Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting guide

aroma rice cooker troubleshooting

Rice cookers are very useful kitchen appliances. They allow us to prepare delicious meals at home without spending much time or effort. The problem arises when they don’t function properly. Several common problems can occur during operation. In this post, we’ll discuss these Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting issues and explain how to fix them.

Common Aroma Rice Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

Aroma rice cookers have features like automatic cooking, timer, etc. These appliances are handy, but they also have some limitations. Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Keys Aren’t Working

Make sure the rice cooker is connected to power before operating it. Wait until the clicking sound stops before starting the reheating process. Check the keys for any damage. If there’s no visible damage, try pressing the key to turn it on.

2. Incorrect Function Indicator Lights

Function indicator lights indicate which function is selected and which one is active. Usually, incorrect clock time and timers cause incorrect function indicator lights. You can do this by disconnecting your rice cooker from the power and reconnecting it after a few minutes. Then, verify that the function indicator lights are on when the unit is turned on.

Incorrect Function Indicator Lights

3. Reheating Isn’t Working

If you’re using an electric rice cooker, ensure the heating element works correctly. Turn off the appliance and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then turn it back on again. If the heating element isn’t working, replace it with another one. Also, check settings such as temperature control, timer, etc.

4. Clicking Sounds

The click sounds indicate that the rice cooker is in use. As the rice cooker adjusts its temperature, it makes clicking sounds.

However, the rice cooker may be damaged if you hear continuous clicking sounds. This usually happens because the heating element has been overheated. To prevent this, remove the rice cooker from the heat source and let it cool down for 10-15 minutes. After cooling down, reattach it to the heat source.

5. Steam Is Leaking

Steam leaking indicates that the lid gasket is not positioned correctly. It should be placed between the lid and the body of the rice cooker. Make sure that the steam vent holes are covered with a cap.

Leaking steam can cause food to stick inside the pot. Cleaning the rim and gasket can help prevent leaks.

Steam Is Leaking

6. Power Failure

Power supplies provide power to devices. They convert electricity into usable power. For example, aroma rice cookers will automatically turn on after a power outage of ten minutes.

The reset mode will be triggered upon switching the rice cooker, which must be programmed. If you need assistance applying the desired settings, refer to the manual.

7. Check the Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses protect electrical components against excessive temperatures. When they fail, they open and interrupt the flow of current. If you see a burning smell or smoke from the rice cooker, you must replace the thermal fuse.

8. Broken Internal Circuitry

There could be many causes behind a faulty circuit. Check if the power supply is connected correctly. A damaged circuit board will cause the device to stop working. Replace the broken component with a new one. You should ask a professional technician to do so.

Broken Internal Circuitry

9. Light Bulb Burnt Out

If the light bulb burns out, there’s nothing you can do except replace it. However, ensure that the replacement bulb is compatible with the model of the rice cooker. Aroma Rice Cookers use LED bulbs. With a capacity of 350 Watts, it is quite powerful.

Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting beeping

Beep sounds indicate that the rice cooker is overheating. So, turn off the rice cooker immediately. Let it cool down for about 15 minutes. Then, switch it on again.

Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting beeping

Aroma rice cooker not working

Regular and frequent use will cause the Aroma rice cooker to malfunction. Some of them include:

  • Improper installation.
  • Improper operation.
  • Inadequate maintenance.
  • Improper cleaning.
  • Poor quality control.

To fix the issue, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the rice cooker.
  • Unplug the rice cooker.
  • Wait until the rice cooker stops making noises.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Inspect the rice cooker thoroughly.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Replace the rice cooker if necessary.

Aroma rice cooker error codes, their meaning, and fixes

Here are the most common error codes and how to fix them: 

Error CodeSolution
Aroma rice cooker e1 errorThe instructions recommend turning off the rice cooker for at least two to five minutes before actually filling it.
Aroma rice cooker e2 errorContacting customer service is prompted by it. Additionally, E2 indicates if the rice appears to be too hard. Additionally, it may be too fluffy and wet.
Aroma rice cooker e3 errorThe instructions recommend turning off the rice cooker for at least two to five minutes before actually filling it.
Aroma rice cooker e4 errorThe term refers to an electronic failure in general. Further investigation is required to determine the exact cause of the cooker’s problem. A clogged pressure release valve or a clogged flush seal are all potential hazards. An appropriate technician should inspect the cooker if any of these problems persist.
Aroma rice cooker e5 errorA high surface temperature indicates an extremely hot cooker. The steam release valve should be open before beginning the cooking cycle.
Aroma rice cooker e6 errorThere is an overheating problem with e6. High ferrous cookware can cause this problem. Try lowering the temperature setting after turning the unit off and letting it cool for 15 minutes.

How do I reset my Aroma rice cooker?

To reset the Aroma rice cookers:

  1. Connect the rice cookers to the power source. Then, hold down the cancel button for five seconds.
  2. Before pressing the start button, ensure no lights on the machine.
  3. Unplugging the power cord will not reset the menu function.
  4. You can find instructions on how to operate the machine in the manual.
  5. It is easy to reset the settings on the Aroma rice cooker. You just need to follow the instructions.


Rice cookers are very useful kitchen appliances. They make cooking easy and convenient. But, like other home appliances, they also require proper care and maintenance.

Follow the instructions carefully to keep your rice cooker running smoothly. Contact us if you have any questions about your Aroma rice cooker. We would love to hear from you!


When is the rice too crunchy or dry?

There will be less liquid inside the pot when the rice is too crunchy or dry. Add in some extra water to help soften the rice.
Stir the rice after each addition of water. This will ensure that the rice cooks evenly. Don’t overfill the cooker. Too much water will cause the rice to boil, which makes it hard to stir.

When is the rice too soggy?

Soggy rice is caused by too much water. To avoid this, add less water. To solve the problem, reduce the amount of water added to the rice cooker. Never open the rice cooker lid while cooking. It may lead to soggy rice.

Why is my rice cooker light not working?

In the case of a rice cooker that is heating properly but does not have a working light indicator, there may be a connection problem between the light wires and the circuitry. You may have a shortage in your indicator cords if there are still issues after replacing the indicator bulb.

What is a thermal fuse in a rice cooker?

Thermal fuses cut off the power to an appliance when excessive heat exceeds the appliance’s operation limit. Basically, it protects every appliance. To protect the appliance from uncontrolled heat, it melts itself.

How do you fix a thermostat on a rice cooker?

Thermostats control rice cookers at their most basic level. A small thermal sensor is placed on a spring inside the center of the heating plate. The weight of the pot presses the thermal sensor when rice and water are placed in the cooking pot for the rice cooker. 
The first thing you need to do is turn off the power supply at the wall socket. Then, remove the cover from the rice cooker. Next, unscrew the control panel. Finally, pull out the control panel and replace it with a new one.

How do I know if my Aroma rice cooker is working?

To check whether the rice cooker works, look for the following signs:
1. An indicator light should show that the machine is heating.
2. The rice cooker should display a message indicating that the cooking process is complete.
3. Check the manual to see how to reset the timer.
4. Reset the timer before each new batch of rice.
5. Make sure there is enough water in the rice cooker.
6. Remove any food residue from the pot after cooking.