Is the AOC Monitor Not Turning On? Find Solutions Here

aoc monitor not turning on

If your AOC monitor is not turning on, there are a few problems to consider and some tricks to try to fix it. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with the AOC monitor. But because it’s a common problem, we can tell you some helpful and effective solutions! 

AOC Monitor Not Turning On: Solutions

Read this section to learn some solutions and remedies for an AOC monitor not turning on. 

1. Check the Power Connection

It may sound obvious, but the power connection is almost always the reason your AOC portable monitor is not turning on. Check the AOC monitor power cable for signs of damage or wear. Any fraying cables are a bad sign and should be replaced immediately. 

If you see the orange AOC monitor light, the monitor is on standby and should work. Press the AOC monitor power button and see if the monitor does anything. If it doesn’t do anything but the orange light is on, it’s likely not your power source. 

To be sure, plug another device or appliance into the same outlet and test it. If it doesn’t work, it may be a faulty outlet. 

Check the HDMI/DVI Cables

2. Check the HDMI/DVI Cables

If the AOC monitor shows no signal HDMI, check that your HDMI and DVI cables are in good condition. HDMI cables can sometimes be flimsy and not durable, so a faulty HDMI or DVI cable is a common reason your AOC LCD monitor is not turning on. 

Try to use different cables if you have extras to see if this solves the problem. Try cleaning the ends of the cable and gently cleaning inside the HDMI port. Luckily, replacing either of these cables is super affordable and easy to do. 

3. Try Using Another Display

If you have another monitor than your AOC USB monitor that’s not turning on, try playing with this monitor to see if your console or Mac are the issues. Sometimes when an AOC portable monitor is not turning on Mac, it can be an issue with the computer and its ports or hardware. 

If other monitors and displays you try work perfectly, your AOC monitor may be faulty or broken. In this case, it’s best to reach out to AOC for help. 

4. Graphics Card Issues

The last common issue to consider when your AOC monitor has no signal, then turns off is if you’re having graphics card problems. Most graphics cards have multiple output ports. Test out the different ports with your cable to see if one is defective. 

An old driver can also cause a graphics card to malfunction. When using a desktop, make sure you have an integrated graphics output. Plug your monitor into that output and update your video card drivers. 

AOC monitor no signal then turns off

AOC Monitor No Signal Then Turns Off

An AOC dual monitor not turning on or turning on then turning off is super frustrating but not uncommon. Check the power source, all ports, and cables, and perform a reset. 

AOC Monitor Not Detected Windows 10

Has your AOC monitor not detected windows 10? You can try a few solutions if the AOC monitor won’t work with Windows 10. 

While many people enjoy what Windows 10 offers users, it can be finicky with AOC monitors. Try these remedies before calling the AOC manufacturer to get your display up and running again:

  • Replace your cable with a shorter one to prevent power interruptions.
  • Reinstall or replace your display link driver.
  • Download the most updated driver you can find.
  • Delete Windows 10 and reinstall. 

If none of these work, you may want to try running it with an older version of Windows to see if that works. Either way, you’ll need to contact Windows or AOC to remedy the glitch.

AOC usb monitor not turning on windows 7

AOC USB Monitor Not Turning on Windows 7

Issues with the AOC monitor and Windows 7 are rare but do happen sometimes. If your AOC monitor doesn’t work with Windows 7, it could be an issue with the Windows software or the display’s hardware. 

Test a different version of windows. If it works, contact Windows support to see if they can troubleshoot the issue. Otherwise, you may need to buy a new display. 

AOC Portable Monitor Not Turning on Mac

If your monitor won’t turn on when connected to your Macbook, it could be an issue with your Mac or with the AOC display. 

Try using your Mac with other devices and cables and see if it works. If it doesn’t, reset your Macbook and clean out the ports using a Q-tip or microfiber cloth. You may need to contact Apple support if your Mac is the issue

If you believe your Mac is not the problem, try using different cables if you have options available. You should also try to hook another device up to your monitor to see if the monitor is at fault. 

