How to fix a flashing purple light on a BT Hub?

bt internet flashing purple

Have you ever had a problem with your BT Hub? If yes, you probably know how annoying it can be to see a flashing purple light on your device. Many users across the globe have reported the BT internet flashing purple issue. This article will show you how to solve the flashing purple light problem on your BT Hub.

What does the flashing purple light mean on your BT Hub?

If you see a flashing purple light on your BT Hub when you turn it on, there is an issue with your connection to the internet. It means your BT hub is working but isn’t connected to broadband. It could be anything from bad weather to a faulty connection.

You can solve the problem by troubleshooting. You can also try restarting your BT Hub if you haven’t done so already. If none of those work, we will show you how to get back online.

What are the reasons for BT Hub flashing purple

What are the reasons for BT Hub flashing purple? 

There are several possible reasons why you may have a flashing purple light on BT Hub. Some of them include:

Wrong Placement of Device

It would help if you ensured that your BT Hub is placed where it gets good reception. The best location would be near a window or outside-facing wall. 

You also need to check whether the BT Hub is in the range of electrical interference. If so, move it away from the interference until the light stops blinking.

Faulty Cables or Devices

If the cables or devices are faulty, they might cause this issue. Ensure all cables are connected correctly and the power cord is plugged into the socket properly. 

When the wirings of BT hub are damaged, or BT hub is physically damaged by dropping it accidentally, issues may arise. Also, outdated firmware may create a connectivity problem.

Microfilters separate your broadband line from your landline, minimizing noisy phone lines. Every home should install a microfilter in their home.

Microfilter Issues

Microfilter Issues

It is important to note that the microfilter needs to be cleaned. If it isn’t clean, dust particles will build up inside, blocking the signals. 

Noisy Phone Line

Make sure that your phone line is working well. You should contact your service provider if you notice problems like static noise. They will be able to help you resolve the issue.

Issues with Your Internal Telephone Extensions

Your internal telephone extensions could be faulty. First, check whether the wires are twisted together. If they aren’t, you need to unplug one wire and plug it in again. If the problem persists, then you need to replace the extension.

How to fix the BT Hub Flashing Purple Light

How to fix the BT Hub Flashing Purple Light?

To fix the BT modem flashing purple light on your BT hub, follow these steps:

1. Check the broadband cable

Check whether the broadband cable is connected correctly. Also, ensure that the other end of the cable is plugged into the correct port. If you find that the cable isn’t connected correctly, then you will need to reconnect it. Also, check whether the broadband cable is loose or damaged. If it is, then you need to tighten it.

2. Wait for activation

If you’ve recently switched BT hub, you might notice a flashing purple light on your hub. It means your connection isn’t working correctly, and you must fix it before getting any services. It also means that your BT hub is not activated yet; thus BT hub is flashing purple before activation.

If you haven’t received an activation email from BT hub, please contact their customer service team via email or give them a call.

Unplug the modem

3. Unplug the modem

You won’t require a separate modem if you’ve already updated your BT smart hub from one of the older models. Connect the BT Smart Hub to the phone socket, which should fix the flashing purple or pink light.

4. Reboot the BT Hub

Restart your BT Hub. Just unplug the device from the power supply, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back into the power socket. Restart your BT Hub. It will resolve any connectivity problems.

5. Check for a BT service outage

If you plug in all your devices correctly and the internet doesn’t work, check the status of your broadband connection using the BT website. You may also get an alert via text message. It’s always best to check the status of your broadband connection first. Check their Twitter account if you see anything odd. 

BT service outrage can cause many problems such as slow speeds, intermittent connections, and flashing BT internet purple light. So if you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact BT online or visit their service status page.

Contact BT support

6. Contact BT support

If the above-mentioned steps don’t solve your problem, it might be time to contact BT’s technical team. You can contact them in various ways. For example, if you need help, dial 150 with a BT phone or call 0800 800 150 from any UK phone. From outside the UK, call +44 150 174 7714.

How To Reset BT Hub?

If you still face issues after following the steps above, you might need to reset your hub.

Doing this will wipe all the customized settings stored on your hub and bring it back to its factory settings. It means any personal settings you’ve added to your hub will be deleted, and your hub will revert to its original state. You’ll also lose any customizations you’ve made to your hub.

So, how do you reset your hub? Here’s what you need to know:

1) If you’ve lost connection to the hub, you can restore it by pressing the reset button for five seconds without turning off the BT hub. It is located just above the power socket.

2) The hub is now reset. It can take up to 5 minutes to completely reset the BT hub to its default factory settings.

3) Once the light turns stable blue color, it is now prepared to reconnect to the other device.

4) Connect to the hub using its default SSID name and password. You’ll be prompted to enter the new admin password later.

How do I know if my BT internet is down

How do I know if my BT internet is down?

If you cannot access the internet via your computer. It means your router settings are not correct. Your router settings are needed to update. First, try updating your router manually. You can update your router manually by navigating the manufacturer’s website. Then follow the instructions provided there. 

Ensure that the IP address assigned to your modem/router is correct. If you cannot connect to the internet, try resetting your BT hub. Resetting your BT hub usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Note that some routers have a built-in web interface, making it easy to manage your network settings. You can also check the status of your internet connection using the BT status page, but it won’t tell you why your internet isn’t working.


The most common cause of an issue like flashing purple lights is the incorrect configuration of your BT internet service. Check your router settings. 

Make sure that they match the ones we mentioned here. If these settings are correct, then check your BT internet connection. If it’s still down, please get in touch with the BT support team.

So, what do you think about these solutions? Do they work? Let us know.  


 Is your broadband activated?

The first thing you should check is whether your broadband is activated. If your broadband connection is down, you’ll need to activate it before connecting to the internet.
As a result, your BT hub can flash blinking lights. In this case, you’ll need to contact your ISP provider to get your broadband activated.
It may take up to a few hours to get your broadband activated until your BT hub will not work. However, once it is activated, the blinking purple light will disappear.

How to Fix BT Broadband Connection Problems?

Here are some tips to fix BT broadband connection problems and the new BT broadband flashing purple:
Broadband prechecks
Reboot your router
Check BT Broadband status
Try a wired connection
Try the BT test socket
Try your landline
These solutions will help you resolve most of the issues with your BT broadband connection. However, sometimes these solutions don’t work. In such cases, you’ll need to call BT customer service.

Have you upgraded to BT Smart Hub?

If you want to upgrade to BT smart hub, you’ll need to connect BT smart hub directly to the phone socket. And there is no need to use a modem anymore. 
Instead, connect the phone line directly to the BT smart hub. It’s not possible to use both at the same time. So, once you’ve connected your BT smart hub, disconnect the old one. The BT smart hub or smart hub 2 has more advanced features than the standard BT hub.