Acer Monitor Won’t Turn On

Acer monitor won't turn on

Acer is one of the best-performing laptop brands in the market. However, many users complain about the Acer laptop monitor not turning on. If you’re one of those users wondering why your Acer monitor won’t turn on, this troubleshooting guide should help you fix these and other problems.

Acer Monitor Won’t Turn on After Power Outage

Although Acer monitors turn off during power outages, they should turn on as soon as the lights are back.


Try plugging the power cord directly into the socket if they don’t. The monitor will likely flash a light, indicating it’s receiving power. If it still doesn’t work, plug it into a different socket.

Acer Predator Monitor Won’t Turn On

This problem is pretty common with new Acer Predator monitors, and the best way to solve it is to perform a battery reset. There could be a problem with the firmware, and a battery reset may solve the problem.


To do it, press the power button and hold it for 15 seconds to perform a soft reset on the system. Then release the power button and press the key again to turn it back on. If your device has a battery pinhole, reset it at the bottom by inserting a paper clip and holding the button for five seconds.

Acer Monitor Light Blinking But Won’t Turn On

The problem could be the cable connection.


It would help if you disconnected all the cables from the monitor, pressed the power button for 15 seconds, and released it. Then reconnect the power cable and turn on the monitor. The monitor should power up in a few minutes if the monitor shines a light.

Acer Monitor Won’t Turn On After Power Outage, Blue Light On

The problem indicates that the monitor doesn’t have an adequate power supply.


The power cable may be worn out or defective and must be replaced.

Second Acer Monitor Won’t Turn On

If your second Acer monitor isn’t working, it probably can’t support the pixel count, color depth, or interface options.


Check if the display drivers can handle the secondary monitor. If they can, restart the monitor to close processes that could interfere with its performance.

Acer 43 4K Monitor Won’t Turn On

If your Acer 43 4K Monitor won’t turn on:


Check the signal cable to see if they’re connected securely. They may have come loose, causing your 4K monitor not to turn on. While at it, check the cables for frayed wires or bends that may make them faulty and replace them.

Acer s202hl Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes your Acer s202hl monitor needs a factory reset to get it working.


Press the OSD button to activate the menu displaying various monitor settings. Press and hold the menu button, and choose the System Setup option. Then select the prompt to restore the monitor to factory settings by clicking the Yes button.

Acer Computer Monitor Won’t Turn On Blinking Orange Light

The blinking orange light indicates that the monitor isn’t receiving a signal. It may have power, but if it isn’t connected to the computer, it blinks an orange light.


Shut it down and restart it to allow it to receive the signal.

Acer 9271ML Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the circuit board or the capacitor might be defective.


Turn off the monitor, check the parts for defects or cracks, and replace them.

Acer 23-Inch Monitor Won’t Turn On

The settings on the monitor may need to be adjusted. Here’s how you do it:


Check if the VGA (the connection between the monitor and the computer) has a connection problem by pressing the menu/auto button in front of the monitor.

Acer XFA240 Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the screen hardly displays any options after pressing the menu/ auto buttons.


If that’s the case with your xfa240 monitor, you may need to replace it.

Acer s230hl 23-Inch Monitor Won’t Turn On

The monitor settings might be visible after pressing the menu/auto buttons, but the monitor will still not display the output. This means there’s a problem with the VGA input.


Inspect the cable to ensure the pins are secure, and it goes all the way into the computer and the back of the monitor.

Acer XFA240 Monitor Won’t Turn On

Dated, corrupt, or drivers that haven’t been installed properly can cause your Acer xfa240 monitor to go black.


The best way to fix the problem is to reset the graphic card driver or reinstall it.

Acer s230hl 23-Inch Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) on your s230hl 23-inch monitor is faulty and needs updating.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Type msinfo32
  3. Check the existing BIOS version
  4. Download the updated BIOS version from the Acer website
  5. Transfer and save the file to the USB drive
  6. Upload the updated BIOS system on your device

Acer al2216w Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the monitor is just dirty and needs a little dusting. Dust particles may clog the vents from the power compartment causing the monitor not to turn on.