AOC monitor orange light

AOC Monitor Orange Light

The AOC monitor light is a good sign and a bad sign. It means your monitor has power and is on standby. However, it may be defective if your monitor is on standby and won’t budge. 

Learning how to reset the AOC monitor can help solve this, and you can find instructions for this below. Sometimes the monitor can get stuck in standby mode and just need a refresh. 

AOC Monitor No Signal HDMI

Are you wondering, “why is my AOC monitor not turning on?” You’re not the only one who has encountered this problem. 

The most common culprit is your HDMI cord, so try a different one before you do anything drastic to your monitor. Below are more helpful solutions to AOC monitor issues. 

How Do I Get My AOC Monitor to Work?

Is your AOC monitor not turning on still? Check all cables, ports, and power sources. You can also do a monitor reset, discussed in detail below. 

However, if you try everything in this article and refer to the user manual and the monitor will still not turn on, you should contact the manufacturer or tech support. 

How do I fix my monitor from not getting power

How Do I Fix My Monitor From Not Getting Power?

Check all of the plugs, outlets, and ports. If anything is damaged or dirty, try to clean it and fix it. You may need to move to another outlet or try a new HDMI cable. 

If none of this works, it can help to perform a reset. To learn how to reset an AOC monitor, refer to the section below. 

How Do I Reset My AOC Monitor?

Knowing how to reset your monitor can be a huge help. Electronics can be very temperamental; sometimes, they just need a refresh and reboot to get back in working order. 

AOC monitors have two kinds of resets you can perform: factory resets and hard resets. Combining the two can also be quite effective in fixing your malfunctioning monitor. 

For a hard reset:

  1. Unplug the monitor fully from all power sources. 
  2. Test all power sources. 
  3. Wait 20-30 minutes. 
  4. Plug the AOC monitor back into a working power source and hold the power button. 

For a factory reset:

  1. On the front of the monitor, locate and press the MENU button. 
  2. Scroll through the menu options using the up and down arrows until you locate the RESET icon, which is two arrows pointing toward a dot. It looks similar to this: ͢→⬤←
  3. Once you press the reset button, it will prompt you to confirm your reset request. Click OK. This will open the reset window. 
  4. Use the up and down arrows in the reset window to scroll to OK or ALL RESET.
  5. Press OK again.
  6. Press the MENU button. A factory reset will begin.
  7. Wait until the reset finishes to touch or use the monitor. It can take between five and twenty minutes. 

Doing a hard reset followed by a factory reset can help fix any monitor issues you have. 


Hopefully, one of these solutions did the trick for your monitor! Unfortunately, monitors can’t last forever. So if you’ve had your AOC monitor for years, it may be time for a new one. 

The good news is that issues with your monitor will not affect your laptop or computer tower, which are far more expensive and valuable than a monitor. 


Where is the power switch on an AOC monitor?

The power button is on the lower right side of the front panel. 

Why does my AOC monitor turn off?

As discussed in the article, numerous things could cause your AOC monitor to shut off unexpectedly. However, the most likely cause is a power source issue or a faulty monitor. 

Why does my monitor turn black?

If your monitor turns black suddenly, there are two probable causes: it lost power, or the screen was damaged. Troubleshoot your power sources before buying a new monitor. 

How do I change my AOC monitor to HDMI?

The process for switching your AOC monitor will depend on the make and model you have. Check your user manual for specifics. But most models change to HDMI mode when you hold down the up volume button. It will prompt you with input options, and then you can select HDMI from the list of options. 

How do I fix my AOC monitor input not supported?

For this issue, click on the Display Adapter on your screen. A pop-up window will appear. Click the Monitor tab at the top of the pop-up window. Next, change the screen refresh rate so it’s longer. Save these changes and restart your monitor and computer.