Diffuser shuts off after a few seconds? Find solutions

diffuser shuts off after a few seconds

An essential oil diffuser allows the aroma of the essential oil to spread throughout the room. Essential oils are a great way to create a sense of calm and peace in the environment.

It’s annoying when the diffuser closes after a few seconds. This blog article offers tips on how to fix the issue of your diffuser shutting off after a few seconds. So if your diffuser shuts off, try these solutions!

Why does my diffuser keep shutting off after a few seconds?

It is common for people to shake, overfill, or otherwise move the diffuser while it is full to get water inside the diffuser. If essential oil or water gets into the diffuser, it stops working. So you should unplug the unit, clean it, eliminate any water, and let it “dry out” for a day or two.

How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser & Fix Common Issues?

Maintaining your oil diffuser properly will last and provide you with the best possible fragrance experience. In addition to rotating among different oils depending on your daily needs, you should also clean with white vinegar and water solution to ensure accurate scent diffusion. 

How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser & Fix Common Issues

1. Keep Your Essential Oil Diffuser Clean

Although cleaning your diffuser correctly can be challenging, you will gradually get habituated to it. Before using your diffuser, you should read the diffuser guidebook to find out what cleaning guidelines and stages you should follow. Cleaning essential oil diffusers can be done in the following steps:

2. Cleaning An Essential Oil Diffuser In Easy Steps

1. Turn off or unplug the diffuser

This step is crucial! Separate the cable from the diffuser, remove the chamber from the battery, then wash it separately. You should rinse any water and oil left inside the diffuser at this stage.

2. Pour vinegar and water into the diffuser

Fill your diffuser with water and add a tsp of white vinegar. You can use detergent if you don’t have vinegar.

3. Turn your diffuser on

It might sound amazing, but the next step is to reconnect your diffuser to its power source! Then, let the vinegar run over the diffuser for around three to five minutes to clean out any obstructions.

4. Drain the water or vinegar solutions

Then unplug or detach the diffuser from the power source. Finally, pour the residue into the sink or toilet.

5. Wipe the chamber

Then wipe down all parts inside the diffuser with a cotton pad soaked in a bit more vinegar. Rub until no oil is left. 

6. Rinse the chamber

Reassemble the diffuser after rinsing away all the vinegar.

7. Wipe the outer

Be sure to dry all the outside areas using a dry towel. Then reattach the power source.

If you don’t have pure white vinegar, you can use cleaner or rubbing alcohol to wipe down the diffuser, but skip steps 2-4!

Very Little Diffusion

3. Very Little Diffusion

When the diffusion is weaker or lower than usual, we recommend that you follow the steps below:

  • Keeping your diffuser clean will not only prevent bitter smells when the following essential oil is diffused but also maintain the device’s optimal performance).
  • Use filtered, tap, or spring water (distilled water may affect diffusion).
  • Check the water level (it is often recommended to fill the tank slightly below the extreme fill line).
  • Ensure that the fan vents are not blocked (you can do this by positioning the diffuser on a hard surface);
  • Make sure the water level sensor is clean and unobstructed, then unplug the device, wait a few minutes, fill it up, and restart it.

4. Water in the diffuser is hot; the level is high

Diffusers overfill with water when this happens.

  • Disconnect and turn off the diffuser.
  • Let the diffuser cool down after emptying it.
  • Restart the diffuser once the water level has been filled up to the correct level
  • Overfilling has impaired the diffuser, so it needs to be repaired if it does not start.

5. Water in the diffuser is hot, and the level is normal

There may be congestion in the fan ingestion.

  • Remove any cloth or towel placed under the diffuser
  • Remove any fur or hair trapped in the fan blades
  • Unplug and turn off the diffuser, then let it cool.
  • Restart the diffuser after filling it to the correct level
  • The diffuser needs to be repaired if it does not start up.

6. The light indicators flash, but the diffuser does not turn on

Diffusers should be run on a level, hard surface. Do not place them on a towel or soft surface that would limit the airflow.

  • Clean the unit.
  • Plug the diffuser back in, refill if needed, and reconnect.
  • Use only filtered water, tap water, or spring water. Do not use distilled water, as this disturbs diffusion.
Light indicators flash, but the diffuser doesn't start

Why is my diffuser not misting? 

It will be easier for the diffuser to mist if you use warm water instead of cold.

● If you place the oil diffuser on a hard surface, it will be able to mist suitably. Moreover, do not place the diffuser next to the fan or air vent; this will prevent the mist from being blown away.

● To avoid pouring extra water into the diffuser, keep the water level below the extreme line.

● As the diffuser is fairly sensitive, frequent cleaning is required to maintain high-performance levels. If you don’t clean the diffuser frequently, minerals or essential oils will accumulate, clogging the ultrasonic plate.

The diffuser beeps twice and turns off

You might need to clean your diffuser if the water in the diffuser vaporizes too quickly due to insufficient oil in it. It can happen if you have run out of oil or the water has been sitting too long in the diffuser.

Diffuser misting but not coming out

If the diffuser does not work, you should first check it’s plugged in correctly. The diffuser mist may not be coming out if it isn’t plugged in, so make sure there is power coming from the source. The unit might also have trouble misting due to mineral or oil buildup.

Diffuser leaking water from the bottom

Mineral or oil accumulation might cause the diffuser to spit water. However, when the diffuser is cleaned, it will work properly and stop spitting water. For instance, a diffuser might spit water rather than mist if the water is too cold.

Diffuser leaking water from bottom

How do I reset my diffuser?

Clean your unit. Unplug, fill up if needed, reconnect, and turn the diffuser on again.


When it comes to essential oils, diffusers are very useful. However, you must also keep them clean and maintain them regularly to ensure they don’t become damaged. In this article, you have learned how to clean your diffuser efficiently and use it properly to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my Essential Oil diffuser work anymore? 

When you find your diffuser not working correctly, you should first safely evaluate whether you have plugged it in properly and the outlet is giving out power. Then, if the problem continues, check the fan motor; the diffuser might be on an uneven surface, or the water level might be too low.

How do you unclog a diffuser?

Run the diffuser for 5-10 minutes with plain water and one teaspoon of white vinegar. Afterward, the vinegar dissolves all substances, and the reservoir is completely empty again.

How do I fix my diffuser not misting?

Ensure the unit is placed on a hard, flat surface. Do not place it on something soft such as a towel, that might absorb the ultrasonic shakings. Also, ensure the unit does not sit directly under an air vent or fan that may disperse the mist.

How often should I clean my diffuser?

The diffuser must be cleaned after every use when you change the oils. Then, depending on how often you use it, you must clean the diffuser monthly to remove dust and buildup.

Can I use tap water in my diffuser?

The quality of tap water versus diffused water is under debate. Maximum diffuser recommendations recommend tap water as an alternative to distilled water because it contains minerals that enhance essential oil dispersion.

How do you fix a broken diffuser? 

The fan is one of the most critical parts of an oil diffuser. It is the item that moves the water mist out of the diffuser and throughout your house.

The fan of your oil diffuser may malfunction if it still operates but does not disperse the water vapor it produces. You can buy replacement fans for some high-end electric oil diffusers; however, in most cases, if this happens, it is easier to buy a new diffuser. 

Why is my diffuser spitting out water?

The diffuser may be spitting water because oil or minerals have built up inside. You should clean it regularly to prevent spitting water. Too cold water might not cause the diffuser to spit mist.