Ideal F2 Error / Fault Code Explained

Ideal F2 Error Code Explained

The Ideal boiler F2 error code means that the unit has suffered flame loss and has gone into lockout. Depending on the model of Ideal boiler you have installed, there could still be an issue with flame loss but displayed under a different error code:

Ideal Boiler Error CodeMeaning
F2, L2, FN or LNFlame loss

You should NEVER attempt to fix the Ideal F2 error code yourself – always contact a Gas Safe engineer. 

What can cause the Ideal F2 fault code

What can cause the Ideal F2 fault code?

Flame loss is a tough fault to diagnose without inspecting the unit but can often come down to one of the following:

  • Issue with the fan
  • Flue fault
  • Gas pressure at incorrect level
  • No gas supply
  • Failure of electrical components

While the above causes can be specific causes for flame loss, it’s also worth asking a heating engineer to take a look at the PCB board. This is part of the unit that decides which error code to display, so it’s good to know that it isn’t faulty.

How to Fix the Ideal F2 Error Code?

Resolving the F2 error code requires a Gas Safe registered engineer because the issue could stem from a fault with the gas supply. Don’t attempt to repair it yourself.

Customers on a meter or pre-payment meter should double-check there is enough credit, otherwise the boiler won’t operate.

How to Fix the Ideal F2 Error Code

More Ideal Boiler Error / Fault Codes

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