You must remove the casing using a screwdriver and blow off the debris with a blower or hair dryer. Then wipe it with a lint-free fabric and put the case back.

Acer Monitor Power Light Blinks Yellow and Blue, Won’t Turn On

Your laptop may develop a discharged system causing the monitor not to turn on. A telltale sign of this problem is when the battery or the AC adapter is not working, and the light blinks yellow and blue.


Check the adapter by connecting it to another device

  1. Remove the battery and check it for hardware problems
  2. Charge the battery
  3. Connect the battery and the adapter back and turn on the monitor

Acer LED Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes you’re not sure if the LED monitor is faulty or there’s a problem with the firmware. To verify the root cause of the problem, test your LED monitor with an external monitor. If the external monitor works correctly, there’s a problem with the screen, not the firmware.


  1. Connect the laptop/computer to the external monitor
  2. See if the screen displays on the external monitor
  3. If not, press F4 until an image is displayed
  1. If the external monitor displays an image, check the graphics driver
  2. If it’s dated, install an updated version matching your Acer model

Acer LCD Monitor Won’t Turn On

You may have connected the wrong input cable to the monitor. Acer laptops usually use HDMI, VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort display cables, and you must connect the right one to the input button.


  1. Identify the suitable display cable
  2. Check the input button (usually in front, at the side, or the bottom)
  3. Connect the display cable to the correct input option

My Acer x193h Monitor Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the monitor needs a simple screen resolution adjustment to turn on. The monitor could be blurry, discolored, or distorted.


Check the display settings and if the resolution is incorrect, adjust it.

Acer p186h Monitor Won’t Turn On

One reason your Acer p186h monitor won’t turn on is fitting a bad cable. It could be extremely long or poorly shielded hence prone to interference.


Be sure to buy one from a trusted manufacturer to avoid reoccurrence.

Acer 21.5 Monitor Won’t Turn On

You may want to try connecting the cable to a different port on the PC, your Acer 21.5 monitor, or both to determine a faulty port.


If the computer doesn’t have a compatible port, connect the monitor to another device to find out if it’s working and identify the problem.

Acer h233h Monitor Won’t Turn On

If the monitor uses different input interfaces, check the input settings to ensure the correct one is selected on the monitor’s on-screen menu.


If your monitor doesn’t have an auto-detect feature, you may need to connect it manually.

Acer 24’’ 144hz Monitor Won’t Turn On

If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate a monitor that runs at 144hz. If it’s not turning on, it could be that the computer is set at a lower resolution and must be adjusted manually by:


  1. Clicking start> Settings> System
  2. Open display adapter properties and the monitor tab
  3. Find the right refresh rate (144 Hz) and select

Acer Monitor b286hk Won’t Turn On Blinking Blue Light

Sometimes a power reset is all your Acer Monitor b286hk needs to get back up and running.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Disconnect the monitor from the power outlet
  2. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect the monitor to the power outlet

Acer Monitor No Signal

Acer monitors are known for displaying a ‘no signal’ error. It could be your RAM (Random Access Memory) sticks aren’t connecting properly. To fix this problem, you must remove, reorder, and reseat the RAM sticks.


You need to turn off the computer and remove the power cord from the power outlet. Then open the PC unit and remove the RAM sticks. Lastly, reorder the sticks and reset their respective RAM seats.

Acer Monitor Not Turning On, No Light

There’s a good chance that a virus has attacked the system’s disk and turned your screen black.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look for a reliable antivirus software
  2. Scan the hard drive to detect the virus and remove it
  3. Format the hard drive to remove any remaining virus

Acer Nitro Monitor Not Turning On

If all these remedies haven’t solved the problem, it means your Acer Nitro monitor is faulty. If you’ve used it for an extended period, it might be time to replace it. It might develop cracks in the images, colored lines, and black or colored points denoting the panel is damaged and needs to be replaced.

This troubleshooting guide goes a long way in helping you power your Acer monitor back on. If you can’t execute some solutions, enlist the help of an expert.