Amana Upright Freezer Problems: Fix It Here!

Is your Amana freezer not working, and your frozen foods started to thaw? Or are you looking for tips and tricks to clean your freezer? We are here to help you. 

If you want to know all the possible Amana upright freezer problems, their causes, troubleshooting, and solutions, keep reading this article till the end. 

Amana Upright Freezer Problems And Solutions

Amana Upright freezer may have several problems that are addressed along with their solutions below: 

The Start Relay Does Not Work

If the start relay does not work properly, the fridge’s compressor will have trouble running. The start relay is the power source for the compressor. If the compressor doesn’t run properly, your freezer will not freeze. 

To check if the Start Relay is defective:

  • Switch off the fridge and remove the start relay from the compressor. 
  • Now test the start relay by using a multimeter. 
  • If the start relay does not show continuity between the start and run terminals or smells like burned, replace it. 

Condenser coil cleaning

As previously mentioned, if your refrigerator’s condenser coil is dirty, it won’t dissipate heat properly. It will significantly minimize the cooling capacity of your freezer. Cleaning the coils is important if you can access them from behind or under the freezer. 

We recommend you clean the condenser coil every 6 to 8 months. Therefore, if the condenser coils remain dirty, you really need to clear them to have your freezer to the fullest.

However, if the condenser coils are located within the freezer’s walls, you do not need to clean them. 

Amana Upright Freezer Problems: Fix It Here!

No electrical continuity 

An electrical continuity issue may also arise in the Amana freezer. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into a 3-prong outlet. The voltage must be only 115 volts and 60 Hertz AC, and a grounded electrical power supply is suitable for the Amana freezer. 

We recommend:

  • Connect your freezer or refrigerator to a separate circuit for only your freezer. 
  • Never use an outlet or extension cord that a switch can turn off. 
  • Confirm the outlet works by plugging in any other small appliance, such as a lamp. 

If that’s not the issue, check if the fuse has not blown or the circuit breaker has not tripped. 

Thermostat control problem

The Amana upright freezer thermostat control is a device in your Amana freezer that directs voltage to the compressor, condenser fan motor, and evaporator fan motor. If the thermostat is faulty, the whole system will not get power, and the freezer will not work. 

To check if there is any fault in the thermostat:

  • Turn the thermostat from the minimum to the maximum and listen when you have the click. 
  • If the click sound happens, therefore, the thermostat has no defects. 
  • If you don’t hear any such sound, check the thermostat using a multimeter. 
  • However, if the thermostat has no connection, you must replace it.

Upright freezer Condenser: the fan motor

The specific function of the condenser fan motor in a freezer is basically to draw air directly to the condenser and over the condenser coils. If the fan within the condenser has any fault, we will have problem to draw air through the condenser. It causes the refrigerator not to cool. 

If the condenser motor fan is not functioning:

  • Examine the fan’s blades for obstructions. 
  • The next step is to ensure that the blades spin freely. 
  • The motor bearings are damaged or worn out if the fan blades fail to spin freely. 
  • You need to replace the fan motor. 

The freezer is not working

If your Amana freezer is not working, there could be several possible causes that we will address here one by one. 

  • The main reason for your freezer not working could be the power outage. So, make sure that your appliance is plugged in properly. 
  • If this is not the issue, check for the circuit breaker.
  • Sometimes, the breaker tripped. As a result, the freezer does not work. 
  • Ensure that the circuit breaker is not tripped. 

The freezer also does not work if the fuse is damaged or blown away. The solution is to replace the fuse without changing the fuse capacity. 

Defective defrost timer

The defrost timer in the freezer is always used to turn on the heater several times during the day. It’s one of the main functions. It helps in the melting process of frost that gets collected on the evaporator coils. If there is any defect in the defrost timer, the defrosting cycle will not carry on as usual. Or it may not provide power to the defrost components.

  • Slowly advancing into the defrost cycle, you can clearly see if the defrost time works properly. 
  • If the timer does not provide power within 30 minutes to the defrosting components, you need to replace the defrost timer. 
Amana Upright Freezer Problems

Bad compressor

The freezer’s compressor is like a pump that compresses the refrigerant gas and spreads it through the condenser coils and evaporators. If the compressor does not function, the freezer will not freeze. However, it is not a common issue in Amana freezers; you don’t need to replace them. 

  • You can test the compressor using a multimeter. 
  • Check the continuity between the electrical pins on the compressor’s side. 
  • If you find that the circuit is open, the compressor is likely defective. 
  • If the compressor is defective, you need to replace it. 
  • So, take the services of a licensed technician to replace the defective compressor. 

