AT&T Uverse wireless tv receiver won’t connect? Find solutions here

att uverse wireless tv receiver won_t connect

U-Verse TV offers the convenience of watching HD shows that are always available for you to watch whenever you want. You can get the service through your cable lines. However, have you faced the issue regarding AT&T Uverse wireless tv receiver won’t connect?

When you are your U-Verse wireless tv receiver isn’t connecting, it can be frustrating – and confusing. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can try, and in this article, you’ll find out precisely what they are! Read on now.

Why is my U-verse TV not working?

There are a few reasons why U-verse TV isn’t working. Here are some reasons:

  • Hardware issues
  • Lack of internet connection
  • Faulty cables
  • The problem with the power source

How do I fix my AT&T wireless TV receiver?

The following are some effective ways to solve the connection problem:

How do I fix my AT&T wireless TV receiver

1. Try Troubleshoot & Resolve from your TV

If you’re having trouble, you can use your TV’s Troubleshoot & Resolve feature.

With the U-verse remote:

  • Press Menu.
  • Choose TV > DVR under the “Help” menu, then “Information” and “Troubleshoot & Solve.”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Restart your receiver or troubleshoot specific issues

Often, restarting your receiver solves problems. 

  • Hold the Power button for 10 seconds. 
  • While this is happening, any ongoing recordings on a DVR will be interrupted for 5-8 minutes. 
  • Reset your wireless gateway and all connected receivers by disconnecting them from power. Then, after a while, reconnect it.

Consider the suggestions below if restarting your receiver didn’t fix the problem:

  • First, select the correct input source. 
  • When the receiver is in standby mode, it disconnects.
  • Inactivity for eight hours triggers standby mode on your receiver. It reduces power consumption.
  • Press any of the OK, Guide, or Options buttons on your remote control to restart the eight-hour cycle if your U-verse receiver is in standby mode.

3. Are the broadband and service lights on the receiver green?

When the lights don’t turn green, there is something wrong. Ensure the cables connected to the residential gateway are in the right place and not loose. In addition, the input settings of the TV should match the cables being used.

Are the broadband and service lights on the receiver green

4. Check The Cables

Cables of satisfactory quality and appropriate length are required to ensure that the receiver delivers its functionality.

  • Keep an eye on the cable from time to time to ensure it is functioning correctly. Check the cables’ interior and exterior components with a multimeter.
  • Wires that have been damaged should be replaced immediately. In addition, ensure you obtain a high-quality cable and avoid lower-quality cords since they can negatively impact the device’s performance.
  • The cables should be tightly secured at both ends.

5. Power Source Check

U-Verse requires power to operate like any other technological device, so be sure to monitor your household power outlets and sockets. Turning on the receiver should illuminate the green light if the power is adequate.

Conversely, if the green light does not illuminate when your device is turned on, you should investigate what is wrong with the power outlet or even the electrical wiring in your house. A voltmeter can be used to check whether the power portal is working and whether the electricity is adequate.

6. Look For Hardware Issues With The Receiver

An interior fuse in the receiver may fail, causing the device not to function. A burned component or faulty antenna can also prevent the receiver from performing at its best. Therefore, it is crucial to check the receiver regardless of the problem it may be experiencing.

A technician from AT&T should be able to visit the receiver if it is under warranty. A highly qualified professional should consult if the warranty period has already expired.

7. Test Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection and a power source are all that the receiver needs. Before taking your U-Verse receiver to a professional, double-check the cords, power source, and WAP.

U-Verse’s performance degrades significantly if your internet connection isn’t fast and steady. Therefore, you should ensure a good internet plan; if you don’t, increase it to enjoy all AT&T’s features. Alternatively, you may try to reset your modem or router to solve the problem simply.

8. Contact support

Whenever you cannot resolve the issue, you must contact AT&T’s support service.

‎Wireless receivers not pairing with WPS

‎Wireless receivers not pairing with WPS

Turning off the gateway, DVR, and WAP might be a good idea to resolve this issue. You should then plug in the gateway and allow it to restart completely. Next, try restarting your wireless boxes individually to see if they can pair with the WAP. 

AT&T u verse tv is not available at this time

The most common way to fix U-verse problems like this is to turn it off and on again. You won’t lose any recordings if you reset your device. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  • Hold the power button on your U-verse for 10–15 seconds. 
  • After that, press the power button again to make it work again. 
  • On average, this process takes eight minutes. However, any recordings already in progress will be stopped.
  • After restarting your device, you can try to open a frozen or missing program. You can do this by pressing the “Recorded TV” button on your U-verse remote.

If the first method doesn’t work, you can try troubleshooting or using the app. Follow these steps;

  • Press the menu button on the remote for your U-verse service.
  • Go to Help, and then click OK.
  • Click on the details.
  • Go to Troubleshoot & Fix and then click OK.

