The best meat alternatives that look and taste like meat

the best meat alternatives that look and taste like meat

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or just trying to cut down on the amount of meat you consume, it can be difficult to find meat substitutes that look and taste like meat. We’ll take a look at some of the best meat alternatives on the market that really do look and taste like meat.

Beef substitute

There are a number of different meat substitutes that you can use as a beef alternative. The most common of these are tempeh and tofu.


Tempeh is a traditional food in Indonesia that’s made from soybeans and has a dry firm texture. It’s a lot like tofu in the sense that you can use it in a number of ways. For example, you can easily make a breakfast scramble or burger patties out of tempeh. It’s also popular in vegan dishes like sloppy Joes and cashew cheese. You can buy tempeh in blocks or small steaks.


Tofu is a widely used food in Asia as well as in vegan dishes. It’s made from soybeans and it can have a smooth or firm texture that holds up well in most dishes. It’s also very versatile because you can use it in a wide range of dishes, from breakfast to dinner and even desserts. It can also be fried or marinated.

Pork substitute

If you’re looking for a popular pork substitute try jackfruit below:


Jackfruit is a giant, tropical fruit that’s related to the mulberry family. It’s native to Southeast Asia, but now it’s grown in many countries around the world. It’s high in fiber and potassium, but low in calories and fat. It has a similar texture, color and taste to meat. The best part is that you can easily use it in all of your favorite pork recipes like vegan barbecue, tamales and pulled pork.

Chicken substitute

For a tasty chicken substitute have a look at chickpeas:


Chickpea is a great substitute for chicken. Chickpea is a type of bean that’s high in protein. It has a similar texture and look, and it absorbs the flavor of the food it’s cooked in. It’s also gluten-free and it’s a great alternative to meat products that you can use in things like veggie burgers or sausages, tacos, and breakfast scrambles.

Seafood substitute

Go fishless for a tasty seafood substitutes below:

Fishless filets

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to eat fish. Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! Fishless filets are made from soybean and seaweed extract (depending on the brand) and taste just like fish. They’re also high in protein, low in calories, and they have a great texture. You can use them in place of fish fillets in your favorite recipes, or try using them in sandwiches to make a vegan tuna sandwich. They are also ideal for people who are allergic to seafood or those who want to reduce their seafood intake.

The best meat alternatives that look and taste like meat

Other alternatives

If you’ve found none of the above tasty there are a number of other alternatives to meat that you can include in your diet. For example, you can use seitan, which is a gluten-based meat alternative. You can also get protein from nuts, beans, and soy.

While meat alternatives aren’t for everyone, they are certainly healthier than their meat counterparts. They also come in many different forms and most of them taste very similar to their meat counterparts.

The best meat alternatives that look and taste like the real thing are jackfruit, tempah, and fishless filets. These three are some of the most versatile and delicious meat substitutes out there.


What is Tempah?

Tempah is a UK-based company that makes delicious tempeh products.

What are meat alternatives?

Meat alternatives are plants or items that have the texture and taste of meat. They’re great substitutes for people who are looking to cut down or eliminate their meat consumption.

What is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a plant-based protein that’s used in a lot of vegan recipes. It has a texture similar to meat, and can be used as a vegan alternative to pork and chicken

Is Jackfruit a popular meat substitute?

Yes – jackfruit is a popular meat substitute particularily in Indian, Sri Lankan, and Malaysian cuisines.

What is the difference between jackfruit and meat?

Jackfruit is a fruit that has a texture similar to pulled pork.

How much protein does tofu have?

Depending on the brand, tofu has anywhere from 8-12g of protein per 100g.

What is tofu?

Tofu is a plant-based protein that’s made by coagulating soy milk. It’s a great alternative for vegetarians who are looking for a source of protein.

Is tofu healthy?

It’s actually very healthy! Tofu is high in protein, calcium, and iron, and it’s low in calories.