AirCare Humidifier Blinking 20? Find Solutions Here

AirCare humidifier blinking 20

If you own an AirCare humidifier, you have probably figured out most of the settings. It’s a convenient appliance that senses the humidity levels in the air and gives you an accurate view of how healthy your air is. The machine can also add moisture when air levels are dry.

Like all appliances, however, the device has some puzzling numbers; if the Aircare humidifier just blinks 20, it may be for no apparent reason. Other times, it refuses to show a number at all, only giving a CF message on the small screen. 

If you’re stumped by these messages, don’t worry. There are reasons behind them, and you can fix the problem yourself. When you see a 20 or a CF message, it doesn’t mean you need to call a mechanic or replace your AirCare humidifier. Instead, check out these solutions to the issues. 

Why Is My AirCare Blinking 20?

An AirCare humidifier only reads humidity levels between 25% and 85%. This means that anything above 85% or below 20% will result in an error message on the device. It’s improbable that your air humidity will get above 85% (unless you leave your humidifier in the shower or rain). 

However, your air humidity levels will likely dip below 25%, especially if you live in dry climates. In this case, your AirCare can no longer read it. It will blink a 20 message, indicating that the humidity level is somewhere around 20%. 

Usually, a humidifier works to keep the air nice and humid, which can help with skin dryness, hydration, and other health issues. However, if the air humidity is less than 25% and the humidifier can’t get it back up past that, it could be problematic; there are ways to fix this. 

How To Fix AirCare Blinking 20

How To Fix AirCare Blinking 20?

If you find your Aircare humidifier blinking 20, it means your humidity is too low for it to read. There are several reasons this could happen, most of which are easily fixable. However, there’s no changing the weather outside or the heat index. 

The most common reason humidity levels drop to 20 is that the humidifier has stopped releasing moisture. If this is the case, it’s likely that the machine has run out of water or stopped working temporarily. Check on the water levels in your humidifier. If they’re low, refill it and wait for the appliance to raise the humidity level. 

If the tray is full and the AirCare is still blinking 20, it could be a flaw in the machine itself and might need a reset. Unplug the appliance and let it sit for approximately ten minutes. After that time, it should be reset, and the 20 signal should disappear. 

Sometimes, a humidifier cannot keep up with the natural dryness in the air. If you live in a desert state or are going through an extreme dry spell, you can expect your humidifier to struggle. It might blink 20 even as it’s working. Check your local weather station for news about the humidity levels in your area. If this is the case, you’ll need to be patient. 

Of course, your humidifier could be broken. It might be accurately sensing the humidity levels, but it can’t change the humidity level if the water dispenser isn’t working. Check the manual and troubleshoot issues with your humidifier, or call the company if you’re still under warranty. 

If none of these situations are happening and your humidifier is still blinking 20, it might not be working. There is either a short in the display mechanism or the humidity sensor. These are delicate pieces of electronics, and if either of them stops working, your humidifier’s display won’t accurately read the humidity level. 

You can either attempt to fix a broken humidifier yourself or send it to the factory. However, there are specific issues (such as a broken display) that you can’t fix at home. If that’s the case, a warranty will cover repairs or a new humidifier, as long as you are still within the timeframe. 

What Does Code CF Mean on an AirCare Humidifier?

The CF code doesn’t indicate the moisture in the air but how the filter in your humidifier is doing. If your humidifier says CF on the screen, it means Check Filter. You should check the filter in the appliance before continuing. 

Of course, a CF signal doesn’t always occur at the right time. If you have just checked your filter or are sure it’s clean, it might be a malfunction in the filter sensor or the display itself. Here are some solutions for a malfunctioning CF signal on an AirCare humidifier. 

How Do I Turn off the CF on My AirCare Humidifier

How Do I Turn off the CF on My AirCare Humidifier?

If it’s working correctly, the easiest way to turn off a CF signal is to check the filter and replace it. A CF signal means your filter is full and no longer working effectively.

Once you replace the filter, the CF message should automatically reset. However, some older models have a malfunction that causes the CF signal to continue even after a humidifier’s filter has been replaced. 

If you replaced the filter and the CF message is still blinking, it likely means that your humidifier’s automatic reset function isn’t working. To reset it manually, unplug the appliance and wait 10–15 minutes. After this time, everything should reset to factory settings.

In rare situations, a blinking CF signal could mean a malfunctioning message screen. Although this rarely happens, it is caused by a shortage in the system that consistently shows the incorrect message. You will need to send the machine to the factory to fix it unless you are fine ignoring the messages. 

When Should I Change My AirCare Filter?

An AirCare filter should ideally be changed every one to three months. As it pulls in air and adds moisture, the AirCare cleanses impurities, dust, and dirt out of the air. All of these germs get caught in the filter. However, when the filter is full, it doesn’t work as effectively, and your air is less clean. 

Of course, you can always wait until you see a CF signal to replace the filter. However, it’s best to change it before the machine alerts you. If you use the humidifier daily, change the filter once a month or every two months. Less commonly used humidifiers can wait until three months have passed. That way, you can ensure the cleanest air at all times. 

When you change the filter on your AirCare, ensure you have the correct brand and type. You want the filter to match your make and model of appliance, or it won’t clean the air, and some dirt and dust might get through. For the best humidifier use, buy replacement air filters directly from AirCare. 


Whether your AirCare humidifier is showing a 20 signal or a CF signal, you should be able to figure out what’s going on and fix the issue. Unless it’s a wiring or display problem, your humidifier is simply trying to tell you something about the atmosphere and the machine itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the fan on an AirCare humidifier?

After the wicking filter is dry, carefully remove it from the base. Fill up the water tank halfway with water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Once that sits for 20 minutes, empty and thoroughly rinse the tank and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

How do I adjust my AirCare humidifier?

Press the humidity button on the cord to adjust to your desired humidity level.

How long do AirCare filters last?

You should change the filter every 30–90 days, but you may need to change it sooner depending on the frequency of use and your water quality.