AeroGarden Troubleshooting Guide  

aerogarden troubleshooting

You envisioned a bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs when you bought your AeroGarden, but your indoor hydroponic garden isn’t producing like you thought it would. 

The good news is that, with a little troubleshooting, you may be able to reset your AeroGarden or make other fixes. You’ll soon have a bumper crop of gourmet lettuce, beans, basil, thyme, and other fresh herbs and vegetables.

So if you are an aspiring indoor gardener with questions like “Why my Aerogarden is not working” or “How do I clean my Aerogarden pump,” this AeroGarden troubleshooting guide is here to assist you.

Aerogarden Is Not Working (Troubleshoot and Fix)

If you’re having problems with your AeroGarden, the first step is identifying the source of trouble. Here is a list of common Aerogarden issues and their solutions.

1. A Clogged AeroGarden  

Over time, your AeroGarden filter can become clogged with plant roots, algae, and other organic matter, preventing water from circulating. Unplug your AeroGarden and remove the grow deck and plants to fix this problem. Place them in water to keep the roots hydrated.   

Empty the reservoir and remove the black square sponge filter. Remove any plant material and rinse the filter. Prepare a cleaning solution of ¼ cup bleach to a water tank or 5 cups of distilled white vinegar. 

Plug the AeroGarden back in and let the pump run for about five minutes to clean the system. Empty the system and rinse all components well. Clean the grow deck and put the AeroGarden together again.   

A Clogged AeroGarden  

2. AeroGarden Is Not Bubbling  

Not all AeroGarden models bubble. If you have an AeroGarden with an airstone bubbler that’s not bubbling, clean the airstone with water and a soft brush. You can also use vinegar to clean the airstone. The absence of bubbles can also indicate a problem with tubing or the AeroGarden pump.   

3. AeroGarden Pump Is Not Working  

Unless your AeroGarden has lost power or has a broken pump, the reason why an AeroGarden pump stops working is an obstruction in its impeller. Cleaning your AeroGarden thoroughly during each water change will prevent obstructions from forming.  

Aerogarden Harvest Elite Pump Not Working

The Aerogarden Harvest models operate slightly differently. If the pump is not working in your Harvest model, you need to test it by pressing and holding the “Select” button for 3 seconds. By lifting the deck, check to see if water is coming out of the pump connector tube. If there is no water coming out of the tube during test mode, contact Aerogarden support. 

AeroGarden Pump Is Not Working  

4. AeroGarden Buttons Are Not Working  

Often the cause of AeroGarden buttons not working is a damaged button control panel. To troubleshoot this program, try unplugging your AeroGarden for a few minutes and then plug it back into a different outlet. 

You can also try to reset your AeroGarden by holding down the OK button for three seconds, releasing, hitting the OK button again, and then quickly releasing again.   

You can also try pressing the OK button three times quickly if the other reset methods do not work. If you continue to have button issues, contact AeroGarden support for help and possibly a replacement for your button panel or AeroGarden unit.   

5. Unclog the AeroGarden Sprout  

This little three-pod AeroGarden, the smallest model, can still get a large clog if it’s not cleaned regularly. Remove the dirt and debris that may clog its airstone bubbler with fresh water and a soft toothbrush. Cleaning with vinegar is also an option.

Unclog the AeroGarden Sprout  

6. AeroGarden Has No Power  

If your AeroGarden isn’t getting electricity, the problem could be with the outlet. Try plugging your AeroGarden into a different electrical outlet. If the problem isn’t your electrical service, contact AeroGarden support.   

7. AeroGarden LED Lights Strobing, Flashing, Flickering, or Blinking  

If your AeroGarden LED light is flashing, blinking, or operating like a disco light for your plants, try searching for the 120-volt AC that goes to the LED panel and take it apart to expose the AeroGarden power supply unit. You will then see three 25-volt capacitors that may look swollen. You could replace those with new capacitors to stop the lights from blinking.  

Persisting problems may indicate that your AeroGarden needs to replace the transformer with an appropriate adaptor. You may need to replace the LED light entirely. Contact AeroGarden customer support to find out. They can help you get replacement LED lights so your garden will be up and growing.

AeroGarden LED Lights Strobing, Flashing, Flickering, or Blinking  

8. Noisy AeroGardens  

AeroGarden owners complain that their smaller models can be noisy, but these AeroGardens can be quieted with a little troubleshooting. Check to see if there is any debris blocking the airstone bubbler. To quiet down your Aerogarden, remove the obstruction.   

