warmhaus Boiler Error Codes

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Warmhaus have an extremely powerful range of boilers, that are extremely reliable boilers and normally won’t let you down.

Occasionally some things can go wrong, that’s why we’ve created our handy at-a-glance table of Warmhaus error codes below.

Enerwa and Priwa Error Codes

Fault CodePossible Cause
rE 02Low water pressure in heating system – parameter is adjusted wrong
E 03High water pressure due to excessive water pressure or safety valve error
E 04Domestic hot water (DHW) temperature sensor failure – possible error with electronic card or the NTC sensor.
E 05Temperature sensor from radiator error – electronic card detecting a failure.
E 13Exhaust gas temperature sensor error – excessive temperature alarm.
E 14Exhaust gas temperature sensor error – electronic card detecting an anomaly in the gas exhaust gas sensor.
E 15Fan error – a fan being blocked or excessive external air pressure.
rE 06 / rE 08No ignition – control gas supply line valves could be open
rE 07Safety thermostat intervention from dual sensor – excessive heating occuring due to any failure during normal operation, try resetting the boiler.
E 10AUX output sensor error
E 16AUX return sensor failure
E 11Gas valve modulator connection is broken – could be due to an internal failure.
E 17 / E 19Maximum difference failure between 2 NTC temperature sensor – poor circulation.
rE 28Maximum locking number reached – boiler has reached the maximum reset number (5 times in an hour) – attempt 1 reset each hour thereafter.
E 37Low voltage error – voltage required for operation is too low.
E 40Electricity network frequency error – fluctuation in electricity frequency.
rE 41Flame loss after 6 successive ignitions – gas supply line valve being open.
E 42Error with pushbutton
E 43Room thermostat communication error – disconnection or communication loss in room thermostat.
rE 44Gas valve error due to opening period without flame – try resetting the boiler.
E 62Calibration request – boiler has detected an absence of calibration control.
rE 72Delta T error – boiler failing to ignite. Could be due to a gas line valve being closed or a flue error.
E 74Temperature sensor error.
E 77Current values reached – check combustion values and CO2 calibration, try resetting the boiler if this fails. Either the board or the valve will need replacing.
E 78Regulation current value has been reached. Try resetting the boiler, check the gas pressure and check the combustion values and CO2 calibration – if this doesn’t work the board or valve needs replacing.
E 79Minimum regulation current reached – try resetting the boiler – checking the gas pressure and checking the combustion values and CO2 calibration – the board or valve might need replacing.
rE 80Gas valve driver error – due to an internal failure.
rE 81Ignition problem at the first start – this could be due the flue line, possible flue blockage or chimney gasket.
rE 82Burning problem – due to the flue line either being blocked or chimney gasket.
E 83Temporary mis-burning error – could be due to a gas pressure or flue line issue.
E 84Capacity reduction for detected low gas inlet pressure – check the CO2 calibration values.
rE 88Error in gas line cycle – possible gas valve component error.
E 89Problem on combustion feedback signal – gas pressure needs checking.
E 90Error in regulating combustion – possible error with the calibration values chimney gas valve and board.
E 92Air compensation active – the CO2 values need checking, possible error with the wind presence.
E 93Unable to regulate combustion – possible calibration value issue, chimney gas valve or board.
E 94Low gas pressure or exhaust recirculation that could be an issue with gas pressure.
E 95Intermittent combustion value caused by a possible error with electrode position or electrical connection stability.
E 96Flue blockage – due to chimney and combustion values – the boiler may need a calibration.
rE 80Gas valve error – possible internal error.
rE 81Ignition problem at the first start – could be due to a problem with a flue line.
rE 82Burning problem error – flue line error.
E 83A temporary mis-burning error that may be caused by the gas pressure or flue line.
rE 88Gas line cycle error – could be due to a gas valve component error.
rE 98Electronic card start error.
rE 99An error has been detected in the Combi, try resetting the boiler.