Amana Washer Won’t Turn On – What to do plus some tips

Amana Washer Won't Turn On

Amana Washers are one of the popular choices when handling your laundry. To get optimal results from it, the washer needs to work flawlessly. 

However what if your amana washer won’t turn on at all? Many users panic in situations like these without confirming the issue. We will provide a complete guide to solving potential problems in your washer.

 Here is everything you need to know!

Amana Washer Won’t Turn on Problems and Solutions

To identify what is causing your amana washer not to turn on, we need to find which part of the washer is the culprit. We have listed all the possible issues with their solution that can occur in your amana washer.

The diagnosis mode has an error

The diagnosis mode lets the user view and troubleshoot the washer problems by providing error details. Amana top loader comes with diagnosis mode, which can help you solve your washer issue by identifying the error.

To access diagnosis mode on your amana loader, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure the washer is turned on, and no other function is selected.
  2. Turn the knob of your washer counterclockwise.
  3. Turn Knob to Left -> Right -> Right -> Right -> Left > Right. Follow this sequence exactly.
  4. Green lights will start blinking. Turn your knob once to final spin and press Start to begin diagnostic.
  5. Once the process is complete, the light of the cycle will blink.
Amana Washer Won't Turn On

Reset Amana Washer

Resetting the Amana washer might solve the issue you are facing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the Amana washer and unplug the power source.
  • Hold the Start/Pause button for five seconds.
  • Plug in the power source back.
  • Now, start the Amana washer.

Fuse Is Blown

A blown fuse means your Amana washer will not be turning on. To confirm this, you can use a multimeter for the reading; in case of no continuity, you need to replace the fuse. 

Here is how you can replace the amana washer fuse.

  1. Turn off the power of your amana washer.
  2. Remove the control panel from the back of the washer.
  3. Find the fuse assembly and disconnect all of its wires.
  4. Take the damaged fuse out of the frame.
  5. Attach all the wires as they were and put the control panel back in its place.
  6. Turn on your amana washer.

The Interlock Is Activated and your amana washer won’t turn on

If your Amana Washer is in control lock mode, all the controls will not work. The display of the washer will show code like LoC or LC, which refers to the washer being in lock mode, and to use the function, you need to deactivate it.

  1. To deactivate the lock, press and hold the power button for 3-4 Seconds

Breaker Reset

If your amana washer breaker keeps tripping, it can cause severe damage to the washer. Follow these steps to resolve this issue

  1. Check the drain pumps for any blockage.
  2. Take a look at the control switch. A control switch controls the washer’s function, and a damaged switch can lead to a breaker tripping.
  3. Breaker tripping usually happens due to faulty wiring. Go through all the wires attached to your Washer.

Fuse replacement

Replacing a fuse in your amana washer is simple. Follow these steps to replace the fuse. 

  1. Power down your amana washer.
  2. Remove the control panel cover.
  3. Remove all the wires connecting to the fuse assembly.
  4. Take out the fuse and place a new one. Attached are all the wires in their original position.
  5. Close the control panel cover and start your amana washer
Amana Washer Won't Turn On

Power Source

Even though it’s one of the common issues, most people don’t even consider the possibility of a defective power source. Here is everything you need to make sure is working fine related to the power source of your washer:

  1. Check the power cords and make sure that they are tightly connected. Many washers tend to vibrate around during the washing cycle, which can loosen the power cords.
  2. It is highly recommended not to use an extension between the power source and the washer to get the optimum result. 
  3. Check th power cord for either a faulty or tripped breaker.
  4. If the breaker is not tripped, the power cord may be at fault.
  5. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the power cord. In case of no continuity, replace the power cord with a new one.

Lid Switch

Most of the latest washers come with a lid switch. The switch’s function is to ensure that the drum is properly closed during the washing cycle. A broken lid switch can result in your Amana washer not turning on, as it is considered a safety feature.   

You can easily replace a faulty lid switch. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Make sure the power is disconnected to your Amana washer before starting
  2. Undo the four screws from the back panel to get off the control console
  3. The console will be unlocked. Push it forward.
  4. The lid switch should be visible now. To remove it, you need to remove the grounding wire and other wires connecting it.
  5. Pull the clip and take out the wires
  6. Pinch the tab next to the clip until you hear a clicking sound, and remove the switch.
  7. Replace the switch with a new one, push in th clip back, and attach all the wires as they were.

Cycle Selector Switch

With the cycle selector switch, users can select their desired cycle. If the cycle switch becomes faulty, it won’t allow the washer to proceed with the washing cycle. By following these steps, you can fix the cycle selector switch.

  1. Remove the control console by removing the screws
  2. Push forward the console to access the cycle selector switch
  3. Take out the knob from the front of the panel and remove the wires connecting to the switch
  4. Use a screwdriver to pry out the latch of the Cycle Selector Switch. Take it out by twisting and pulling it
  5. Replace the Cycle Selector Switch with a new one and attach all the wires.

Additional tips if your Amana Washer won’t turn on

Activate Interlock 

Interlock activates the control lock buttons in your Amana Washer. This feature is quite helpful if you have kids running around touching everything. To start Interlock, follow these steps.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to lock the panel of your Amana Washer.
  2. Hold the Power button, and a count-down timer will start.
  3. LC or LoC will appear on the panel, which means the lock is activated.

Fill Water According To Timer Knob

The Amana Washer comes with auto functionality of water filling, making them water-efficient.

Top Load Washer Drum Bearing Troubleshooting

If your Amana top load washer makes loud noises, it can be due to a faulty rod. Move the drum left and right manually to check if the drum’s suspensions are defective. A good rod will make the drum return to its original position quickly, but a faulty one will take time to settle in.

If you have a faulty rod, follow these six steps below to solve the drum bearing issue:

  1. Turn off the power supply or plug out your amana washer.
  2. Open the lid and reach for the cabinet of the washer.
  3. Pull out the suspension rod and remove the plastic holding. It will make the rods lose their detachment.
  4. Tilt your washer against the wall and remove the suspension rod from the bottom.
  5. Insert the new rod back and install the new one with a new plastic holding.
  6. Repeat the process on the other rod.


If your amana washer won’t turn on, it might be due to the locked controls, electrical shortage, or the knob not syncing with the timer. To resolve this issue, users can reset their amana washer or put it in diagnostic mode to find out what’s causing this issue.

Check the frequent asked question below. Also, don’t forget to contact our team of experts if you need further help.


Where is the Fuse Located in Amana Washer?

The fuse is located on the back cover near the switch lid.

Why The Washer Won’t Turn On After Power Outage?

A power outage can damage any electrical appliance. If your amana washer is not turning on after a power outage, you can try resetting your Washer. To do this, follow these simple steps:
Plug your amana washer out from the electrical source. Let it remain in this position for 4-5 Mins.
Plug in the washer. Press and hold the End of Cycle button for twenty seconds. That should reset your Washer.
If resetting does not work, use a multimeter on each part that might get damaged from the outage.

Why is the Amana washer stuck on the wash cycle?

Check the Water Inlet Valve, Inlet Screen, and the water level switch with a multimeter.

Why Amana’s washer won’t turn on after a power outage?    

 A power outage can cause an electric appliance to malfunction. Try resetting your amana washer to solve this issue.

Why Amana’s washer starts to fill and then stops

It can happen due to a faulty lid switch of the washer. Try disconnecting the power source, and removing the switch. Replace with a new switch to see if it works.

Why is the Amana washer stuck on the lid lock?

Suppose your amana washer has water sensors to detect water flow through both hoses to the water valve. If the hoses don’t work, the lid will lock itself, and the washer will turn into pump-out mode for 8 minutes.