Power source issue

The power source or the main control board may be problematic if everything is alright and has no defect. But before replacing the power source, inspect the more commonly faulty parts. 

If all other components are working properly, without any defect, replace the power source. This will solve the problem. 

The door lid is not sealing properly

Another major issue you may face while using an Amana upright freezer is door sealing. Sometimes the door lid does not seal properly. 

  • You can investigate this problem by placing a piece of paper between the freezer and the seal and pulling it outward.
  • If the paper pulls out easily, the door will probably not seal properly. 

And, if the door lid does not seal properly, it can cause temperature variations in the freezer and could be the reason for frost building up. 

Sometimes the door lock prevents the lid or door from closing. The locking mechanism of the Amana freezer could be in the way of door sealing and closing. 

  • You can solve this problem by unlocking the freezer and clearing any debris or frost from the lock. 
  • Now open the lid and door, clean it with a dry cloth, then close and lock again. 

Cleaning and maintenance problem

Cleaning and maintaining the condenser coils is one of the major issues of Amana freezers. You should seek help from a professional for this objective. Using the freezer for normal household purposes, you do not need to clean the condenser coils.

However, if you have pets in your home or the specific area is dusty or greasy, the coils need to be cleaned every six months. Proper cleaning and maintenance maximize the efficiency of the freezer. 

Sealed system leak

Your freezer will not freeze properly if the sealed system leaks. If only one freezer shelf is cooling and freezing or if only one evaporator coil is frosting up, there may be a sealed system leak. Sealed system leaks can be very costly to repair. If there is leakage in the sealed system, you may need a new freezer.

The Freezer Does not Cold Enough

If your Amana upright freezer is not freezing to its full potential, it can damage the stored items. This issue can occur due to different reasons. However, you can easily fix this error by following these simple steps:

Condenser Coils. 

With time, the condenser coils tend to get dirty with debris or dust, which can eventually affect the freezer’s cooling capacity. Use a condenser coil cleaning brush to clean the coils. If possible, try to clean them every 6-7 months.

Evaporator Fan Motors

The evaporator fan motors remove the heat from the air as it draws the air over them. If the evaporator fan motors become faulty, it can disturb the freezer’s cold. 

Use a multimeter to check the continuity in the fan motor. In case of no continuity, replace the fan motor with a new one.

Defrost Heater Assembly

Freezers use the defrost heater assembly several times daily to remove the frost from the evaporator coils. If the defroster gets damaged, it can cause the freezer not to function as intended.

Check the defrost heater with a multimer for continuity. If no continuity is found, replace the assembly.

Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor’s function is to draw air to cool the condenser coil and the compressor. The temperate will rise if the condenser fan motor is malfunctioning, leading the freezer to loosen ability to cool.

Check the fan motor to see if they are moving freely and ensure there is no obstruction. Use a multimer to make sure the motors are receiving the needed voltage. If the voltage is sufficient, but the motor is not working, it needs replacement.

Thermostat Control 

Faulty thermostat control can lead the compressor to shut off before the freezer has reached the desired temperature. 

Use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity at room temperature. As mentioned by the manufacturer, a non-faulty thermostat will show no continuity when the freezer reaches a certain temperature. If the thermostat keeps showing continuity means it needs replacement.

Display Board

The latest freezer has a display board to show temperature and change settings. A defective display board can lead to the temperature changing automatically. To ensure the display board is not defective, use a multimeter for continuity.

The display boards rarely get damaged, so checking other parts mentioned in this guide is highly recommended before concluding with the display board.


There can be many Amana upright freezer problems. However, most of them can be solved by keeping its door closed, ensuring no obstructions, and providing good ventilation. Airflow is the key to preventing errors with your appliance.

These simple maintenance steps can help you extend the lifespan of your Amana freezer. Please let us know if you need further help.


Why is the Amana upright Freezer not properly working?  

If your Amana freezer is not working, there could be several causes behind this. A bad Start Relay, a defective compressor, a bad defrost timer, or some other problems can cause your fridge not to work. Troubleshoot the freezer to catch the main issue.

How to reset Amana’s upright Freezer?

You can reset the Amana upright freezer by removing the power source and letting it rest for eight to ten minutes. Plug-in power again to reset the Amana freezer automatically. You can also reset it by pressing the reset button.

How to resolve the Amana upright freezer power issue?

Ensure to plug in the Amana freezer with a power supply that can provide a voltage of 115 volts. Also, make sure to ground it properly.

Why is Amana’s upright freezer top part not freezing?

If the condenser coils of the freezer are dirty, the top part of the freezer does not freeze.