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ps5 flashing blue

Looking for some answers to the flashing blue light on your Ps5? This article has got you covered! We’ll discuss what it means, why it happens, and how you can stop it from happening again. So let’s get started and learn why the Ps5 is flashing blue!

Blinking Blue Light and Black Screen on Ps5? How to Fix It

Generally, the blinking blue light in the middle of the console indicates that the console is frozen due to software corruption. As a result, you might need to troubleshoot beforehand, concluding that your Ps5 is defective.

The topmost lights on PS5 turn blue when you switch it on, then turn white when the system boots up. Ps5 blue light flashing and not turning white indicates a frozen console. You will see the PS logo for a moment before it disappears, revealing a black screen with a blue flashing light without loading the home screen. 

Follow the troubleshooting steps below when this occurs.

Blinking Blue Light and Black Screen on PS5? How to Fix It

1. Unplug Your Console And Reboot It

This may be a temporary malfunction, so you should initially shut down the system and reboot it. Next, press and hold Power to turn off Ps5. After hearing two beeps, release the key.

With an analog Ps5, you’ll find the power key adjacent to the bottom. Unfortunately, there is no disc slot on the digital Ps5; it simply has one key. Therefore, you must wait 60 seconds after unplugging the power cable from your Ps5. Next, reconnect the power cable to your system and press the Power key to restart the system.

If your console displays a flashing blue light afterward, you should unplug it immediately. As a result, if you are experiencing this issue, Sony recommends that you perform a hard shutdown.

In addition, you should wait until the blue light begins to flicker. Some users report the system repairing itself after waiting 20 minutes on a black screen.

2. Turn off Nearby Bluetooth Devices

Ensure all Bluetooth devices near you are turned off. Turning off these devices means the Ps5 and controller will not interfere with Bluetooth signals. In addition, you must check for controller updates if the Ps5 controller keeps blinking blue or if the Ps5 remote keeps flashing blue.

3. Restart the console through the safe mode

To boot your console into safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the power key on the front panel to turn off the console
  • After the console has been turned off, press and hold the power key again, then release it; you will hear the second beep approximately 7 seconds after the first.
  • Connect the controller to the USB cable (you must use the cable).
  • Press the PS key on the controller and click the command on the screen. 
  • The safe mode menu will appear when you click the PS key.
  • In the menu, click ‘Restart Ps5’.
  • Restarting the console will fix the flashing blue light problem.
Restart the console through the safe mode

4. Update the System Software in Safe Mode

When these troubleshooting methods fail, you must use Ps5’s Safe Mode by accessing the advanced utilities that will fix issues like the blinking light.

  • Press + hold the Power key on Ps5 till you hear two beeps. 
  • Next, press the PS Key while the prompt appears and connect your controller with the USB cable shortly after.
  • On the next screen, you can choose from various options in an easy-to-navigate menu. 
  • For example, if you want to check for and install the latest update for your Ps5, you must first select Update System Software access, then select Update via the internet to check and download the newest update.

5. Clear the Cache and Rebuild the Database

Once the Ps5 has been booted to safe mode, connect the controller to the console using HDMI cables

  • Select option 5-Clear Cache + Rebuild Database. 
  • Then press “Clear System Software Cache.”
  • It removes unnecessary temporary files from the console memory. If the problem persists afterward completing this phase, reboot the console. 
  • Then go back to safe mode, select option five once more, and select the Rebuild database. 
  • If the system still does not boot up + continues blinking blue lights, try the next step after the database reconstructs.

6. Change Video Output Options

Once the console has been booted into safe mode, select option 2- Change Video Output. Select Auto mode allows the console to set the best video resolution for your desktop or television.

Change Video Output Options

7. Update PS5 system software:

Sony releases system software updates for the PlayStation consoles, and a system software update typically contains bug fixes or else other improvements. Consequently, it is always suggested to keep your system software latest.

Method 1: Update PS5 via Settings

You can try this technique if you have access to Settings and your Ps5 is connected to the Internet.

  1. On the Home display of the Ps5 console, choose the Settings icon.
  2. Go to System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.
  3. Choose Update Using Internet > Update > OK to start the procedure. After that, you simply have to wait for the procedure to be completed.

Method 2: Update PS5 via a USB Flash Drive

You can also download the Ps5 update file from the authorized PlayStation website and install it in Ps5 Safe Mode using a USB flash drive. 

Note: Your Ps5 console may not identify the USB flash drive if the USB flash drive is not formatted with the FAT32 file system.

8. Reset Your PS5

If none of the above fixes work, reinstall the Ps5 software. You can choose “Reset Ps5 ” from the safe boot menu.

Restart your Ps5 and make sure you no longer see the flashing blue light. Make a backup of your data before executing this step.

9. Contact Sony Support

If none of the above approaches have worked for you, the best course of action is to contact Sony Support..

Contact Sony Support

Ps5 flashing blue then white

Symptoms of a frozen console include only blinking white lights or blue lights that do not change to solid white. You can troubleshoot your console by unplugging it. Then, restart the console by plugging it back in and waiting 60 seconds.

Ps5 blinking blue light no safe mode

There is a possibility that your Ps5 isn’t booting into safe mode due to wiring. It could also happen if you use an HDMI splitter or connect to a game capture card. Furthermore, the Ps5 isn’t booting into safe mode if it has been bricked.

Ps5 blinking orange

The orange light on the Ps5  means the console is in rest mode.

Ps5 turns on then off instantly

Ps5 games can cause the console to overheat. When the Ps5 overheats, it spontaneously shuts down to prevent hardware failure.

How to Avoid the Blinking Light PS5 Error in the Future

How to Avoid the Blinking Light PS5 Error in the Future?

This issue appears to occur after a crash when the Ps5 starts up. There is a possibility that this could happen to your PlayStation 5 when it is in Rest Mode. The best way to prevent this problem from recurring is to quit employing Rest Mode.

Consider other factors that may have contributed to the Ps5’s incorrect shutdown. For example, consider purchasing a backup power supply when you face recurring power outages. 


Here, we’ve outlined everything from how to reset your console to common issues that can cause the blue light to start blinking on your PlayStation 5. Hopefully, by following our tips, you’ll be able to get your PlayStation back up and running as quickly as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the blinking blue light of death on Ps5?

The SONY recommendation for fixing the flashing blue light is to shut down your system and reboot it. Then, hold down the power key on your console until you hear two beeps, then release it.

Why does my Ps5 flash blue and not turn on?

Ps5 consoles typically flash blue when turned on, then switch to white light, indicating they are working correctly. However, the console will not turn on normally if the blue light keeps flashing.

Can the blue light of death be fixed?

Yes. It can be fixed.

How do you hard reset a PS5?

If you want to factory reset your PS5, you have a few options. To access these options, navigate to the Home Display and select Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options.

Why does my Ps5 keep crashing?

Many of these problems are software related, such as incorrect installation or update of games or conflicts between two different games/apps. However, some are hardware related, such as faulty hard drives.

How to turn off Ps5?

You can turn off your PlayStation 5 when you are finished using it by:
1. Press the PS Button, and Power > Turn Off PlayStation 5. 
2. It is possible to prevent your PlayStation 5 from driving into Rest Mode following a duration of dormancy by going to Settings > System > Power Saving > Set Time Until Ps5 Enters Rest Mode to prevent this from happening. 
3. For both fields, select Don’t Put in Rest Mode.