How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote in Easy Steps?

connect tcl tv to wifi without remote

Like most smart TVs, the TCL TV comes wifi enabled. Once connected, you can stream videos, play games, and listen to music on your TV. Typically, you connect the wifi during the initial setup of your TV, and you usually enjoy your device with little thought after the initial setup. 

But occasionally, life happens, and you may need to reconnect your TV to wifi or set up a new connection. Reconnection is usually a simple process with a remote and is done in a few taps. 

However, if you don’t have the remote, you may be unsure if you can connect your TCL TV to wifi without a remote. This post will teach you how to connect your TCL TV to wifi without a remote in just a few easy steps.

Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without a Remote

If you are wondering, “How can I connect my TCL Roku TV to wifi without a remote,” we have you covered. For the most part, if you have your remote, setting up wifi on your TCL TV is pretty straightforward. However, things get complicated when you misplace your remote or it has stopped working. 

If this is the case, don’t fret; you can use one of two methods to connect your TV to wifi without the remote by using a mobile hotspot or an internet router. Here’s how to connect  TCL Roku TV to wifi without a remote.

Method 1: Using Mobile Hotspot

If you have lost your remote and your device does not have a wifi connection, you can use the Roku app to turn your phone into a virtual remote, but your TV must have an internet connection.

If you don’t have your remote and your TV is not connected to the wifi, you can use the following steps to set up a mobile hotspot on your phone to download the Roku app and use your phone as a remote for your TV.

Setup a Mobile Hotspot

  • iPhone users:
    • First, open the settings in the app.
    • Then click on the hotspot option.
    • Toggle this option on and allow others to join the button. 
  • Android users: 
    • First, navigate to the connections menu. 
    • Then click on the hotspot and tethering option. 
    • Finally, locate the hotspot option and turn it on. Note: instructions may vary slightly depending on the phone manufacturer or cellphone provider.
Setup a Mobile Hotspot

Setup the Roku App

Once you have successfully turned on your mobile hotspot, you can move to the next step. Use the following steps to set up the Roku app:

  • First, open the Roku app on the phone.
  • Select the remote symbol near the top of the menu.
  • Then turn the Digital Remote on.
  • Use the navigation buttons and connect to the wireless internet.
  • Then input your hotspot’s password to connect.

Method 2: Using Router Internet

If method one doesn’t work, You can try using your internet router to get your TV online. Creating a wired connection is an easy and reliable way to add your TCL TV to your network. Use the following instructions to set up your router.

  • Use the home button on your phone to turn the remote.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Next, scan for new networks on your TV.
  • After the scan completes, find the wireless connection.
  • Input the security key for your internet connection and select the connect option.
  • You should now have successfully connected your TCL TV to your wireless network without a remote! Congrats.

How to Update the Wifi Settings on TCL TV Without Remote?

Need to update your wifi settings but can’t find the remote? If so, you may be scratching your head and asking yourself: can I update my wifi settings on my TV without a remote?

Yes. The easiest way to change your settings without a remote is to access the Roku app from your phone and use it as a remote— which should allow you to update or change settings as needed.

How Do I Find My Roku IP Address Without WIFI or Remote

How Do I Find My Roku IP Address Without WIFI or Remote?

Are you wondering where to find your Roku’s IP address if you’re not connected to wifi and don’t have the remote? TLDR: you can’t because your device has no internet connection. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your Roku doesn’t have an IP address without an Internet connection. This is because the router assigns an IP address when the device joins the network.

Where Are the Buttons on My TCL Roku TV?

Remotes allow us to access features and controls and choose preferences and settings without leaving our sofa. They have made it so easy and convenient that we often take them for granted. 

But occasionally, we lose or misplace our remotes. This loss can make it hard should we need to access features or update controls on our TV. 

In addition, losing our remotes can leave us flustered should we need to access features on our phone, update our TV, or change settings. When this happens, we may turn to manual options. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry because our tv often comes with manual buttons. 

Unfortunately, however, aesthetic choices made by manufacturers make it difficult to locate these buttons. Not quite sure where to find buttons on your TCL Roku TV? Check these common locations for TCL TV buttons:

  • Bottom right back panel
  • Back right mid panel
  • Middle underside


For most of us, it’s usually a set and forget it type deal after we connect our TCL Roku TV to wifi. But occasionally, we may encounter situations requiring us to reset the wifi or change our network. 

Setting up wifi on your Roku TV is usually a simple process if you have your remote. 

However, it can be a little more challenging if you don’t have your remote. But be discouraged. Your TCL tv can connect to wifi without the remote. Just follow the steps outlined in this post. Learning how to connect TCL smart tv to Wi-Fi without a remote is easy enough as long as you take your time and are patient with the technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lost my TCL remote?

“Oh no, I’ve lost my remote. How can I use my TCL TV without a remote?” It happens to the best of us. If you’ve lost your remote, no worries. You have two options:
Option one, you can buy a new remote
Option 2, if you don’t want to shell out the money for a new remote, you can download the Roku app onto your phone. The app allows you to use your phone as a remote. For example, your phone can access TV controls and settings. Or you can learn to connect your TCL TV to wifi without a remote and use the digital remote for all your needs.

Is there a TCL remote app?

Yes. The TCL Roku TV comes with the Roku app. Just visit the App Store on your phone or tablet and download the Roku app for your TCL TV. You can control your TV from your phone or tablet.

How can I get the TV menu without a remote?

Open the Roku app on your phone or tablet. If the app is not already on your phone, download it from the app store. The app will allow you to access the TV menu like you would using your TV remote.