How to replace cantilever umbrella parts: Fix it yourself

replacement part cantilever umbrella parts diagram

The day you realize your cantilever umbrella is broken can be very stressful. You may not have any tools on hand to fix it, and the cost of buying a new one could be prohibitive. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to replace the parts of your broken cantilever umbrella on your own with the help of a few tools you might already have around the house. You can also find a replacement part cantilever umbrella parts diagram online.

How do you repair a patio umbrella?

Here we will walk you through the steps in repairing and fixing a broken umbrella, including taking the basic fix-it process step by step.

1. How to Replace Umbrella String?

Look for the broken string on the umbrella. It is common for the string to break, but it may also have cracked somewhere else. Avoid opening the umbrella, if possible, so you do not unintentionally pull the string from the pole.

  • Remove the screws or bolts holding the crank housing to the handle. 
  • Keep the screws and bolts aside, so they don’t get lost. Then, to reveal its interior, remove the crank housing separately.
  • Connect the end of the old string with the end of the new cord; thus, they are linked. Slowly remove the old string from the pole, and replace it with the new string. 
  • As the new cord is in place, cut off the old string. 
  • Make a knot between the two ends of the new string. Use an ignite match. 
  • Ensure the cord guidelines are guided over holes before reattaching the string.
  • Replacing bolts and screws and tightening them until they are secure will reassemble the crank housing. 
  • Then, turn the crank to raise and lower it to check the umbrella.

If everything works, as usual, the replacement is successful.

How to Repair a Patio Umbrella

2. How to Sew a Patio Umbrella?

Umbrellas commonly break when material comes loose at the end of a spoke. It can be quickly repaired if you have a little sewing skill. However, it may be more likely that the thread holding the material towards the spoke has broken rather than the material itself.

Use nylon thread or another water-resistant thread to thread your needle twice. After the repair is completed, bend over the last few millimeters of loose material, allowing the canopy just enough laxness to open the umbrella fully. 

3. How to Fix Broken Umbrella Cord?

You can locate the worn or broken umbrella cord by opening the umbrella and tracing the damaged area. 

  • The retaining rings should be removed from the crank or windy bolt. Knife blades can be inserted between the crank and retentive ring to remove retaining rings properly.
  • To lose the ring, push on it. First, the ring of the windy device can be pushed with a screwdriver by applying force. Next, the outside part of the device must be removed from the crank by unbolting it with a screwdriver. Then slowly pull the ring and remove it.
  • Disconnect the umbrella’s cord completely. Cables will run inside or outside, depending on the pole.
  • You must insert the new cord into the pickup tool’s end. The cord can then be threaded over the pole or the rings outside the pole using the pickup tool. The tools are available at most lawn-care stores.
  • Make sure the cord is tied to the umbrella’s ring. Ensure that the knot is strong.
  • Thread the cord over the hole in the crank with the pickup tool. A cord length of about 8-10 inches should be threaded over the hole and tied toward the crank. On the crank, place the knot in the hole.
  • With a screwdriver, tighten the rings and outside housing on the crank. Then, reattach the retentive rings to the crank with a screwdriver.
How to Fix Broken Umbrella Cord

4. How to Fix Leaning Umbrella Pole?

Cracked Pole: Fill the crack with a small amount of wood adhesive. Put the two sides of the crack back into their original position. Remove any extra adhesive from the surface. Use some gorilla tape to cover the cracked parts of the pole. Make sure both sides of the crack are firmly locked together. Before unclamping, let it dry. 

Using a utility knife, apply filler to the tip of the broken pole and spread it cautiously around the broken area. Ensure that all fibers are covered with filler and that the surface is even. Ensure that the pole is securely clamped and allow it to dry. 

Rotten Wood: Using a small paintbrush, apply the wood hardener to the exposed rotten area and let it dry. To repair the damaged area, apply wood filler until the pole’s surface is level. Let the filler dry overnight.  

5. LED Light Patio Umbrellas

 It is possible to combine outdoor umbrellas with LED lighting systems to illuminate outdoor spaces, such as gardens and decks. The set can be remotely adjusted using a wireless remote control by combining dynamic white LED. LED lighting systems rely on temperature regulation to create brighter or dimmer light and light color.

The most common troubleshooting problem is that the light does not turn on when the umbrella is opened. The solution would be first to ensure that the lights are installed properly and then check and ensure that the power outlet is working. 

If there is no light, this usually indicates a defective switch or connection somewhere in your electrical box or cord. Check them individually, and if the problem persists, replace them.

LED Light Patio Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrella crank replacement parts

One of the best ways to replace a crank is to order patio umbrella parts. Replacement options for patio umbrellas range from new cranks to whole new pulley systems. 

It may be necessary to order replacement modules even if the umbrella’s pulleys and strings are intact. However, this allows you to replace most of the parts that are prone to failure.

Cantilever umbrella cranks replacement parts list; 

Main parts
The shaft 
The canopy 
The ribs
The stretchers

Many companies sell replacement parts such as crank handles and screws. If the part is not available, you can purchase a new umbrella.

This can be purchased at online stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and most of the home improvement brick-and-mortar stores.


Before purchasing cantilever umbrella replacement parts or making a replacement, consult your owner’s manual. As long as you are the initial purchaser and the warranty is still valid, you can usually get new cantilever parts at no charge. This guide has covered everything you need to know about cantilever umbrella replacement to fix it yourself. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the crank on a patio umbrella?

Yes, you can replace the crank on a patio umbrella.

How do you replace a cantilever umbrella?

Whether you intend to take your patio umbrella separately to give it a comprehensive cleaning, store it for a move to another position or swap it with a new umbrella, this job can be done in as few minutes. Whether using a cantilever umbrella or not, this is a DIY project you can do without a professional. 

How many sections does an umbrella have?

An umbrella has three main parts: the shank, the canopy, and the handle. A canopy is the part of an umbrella that spreads out and protects the user from the rain and sun. A canopy is made by stretching material through metal ribs. For the canopy, it serves as a frame.

What is a ferrule on an umbrella?

The ferrule is at the top of the umbrella, above the canopy. Plain and ornate ferrules can be used as walking sticks or weapons. However, remember that most modern umbrellas are not designed as walking sticks, canes, or weapons.

What are the parts of an umbrella called?

Although umbrellas are similar in basic modules, including a pole, ribs, base, material, hub, and other mechanisms to lift, close, tilt or rotate. It is sometimes necessary to replace these parts on a cantilever umbrella.

Can cantilever umbrellas be repaired?

A cantilever umbrella is not invulnerable to damage, and the umbrella could break if the support arms are not properly maintained. Therefore, you could save money by repairing a damaged cantilever umbrella rather than buying a new one. 

Additionally, repairing an umbrella DIY can be a fun and challenging project. You can quickly fix the most common umbrella problems using some elementary tools and patience.