Altec Lansing Camera Won’t Connect – Here is what to do

Altec Lansing Camera Won't Connect - Here is what to do

Altec Lansing cameras are among the most popular security camera choices. These cameras are connected to Wifi for full functionality. 

What if your altec lansing camera won’t connect? There could be some reasons causing this issue. Read on to find the solutions. 

Altec Lansing camera won’t connect to Wifi 

When your altec lansing camera won’t connect with the router wifi it can be a serious issue and can compromise security.

Here are the few possibilities that may be causing this

  1. Your Altec Lansing camera may be too far away from the router.
  2. The antennas of your camera could be loose. Try tighten the antennas and face it towards your router.
  3. The password you have entered to connect with the router could be incorrect. Try forgetting and entering the password again.
  4. It could be your internet that is unstable and not working properly. Try checking network stability.
  5. Your router’s firewall could be blocking access to your camera. 
  6. The IP address you have set on your altec lansing camera could be wrong.
  7. There could be a lot of interference between your Router and the camera.
Altec Lansing Camera Connect

Connecting the Altec Lansing Camera to your Wireless Router 

Here is how you can do:

  1. Turn On your Altec Lansing Camera.
  2. Search and download the “Altec Smart Security System” app on your smartphone. Or you can scan the barcode on your camera, generally found at the bottom, to launch the app automatically.
  3. Launch the app. On The Live Video IP Camera Screen, tap “Add New Device.”
  4. Sign in to an IP Camera account if you have one. If not, create a new account
  5. After signing in, Click on “Add New Camera.”
  6. Your camera is now active and connected to your Wireless router.

Pairing your camera

If you are facing issues in pairing, it might be due to these possible reasons.

  1. Your router is too crowded. If you are using so many devices in a single router (especially on the old model of a router), it can cause connectivity issues.
  2. Your phone does not have the latest version of the app installed. Update the App from the Playstore.
  3. Other Devices are linked with your Altec Lansing Camera. Check if there is already any device coupled with your Camera. Unpair the device, and connect with your smartphone
  4. If your phone is rooted, it can be causing the issue here. Rooted phones have security issues. That’s why most apps do not support these devices.

Altec Lansing Camera won’t connect to smartphone

To get the best results from security cameras, users want to connect to a smartphone for surveillance. If your smartphone refuses to link with the Altec Lansing Camera, try these steps to fix these issues:

Network settings

Use the same network that you have used by going to the settings page. On the Wifi page, you will see all the available networks.

Try resetting the camera with the same network if you use another. You can use the factory reset option for that. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds, causing the device to reboot.

Check your network connection.

SD card

If you have an SD Card in your camera, remove it and try reconnecting. Remember you can find the SD card in the corresponding compartment.

Update Altec Camera App

For all the latest features and optimal results, it is necessary to have the newest version of the “Altec Smart Security System” app on your smartphone. But if the app is unable to update, here are some fixes you can perform to resolve this issue:

  1. If you are using an Android phone, try clearing the cache and data of the app from the setting.
  2. Check your play store, and see if the app updated is limited to only wifi connection.
  3. Filter out the Playstore from the Battery optimization feature.
  4. Force Stop the Altec App and Playstore from settings and start it again.
  5. If your phone is rooted, it can cause compatibility issues with Playstore.
  6. If all of this does not work, try re-installing the Altec App on your smartphone. 
  7. Device Is Not Paired.

Altec Lansing Camera may not be connected to your smartphone if it is not paired. 

  1. The Camera is paired with another device. The Cameras can be paired with one device at a time, so check if it’s already connected to a device or not.
  2. The smartphone and the camera might be very far from each other.
  3. The device and the camera are not on the same network.
  4. Check the network speed.
Altec Lansing Camera Won't Connect - Here is what to do

Altec Lansing Camera Unable To Connect To Bluetooth

Here are some of the common issues and solutions why your camera may not be connecting to bluetooth:

Connecting Altec Lansing Camera Via Bluetooth

Follow these steps for connecting your altec lansing camera using bluetooth:

  1. Go to the menu button, click on the wrench Icon
  2. Bluetooth Function will be mentioned in the menu. Tap the icon.
  3. Tap remote to access it.
  4. The nearby devices with Bluetooth on will be visible.
  5. Tap the device you want to connect with your Camera to complete the process.

Connected To Another Smartphone

Connecting your altec camera with the smartphone but getting an “Already Connect To Another Smartphone” error? Follow these steps to unbound the connected device:

  1. Open your Altec app.
  2. Go to the linked account and tap.
  3. Find the smartphone which is already connected to your altec camera.
  4. Tap and click unpair/unbound.
  5. Now you can connect your new smartphone device with your altec camera.

Wireless Network

In case of not getting wifi signals on your altec lansing camera, follow these steps:

  1. If your wireless camera has antennas, ensure they are tightly attached and pointed toward your router device.
  2. Check the battery of your wireless camera. The Bluetooth/Wireless cameras consume battery quite fast.
  3. Check if the password you entered for connecting your Altec Lansing Camera with your Wifi is correct. In case of an error, try forgetting and adding the password again.
  4. Mainly wireless cameras require SSID to connect for the first time with the Wifi. Open your camera’s app and navigate the connectivity details, SSID, and password.
  5. Check your Camera is getting the best signals. A lower network bar can result in connectivity issues.


Like any other electronic device, the Altec Lansing camera can run into an issue like “Camera won’t Connect”. You can quickly fix the error by updating the app, fixing its bluetooth settings, and resetting the camera, which should be the last resort.

Since you found all the solutions here, you can see below other frequent ask questions that can help you with your device. Also, don’t forget to contact our team of experts if you need additional help. 

Altec Lansing Camera Won't Connect


How to repair a wireless Altec Lansing camera that won’t connect to the internet?

Check what is causing this issue. We have listed several possible causes in this guide. Follow and apply the method accordingly to fix this problem.

How do I reset my Altec Lansing camera?

You can reset your altec lansing camera through their mobile or Desktop App.

Why won’t my Wifi connection with the Altec Lansing camera?

Check your Wifi for connectivity and the number of users on a single network.

Why won’t my Altec Lansing camera connect to my phone?

Check for the latest update of the Altec app on your smartphone. If the altec lansing camera is already paired with a smartphone, unpair it.

How do I update my Altec Lansing?

Go to Playstore and update your “Altec Smart Security System” App to get the latest version.

Is Altec Lansing a good brand?

Yes, your Altec Lansing products are bundled with the latest technology and provide value for money.