Want to Get Rid of a Banana Tree? This Is How to Kill Banana Trees

how to kill banana trees

Should you cut down your banana tree? Have you tried everything to get rid of it, but the thing won’t die? Well, fear not, for there are several suitable methods to kill a banana tree permanently. 

To make matters even better, you can try several methods without worrying about hurting your surrounding vegetation, which is vital because banana trees tend to spread out and take over surrounding areas, so killing them also has other benefits.

If your banana tree is taking over the yard, then you should look into getting rid of it as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you could wind up with more problems than just an ugly plant to deal with. It can also damage your nearby plants, which can lead to more money spent on landscaping. 

Read on for tips on how to destroy banana trees permanently.

How to Get Rid of a Banana Tree Without Causing Damage?

When thinking of getting rid of banana trees, you should realize that you have several options. The option you choose should be determined by how much of a hurry you are in and what kind of time you have to deal with the problem.

Removing the Banana Tree by Digging It Up

One way to kill a banana tree is by learning how to dig up a banana plant. This option might be best if you need to stop the plant from spreading and want it gone as soon as possible, but you can wait a few days.

This method will work, but there is another downside. You won’t be able to use any of those great banana trees for yourself or anyone else, so keep that in mind when thinking about this method. If you aren’t planning on eating your bananas, then there’s no problem at all.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is get some good tools together. You will need a shovel and some sturdy gloves (or better yet – old clothes). 
  2. Then, start digging around the base of the trunk, making sure to keep all of the banana tree roots intact.
  3. You can keep digging until you’ve got it all dug up. 

If you are in a hurry to get rid of your banana tree, then go ahead and plow right through its center. 

Either way, it should die within a week or two after being removed from the ground. If it’s still alive, then try putting some mulch around its base to kill it off for good.

Removing the Banana Tree by Using Herbicides

Another option when trying to get rid of a banana tree is using herbicides. This method works by injecting the chemicals into the stalk and killing it from the inside out, but only if you’re quick about getting rid of it.

If you want to try this method, you will need to know what herbicides work best for banana trees. A few different types have been known to work, so be sure to do your research before further using this method.

Herbicide injections can also kill nearby vegetation, so keep that in mind before beginning this process. If you don’t care about harming any nearby plants or shrubs, then go ahead and start pumping up your banana tree with deadly chemicals until it dies.

How to Get Rid of a Banana Tree Without Causing Damage

Removing the Banana Tree by Using Plastic Wrap

Another option you have when trying to get rid of a banana tree is by using plastic wrap. While this might not be the best thing to kill banana trees, it can still be highly effective.

  1. All you need to do to kill your banana tree using this method is wrap up its base with some transparent plastic film that doesn’t let any light through. 
  2. You can secure it with some twine or other ties, but be sure that there are no loose ends where light can filter through. 
  3. Leave it alone for several days, and then check on your progress. If there’s still plenty of life in the plant, you can try leaving it up for an entire week.

Another method is to cover the plant with black plastic, which will heat up rather quickly and kill the roots faster, leading to banana tree root rot. 

If this is done during hot weather, you should kill your banana tree within 24 hours, but again––be sure that there are no loose ends where water or air can get through. Otherwise, your banana plant might survive.

Removing the Banana Tree by Felling It

Another possible method for killing your banana tree is by felling it. Felling the tree will eventually kill it, but only if you are patient enough to cut a banana tree down and all of its branches, one by one. 

Be sure that you remove them quickly, or they will grow back again. This option will take a long time to complete but might be the best choice if you have nothing better to do and no need for urgency.

Banana tree removal by felling requires cutting through the trunk at its base to fall over on its side. You should then try to pull off all of its limbs before either burying what’s left of the plant or burning it completely. 

This process can take weeks and up to months, depending on how high up the central stalk you manage to get before doing the banana tree cutting.

Removing the Banana Tree by Using Chemicals (Diesel for Example)

Lastly, another method that works is using chemicals. This method uses diesel because it has been said to work like an herbicide would for your banana tree. 

If you want to try this option, you will need at least five gallons of diesel––no less. Be sure that it’s regular, or else it won’t work as effectively. Mixing in some kerosene might be helpful as well if you happen to have some on hand.

  1. After getting your mixture together, pull out all of its leaves and gently strip them off the trunk (you can wear gloves if needed). 
  2. Next, pour the liquid over the entire surface area of the plant so that nothing dries up or else it won’t die. 
  3. You can also wrap up the trunk base as you would for other methods, but be sure to keep it up for several days.

If done correctly, your banana tree should die within a week or less. After that time has passed, pull off any remaining limbs and bury what’s left if you don’t want it around anymore. 

Removing a Banana Tree By Using a Landscaping Company

Removing a Banana Tree By Using a Landscaping Company

If you’re not interested in doing any of this work yourself, then you could always hire a landscaping company to come out and either fell or help with removing banana trees for you. 

Most companies can also help you eliminate invasive species like banana trees that tend to take over where they are planted. Contact one today for more information about what they do, how much it costs, and how long the process will take.


Some of the benefits of hiring a landscaping company to either fell or remove a banana tree from your property include:

  • They will know how to get rid of banana trees without leaving any damage behind.
  • They also have the appropriate equipment needed for felling and removing the vegetation once it’s been chopped down.
  • They can help you develop an effective plan to ensure that another tree doesn’t replace the one you cut down.
  • They do all the work for you, so there’s no need to worry about hiring employees, getting permits, and other legalities involved in owning a large piece of land.


However, there are some disadvantages as well. Some reasons why people might prefer using any of these first three methods instead of hiring to do it for them include:

  • You have to contact a landscaping company to come out and complete the job, which is inconvenient.
  • You might have to pay a fee for them to do it, depending on where you live.
  • They might not be able to get rid of every last part of the plant, so there’s always going to be a possibility that it will return.
  • You might have no idea what kinds of chemicals they use or how they dispose of leftovers afterward.


The price of having a landscaping company take care of your live and dead banana tree also varies depending on where you live and how much work is needed. Expenses can range anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars, making this solution one for when you have the budget for it or when urgency is critical.

As always, make sure any company you hire has all the required permits and proper licensing before signing anything. View their previous work just in case you’re not satisfied with what’s been done so far. 

Removing a Banana Tree By Using a Landscaping Company

Conclusion: What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Banana Tree?

Before using any of these methods, make sure you’re fully aware of what’s involved and how you can expect the process to play out. If one doesn’t work, that does not mean that they won’t work for anybody else. 

Your process and results can vary depending on your location, climate, land ability, and plants around your banana tree. 

Furthermore, if you don’t want to do anything yourself, there’s always the option to hire someone with experience in removals. Whether this is worth it or not is up to you and whether you would prefer to save by doing it yourself or gladly pay extra for convenience.