Keeping your AeroGarden clean will prevent noise issues caused by debris getting into the AeroGarden impeller, a dirty filter, or a clogged aerator.

9. The AeroGarden Touchscreen Is Not Working  

It is not uncommon for the AeroGarden touchscreen to go blank. Fix this problem by power cycling the AeroGarden unit. Completely disconnect the AeroGarden from its power source so that it can reboot. If that does not restart the touchscreen, try resetting the timer. 

Contact customer support if neither of these methods works, as you may need a replacement touchscreen.   

The AeroGarden Touchscreen Is Not Working  

10. Harvest Lights Are Not Working  

Check all the connections for your AeroGarden to ensure power is getting to its harvest lights. If the AeroGarden transformer is in good condition, the LED lights likely have burst capacitors that should be replaced.

If you need additional assistance with Aerogarden Harvest troubleshooting, contact Aerogarden support.

Where is the Reset Button on AeroGarden?  

The AeroGarden reset button has a leaf icon on the base of the AeroGarden unit. This button is easy to spot and will be one you’ll often use in resetting your AeroGarden and when planting new gardens.  

Where is the Reset Button on AeroGarden

How Do I Reset My AeroGarden?  

When you want to reset your AeroGarden or start a new garden, touch the leaf button and hold your finger over it for about three seconds. The button will flash three times to indicate that the AeroGarden has been reset.  


AeroGarden customers are usually thrilled with their abundant harvest and are proud to serve their bounty at dinners with friends and family.

As long as you keep your Aerogarden parts clean, fill your Aerogarden with water, and follow the Aerogarden manual, you won’t run into any problems with it. Regular maintenance will prevent many of the problems listed here. Others may require resetting or rebooting your AeroGarden.   

If you still need assistance with anything from Aerogarden troubleshooting the lights or Aerogarden sprout troubleshooting, contact AeroGarden customer support. They’re known for friendly, helpful service and are likely to solve your AeroGarden problems or get you replacement parts or a new AeroGarden if you recently bought a damaged model.   

You’ll soon be watching your AeroGarden grow and harvest herbs and vegetables from your AeroGarden for fresh, healthy, and flavorful meals.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I know if the pump is working on my AeroGarden?

The pump in a Harvest AeroGarden runs about five minutes every hour, so it can be easy to miss it running. To test your AeroGarden pump, press and hold the select button for about three seconds. Lift the grow deck to look in the water reservoir. You will see the water from the connector tube if the pump works properly. If your pump is not running in test mode, contact customer service.   

Does the AeroGarden light need to be on all the time?

Plants aren’t in the sunshine outside 24 hours a day, so your AeroGarden light doesn’t need to be on all day. AeroGardens are designed to give plants about 16 hours of light and eight hours of “night” each day.   
Keeping that night and day schedule doesn’t matter when the lights are on or off. If you work nights, you might want your AeroGarden’s lights on at night while you’re at work and off during your daytime sleeping hours. Others like to have their AeroGardens off at night, so the lights don’t keep them from sleeping, especially if their AeroGardens are in their bedrooms.  

What happens if your AeroGarden runs out of water?

If your AeroGarden runs out of water, it will stop running. The AeroGarden Sprout has a low water shutoff safety feature that will stop the lights and pump from working if the water gets low.   
Your plants will survive without water for a while, but always remember to fill the AeroGarden water reservoir as soon as possible. Once you refill the reservoir, the LED light panel will turn on, and the pump will start running again.   

How do you unclog an AeroGarden pump?

To unclog an Aerogarden pump, use a brush and distilled white vinegar. If the pump is still not working, you may need a replacement pump.

How do I fix my AeroGarden water refill notification?

Your Aerogarden will alert you to add water if the water level is low. If your Aerogarden water level is reading incorrectly, try removing the tube in the water bowl and removing the float. Then, replace the float in the tube, and reconnect it to the base of the garden to finish resetting the indicator. 
If you were unsuccessful with Aerogarden troubleshooting the add water function, contact Aerogarden support.

How do you reset the nutrient timer on an Aerogarden?

Every 15 days or so, the add nutrient indication will appear. Press and hold the “OK/Menu” button when the add nutrient indication is on until the display clears.