Uniden phone troubleshooting guide

uniden phone troubleshoot

The Uniden phone is an outstanding cordless phone that is highly recommended nowadays. It provides us with a hassle-free, clear-cut calling experience. Have you ever had any problems with the phone and thought about how to resolve them?

It is possible to experience operating problems, sound-related issues, charging-related issues, etc. Here is a Uniden Phone troubleshooting guide to help you. If you are looking for a solution, scroll down to the bottom.

Troubleshooting a Uniden Cordless Phone

Knowing what things you need before you begin Uniden Phone troubleshooting is important. Here are some things to consider:

1. Base Unit Not Working

Ensure the base unit’s AC adapter is hooked directly into the wall outlet and not into a power strip or extension cord. Next, plug the AC adapter into an empty electrical socket to check if the base unit is working.

Before connecting the AC adapter to the base unit, disconnect other appliances from the wall outlet. Check to see if the main unit is working now.

The problem may be with the outlet itself if the base unit still won’t turn on after 25 seconds without the AC adapter. The base unit should be tested for functionality when the AC adapter is plugged back into the wall.

You can access the battery compartment by flipping the phone over. 

  • To remove the battery, raise the battery pack, press down on the connector’s side, and carefully pull the wire connector away from the phone’s circuit board. 
  • Try unplugging the AC adapter and waiting 30 minutes before reconnecting the cord to the base and wall jack if your phone is acting up. 
  • Factory reset has been performed on the phone.
  • Plug the phone back into the wall or the base unit after replacing the battery. 
  • Before using your Uniden cordless phone, wait at least 20 to 25 hours after charging the handset.
Phone's “Status Light” Not Illuminating or Battery Failing to Charge

2. Phone’s “Status Light” Not Illuminating or Battery Failing to Charge

Ensure that the AC adapter is inserted securely into the base and the wall outlet.

To charge the battery, ensure the handset is securely seated in the base unit holder, and the “Status Light” is on. If the battery in your Uniden cordless phone needs to be replaced, you can purchase a new one from an electronics retailer or Uniden directly. 

Open the battery cover by flipping over the handset. Then, simply raise the battery pack, press down on the connector, and pull it away from the phone’s circuit board to remove the battery’s wire connector. Putting in a battery is exactly the same as taking it out.

3. Audio Problems and Calls Disconnecting

To resolve problems with your Uniden cordless phone, move the handset or base unit to an area free of electrical appliances and metal objects.

Changing channels can be done by pressing the “Channel” button on the phone’s keypad. Static and other audio problems can be fixed by pressing the “Channel” button.

You can charge the battery by placing the handset in the handset holder on the base unit if your Uniden cordless phone is not ringing or calls are suddenly dropping.

My Uniden handset is not working, and no dial tone

4. My Uniden handset is not working, and no dial tone

In most cases, the phone does not work because the battery cannot be charged. Check that the phone is fully seated in the base unit and that the wall adapter is connected to the wall. If this does not fix the problem of not being able to turn on the phone, it may be necessary to replace the battery.

No dial tone can be resolved by following these steps:

  • Ensure the base unit telephone line cord is connected to both ends.
  • Ensure the AC Adapter is inserted into the Base Unit and the wall outlet.
  • Battery connections should be checked on your handset.
  • It is recommended to disconnect the AC adapter for several minutes before reconnecting it and turning on the power.

5. Uniden Model EX 14560 Ringer off and how to put the ringer on?

You can adjust your phone’s volume and ring tone by selecting from five different combinations.

To choose the ringer:

1. Press the [vol//] button while the phone is in standby mode.

2. Depending on the ringtone being played, the volume of the phone will vary. You can change the tone of the ringer by selecting RINGER OFF.

3. Press the end button when the phone has begun to ring with the tone and volume you prefer.

6. Disconnects incoming calls after one ring

If you are experiencing this issue, you may have a short in your line. First, check your line with your local telephone company. When something like this occurs, you might want to check other phones to see if they have a dial tone (DT). 

The problem may be with your cordless phone if you don’t have DT. Disconnect it and let it charge overnight. The battery in the cordless model should be replaced if the problem persists.

7. A red message light is blinking on my Uniden phone

The problem occurs due to an interrupted dial tone that MessageBank causes. The flashing light can be stopped by resetting the VMVI, but the intermittent dial tone may remain.

When you are done listening to the MessageBank, press the “5” button to erase the message that informs you “did not leave a message.” The dial tone and light will return to normal now.