Be patient and make sure the interactive diagnostic test is completed correctly. Then, continue by following the steps on the screen. 

AT&T u verse wireless receiver all lights on

Your U-verse Receiver has a severe problem if you cannot view any video and the device’s red, blue, and green lights are flashing.

Press and hold the POWER button for ten seconds, then push it again to restart your receiver. It takes five to eight minutes to complete this procedure, which will interfere with current DVR recordings and may solve the issue.

AT&T u verse wireless receiver all lights on

AT&T wireless receiver red light

The gateway or power source might be malfunctioning. Try restarting your gateway to fix the problem.

U Verse Keeps Saying Restart Receiver? (Sure Fire Solutions)

Solution 1: Check and Fix Hard Drive Issues

The hard drive plays an important role in the installation. Whenever the receiver fails to load, the booting process will stop.

Here’s what you need to do;

1. Unscrew the receiver to reveal the hard drive enclosure. 

2. Unplug the cables from the hard drive case.

3. Put the replacement hard drive into the enclosure and plug it in.

4. Close the receiver case by tightening the screw.

During startup, a loading bar will appear on your screen. As soon as the unit is turned on, any problems with the disk will be resolved. However, it will take a while for the initialization process to complete.

Solution 2: Troubleshooting your Receiver

Troubleshooting helps determine what went wrong and how to fix it. For example, you can find out what’s wrong with your receiver by following these steps:

1. Use your remote to press the Menu button.

2. Choose the Help option and press OK.

3. Click on Information and scroll down until you see Troubleshoot and Fix.

4. Choose the part you want to fix and press OK to start the process.

After troubleshooting is completed, the restarting problem will be resolved. However, to save the changes, it will need to restart once more.

Solution 3: Check Your Signal Level

If your receiver’s signal level is low, it must be restarted to resolve the issue. By fixing the connection problems, you can get a stable signal.

The following steps will help you fix a bad connection:

1. Take your receiver away from your TV.

2. Turn on the receiver and wait for it to load its software.

3. Press and hold your WAP’s WPS button

4. To finish the connection, press OK on your receiver. 

5. Wait until the two devices connect and the Link light turns on. You can then reconnect the receiver to the TV.

Check Power

Solution 4: Check Power

Ensure all your cables are correctly connected before you begin this process. First, ensure that the cables are firmly connected to the correct ports. After that, you can check the power.

1. Turn on your receiver by pressing the power button.

2. Make sure it has power by waiting until a green light appears.

3. Unplug and re-plug the power cable if it takes longer. 

4. Hold down the AT&T button and the Power button simultaneously.

5. Your receiver will restart correctly after the power cycle.

Solution 5: Call AT&T

AT&T provides these receivers; if you have trouble restarting them, you can ask them for assistance. You will also receive advice on how to fix the problem. If the warranty is still valid, you can replace the receiver.


This article explains why AT&T Uverse wireless tv receivers won’t connect with their possible solutions. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned above if you encounter any problems with the TV receivers. If necessary, contact AT&T’s support. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my AT&T U-verse WAP?

1. Press and hold the Reset button on the gateway for at least 10 seconds.
2. Ensure that all status lights are illuminated after the gateway has completed a restart.
3. Make sure the Broadband and Service status indicators are solid green. If so, it was a successful reset.

How do I reset my AT&T wireless access point?

Launch the web browser on a device currently connected to the AT&T Wireless Internet network, and navigate to the following address: http://att.wirelessinternet. 
1. After entering your Admin login information, click the Login button.
2. Click Reset Device.
3. To proceed, you will be asked to confirm by clicking the Yes button.

How do I replace my U-verse receiver?

1. Unplug the receiver. Place the replacement receiver on top of the old one.
2. Connect one connection at a time to the new receiver. The new receiver’s connectors may be positioned differently, but the names, forms, and colors will be the same.
3. Ensure the coaxial cable has a jumper sleeve before attaching it to the receiver’s wall (Video In) port.
4. The hex-shaped notch needs to be over the connector’s hex nut.
5. Use your fingers to tighten the connector to the receiver.
6. If your receiver is connected to your home network with CAT5 Ethernet, connect it to the new receiver’s Network port.

Why does my AT&T TV say no signal?

If your TV is showing “No Signal,” it indicates that it is not picking up a signal from the selected input. Possibly someone has switched the input on your TV to one without anything connected.

What do I do when my U-verse says restart receiver?

1. Hold the POWER button for 10 seconds, then press again to restart your U-verse receiver(s). 
2. This takes 5-8 minutes and affects DVR recordings.
3. Restart your Wi-Fi gateway by unplugging it for two minutes.
4. Check your TV, gateway, and receiver’s video wires.