Aroma rice cooker stopped working? Find solutions here

aroma rice cooker stopped working

From time to time, even the best machines can break down. If you’re one of the many loyal customers who own an Aroma rice cooker, you’ve probably seen this happen with your appliance. In this article, find out why your Aroma rice cooker stops working and how to fix it.

Ways To Fix Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working

There can be several reasons why your Aroma professional rice cooker stopped working. Identifying what’s causing the problem and resolving it accordingly is important. 

1. Replacement of the battery

Rice cookers do not work without their batteries, so cookers will be unable to operate without them. As soon as the battery stops working, you need to replace it. You can check the battery status by looking at the cooker’s display. When the display shows only multiple zeroes, it’s time to replace the battery. 

2. Check the power supply

It is also possible that your rice cooker is not working due to a faulty power outlet or power cord. Damaged or defective power cords prevent the cooker from getting the correct amount of power it needs. If that’s the case, you’ll need to repair or replace the cord. Try connecting your cooker to another outlet to find out if the outlet is damaged. If the outlet boards or wires are damaged, they must be repaired before you can reuse them. 

Check the Power Supply

3. Check the thermal fuse

Rice cookers use thermal fuses to regulate temperature. If the temperature exceeds the limit, it melts. You can check the Aroma rice cooker thermal fuse by opening the bottom of the cooker. 

There are usually fuses located near the AC cord and before the circuitry. The main purpose of this device is to protect circuitry before it is placed in front of it. An insulated rubberized sheath covers the thermal fuse in rice cookers. Contact a professional if the fuse is melted.  

4. Errors in the circuitry

If the power is supplied to the cooker but does not turn on, it could be due to various reasons. For example, there may be a fault or defect with its interconnections and internal circuits. 

Make sure the power supply is connected correctly. The device will not function if the circuit board is damaged. The broken component should be replaced with a new one. A professional technician should do this.

5. Burned-out light bulb

Despite heating up and working properly, your rice cooker doesn’t show whether it’s cooking rice or not. So you could burn the rice if you think it’s still cooking when it’s already done. You should repair or replace the light bulbs immediately if this occurs. Light bulbs can be found in most stores for a reasonable price.  

Light Bulb Burnt Out

Rice cooker automatic shut off not working

A faulty thermostat can cause your rice cooker to shut off randomly. As the thermostat measures the temperature inside the cooker, it sends signals to the heating element to increase or decrease the heat. 

It is possible for your rice cooker to overheat or not heat up at all if the thermostat is malfunctioning or broken. It can result in burned or uncooked rice, internal damage, blown fuses, or even fires. 

Follow these steps to prevent this from happening to your rice cooker:

  • First, let your rice cooker cool down by unplugging it.
  • Look for the screws at the bottom of the cooker and unscrew them.
  • Next, open up the cooker’s internal circuitry and wires.
  • With a multimeter, test for conductivity. 
  • The component isn’t functional and should be replaced if there’s no conductivity. 

The Rice cooker is not heating up

A rice cooker’s components are crucial: the power cord, the thermostat, the heating element, and the thermal fuse. Combining all these components produces and regulates the heating process of a cooker. The cooker will not work or heat up if any of these fail. 

You must check each of these parts and determine which one is broken to determine why your rice cooker isn’t heating up. You can test the functionality of the power cord, thermostat, heating element, and thermal fuse using a multimeter. 

Replace them or get them repaired if they are damaged or broken. Sometimes, buying a new rice cooker is more cost-effective than spending time and money repairing multiple components. 


If you know how to fix your Aroma rice cooker, even if it stops working, you can make it functional again. This guide aims to help you discover why your rice cooker doesn’t work and how to fix it. You can also learn how to troubleshoot the cooker’s error codes and reset it when nothing else works. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when your rice cooker stops working?

You can check different components to determine what’s causing the problem with your Aroma slow rice cooker. The battery may be out of order, the thermal fuse may be faulty, or the circuitry may be damaged. You have no choice but to replace or repair the faulty parts to resolve these issues. And if you can’t fix it yourself, ask for professional help. 

How do you fix a rice cooker that won’t turn on?

If your rice cooker won’t turn on, unplug the power cord and plug it back into a power outlet. Check if the power cord is loose or damaged. Plug it into a different power outlet if the first one isn’t working. You should reset it if the rice cooker gets a power supply but is still not turning on. 

Why is my rice cooker light not working?

When your rick cooker is working properly, but the light indicator isn’t showing, the light bulbs can be burnt out. The light not turning on can also mean a melted thermal fuse, a faulty power cord or power outlet, damaged internal wiring or defective LED, etc. In case of a faulty component, you must repair or replace the damaged part. 

Where is the fuse of the rice cooker?

Rice cooker fuses are usually located before the circuitry and next to the AC power cord. Thermal fuses are intentionally placed before circuitry to protect them. You’ll find it next to the power cord on a rice cooker. 

Do rice cookers overheat?

A rice cooker relies on a central heating element to cook rice, so overheating is possible. An explosion can occur if the pressure relieving device becomes defective. Another cause for concern is a broken heating element, faulty wiring, or a cracked pot.

How do I reset my Aroma rice cooker?

The cooking menu function will not be reset when you only unplug the power cord and plug it back in. Resetting an Aroma rice cooker is as follows:
1. The first step is to plug your rice cooker into an electrical outlet.
2. Wait five seconds after pressing and holding the cancel button.
3. Make sure no cooker lights are on before pressing the start button.