I can barely hear the person on the other end of the line

7. I can barely hear the person on the other end of the line

If the phone has a slider volume control, quickly move the control up and down several times so a better connection can be made. Make sure the volume is set to a high level on the phone. 

Try plugging a different phone into the same phone jack to rule out the possibility of a faulty line; if the problem persists, the line is faulty. It is likely that something inside the phone has been damaged, corrupted, or dirty if it is older or dropped multiple times. 

Dismantle the phone, check for broken solder connections, disconnected wires, etc., and repair or replace the phone if the line or jack is good.

8. One of my handsets has locked up

  • Press and hold the star button, which is located in the bottom left corner of the numeric keypad.
  • Wait until you hear the beep.
  • To lock it, follow the same steps.

9. I’m getting interference/static on my calls

If the problem occurs only on that phone, there must be a problem with a particular phone.

The first step in diagnosing the noise is to determine whether the problem is with the phone line, the phone line socket, the Uniden base station, or the phone itself if only one phone is connected. Next, unplug any devices connected to the phone line, including modems.

Simply pick up the receiver and dial number 1, interrupting the dial tone sound. When the line is strong, there shouldn’t be much background noise. There will be noise if there is a problem with the line (or the socket).

The issue likely is either with the cord connection at the Uniden base station or with the Uniden base station itself. Pay attention to how the static and noise change as you move the phone plug around in the socket.

If the noise does not decrease, the line may have a problem. Call your phone company and ask them to check your line.

I'm getting interference/static on my calls

10. My caller ID isn’t working

Check to see if your Caller ID service is working correctly. When you call Dect 6.0 from your mobile phone, check whether the Caller ID information is displayed.

You don’t need to respond. However, according to the user manual, you may need to switch the line mode if the number displays on the screen before disappearing. Customer Service can provide more information.

You can also access Uniden’s Caller ID troubleshooting guide through this URL.


Caller ID is a paid service provided by the phone company, so if no number appears after you have completed all your checks, contact the phone company.

11. My display reads “no link to base.”

Either the antenna on the base station is not receiving, the cordless handset is not broadcasting, or the sets have never been registered to the base station. You should unplug the base station if the problem is with the base station or the handset. 

Remove the batteries from all cordless sets after they have been assembled. Battery replacement should be performed after the sets are idle for 15 seconds and their batteries have been completely drained.

Plug in the base station and wait for approximately one minute after ensuring each cordless set is operational. To continue functioning properly, the base station must reestablish its connection with the cordless sets.

 My display reads “no link to base

How do you reset a Uniden phone?

Here are the steps to reset the device:

Step 1

You can access the “Deregistration” submenu by tapping the “Menu” key. Press the “OK” button once you’re there. Select “Yes” when prompted with “Are you sure?” and then click “OK” to confirm.

Step 2

Now you should be back at the main menu. For at least five seconds, press and hold the “Call” button along with the “#” key.

Step 3

Watch the screen until “DEREGISTER HS” appears. When prompted, select “Deregister” for the device. Next, press “OK” on your keypad to confirm that you want to deregister the phone. Then, wait patiently while the phone reboots.

Step 4

Place the handset on top of the Uniden phone’s base. Upon registering the device, you may hear a tone or sequence of beeps that confirm the registration.


We have just covered the basics of Uniden Phone troubleshooting. However, there are many reasons why your Uniden phone may stop working, including technical issues, software malfunctions, and power issues. 

You can efficiently resolve the problems if you are familiar with the troubleshooting process. Hopefully, you’ll find this article helpful in solving your Uniden phone problems. Thanks for reading!


Why is my Uniden phone not working?

Several reasons can be behind it. Such as:
1. Dead Battery
2. Hardware Issue
3. Software Issue
4. Power source problem

What would cause the phone not to have a dial tone?

1. Your dial tone is not set
2. Low volume
3. The power cord is not connected properly.

Should you leave your cordless phone on the charger all the time?

No. After the device’s batteries have been fully charged, leaving the handset on the charger will not negatively affect its batteries. Likewise, leaving it connected to the charging dock is not dangerous when the handset is not in use. 

How long do Uniden batteries last?

The average battery life for these devices is between five and six hours. Some models have a marginally longer battery life than others.

Why does my Uniden phone say searching?

Your cordless phone will display “Searching,” “Base,” or “Range Out” if it has lost its connection to its base.