TCL TV Volume Problems? Find Solutions Here 

tcl tv volume problems

You own a TCL TV and keep experiencing issues with volume. Find out what to do if the sound on your TCL TV is not working when you turn it on, loses sound as you are watching, or changes volume while in use.

Solutions to TCL TV volume problems may include adjusting your TCL TV audio settings, checking audio adjustments with your remote, and troubleshooting exterior devices. 

Keep reading to access detailed instructions on how to get rid of these issues. 

TCL TV Sound Not Working (Not Sync/Won’t Turn/Stay Up or Down): Solutions

If your TCL TV sound is not working properly, don’t worry. We’ve listed the most common problems and solutions so that you can enjoy your TV without interruptions.

1. TCL TV Sound Not Working / Stopped Working 

How do I fix the sound on my TCL TV? Begin by checking that the volume on your TCL TV remote is set to the desired level and that the mute function is not activated.

If the batteries in your remote are weak or need changing, your remote will not operate. After you insert new batteries, locate the pairing button at the back of the remote and reconnect it to your TCL TV. 

Make sure there is a clear path between the infrared eye of the remote and the receiving sensor on your TV. 

If using DVI, DVY, PB, or PR, check that the cable from the audio output of the peripheral device is connected to the Left and Right input ports of your TCL TV.

If using your TCL TV as a computer monitor, try routing the TCL TV audio output to the HDMI port on your computer.

If using a Blu-Ray or gaming console, check to ensure that all your cables are properly connected. Also, check to make sure the volume controls of your gaming device are up and that mute is not on. 

TCL TV Sound Doesn’t Match Picture 

2. TCL TV Sound Doesn’t Match Picture 

If the sound on your TCL TV does not match the video, go to Settings, scroll down to Audio, and Change the Audio Delay to synchronize.

If the problem persists, press the asterisk symbol (*) on the remote, go to Volume Mode and turn this setting off.

Suppose the sound and video do not sync with each other. In that case, the problem might be the quality of the video file, issues with the streaming service, a lost internet or cable connection, or problems with external speakers hooked up to the TV. 

a. Watching Video Files 

Check if the problem is due to a low-quality video file. Pause the video and restart to allow the file to synchronize. Confirm that your Audio Settings are set to PCM-Stereo if the video file does not synchronize. Reboot your TCL TV and try to view the file again.

b. Watching a Streaming Service

Test to see if the sound syncs with the picture on another device like a smartphone or desktop computer. If you see the delay on other screens as well, the issue is with your streaming service or internet connection.

c. Using Soundbars

If you are connected to soundbars or other external speakers, disconnect them from your TCL TV and use the built-in TV speakers. If your sound and picture match, the problem is not the TCL TV. Reboot your external speakers by unplugging them from the wall for a minute, then plug them back in and try again. 

3. TCL TV Sound Won’t Turn or Stay Down / Up 

Why does my TCL TV volume go up and down? There are several reasons for the volume of your TCL TV to change when you are watching, including the condition of your remote, the audio settings of external devices, and the audio settings of your TV. 

Why is my TCL TV volume so low? Check to see if the remote is causing your TCL TV low volume problems. Turn your TCL TV off. On TV, press the Volume button down as you turn the TV on. If you notice a decrease in the volume, then the problem is with your remote. 

Replace the batteries in your remote and see if this stops the changes to the volume level.

TCL TV Volume Keeps Going Up/Down

4. TCL TV Volume Keeps Going Up/Down

When there are random changes to the volume of your TCL TV, make sure the batteries are working in your remote, that the sensor of your remote is clean, and that there is nothing in the path of the infrared eye to the sensors on the TV. 

If you are using a cable or satellite provider, the connection’s quality might be affecting your TV’s audio. How do I make my TCL TV louder? Check the audio settings of these devices to increase the volume.  

If you find that the sound during commercials is loud but during dialog is too low, follow these steps. First, go to Sound Mode from the Options menu and select Speech mode to make dialogue in your content louder than any background noises or music. This will most likely solve your TCL Smart TV volume problems.

5. TCL TV Audio Keeps Cutting Out / Keeps Losing Sound 

A common problem that causes audio stutter is a loose cord on the back of your TV. Make sure your connection cords are properly inserted.

6. TCL TV Sound Not Working in Apps

If there is no sound while using apps, check to see if the audio functions on other apps or channels. If there is still no sound, reboot your TCL TV. 

After reboot, if the sound is still not working when you access applications update your TV’s software. Press the Home button, go to Settings, choose System, click on System Update, and activate the Check Now feature. Your TV system will search for available updates and apply them if necessary.

7. TCL Roku TV – No Sound on Apps 

Why is the volume on my TCL Roku TV not working? If you’re experiencing issues while using Roku, follow these recommended steps:

  • Using the TCL Roku TV remote, press the top volume button to increase the volume level of the TV or press the Mute button located on the side of the remote to unmute the TV. Accidentally pressing the Mute button is a common problem. 
  • If the problem is not the volume setting, check to see if the volume works with another channel or app. 
  • Confirm your TCL Roku TV’s audio settings. From your Home screen, select Settings, scroll to Audio, select the Audio Mode and highlight Auto (Stereo). Press OK to confirm settings. 
  • Check your cable connections and any connections with other devices like a DVD player or game system. If the external device has a remote, increase the volume level. 

Another common problem with Roku is a sudden volume change. How do I stabilize the volume on my TCL Roku TV? To solve this, check to see if the Roku application is being used on another device like a smartphone. The volume of the TV can be controlled from the Roku mobile application.

If the volume continues to change, reset your Roku by using your remote. Press the Home button, choose System, scroll to Power, click on System Restart, choose Restart, and press OK.

TCL TV No Sound Headphones 

8. TCL TV No Sound Headphones 

If no sound comes through your headphones, ensure that your headphones are firmly connected to the headphone jack of your TV. Confirm that they are not plugged into an audio-in port or a microphone jack. 

Confirm that your volume is turned up to a comfortable listening level and that your source device is not on Mute.

If you still can’t hear your content, test the headphones on another device to ensure that the problem is not the headphones.  

Best Sound Settings for TCL TV 

Improve your TCL TV sound quality by adjusting your remote’s picture and sound settings.

With the TV on, press the asterisk (*) button of your remote to display the Options menu. 

To navigate the Options menu, press the Up or Down buttons to highlight a setting and the Left or Right buttons to change the settings. From Settings, scroll to Audio, then choose the Audio mode you want to adjust. 

How to Turn Up the Volume on TCL TV Without a Remote

How to Turn Up the Volume on TCL TV Without a Remote?

To achieve TCL TV volume control without a remote, check the back of your TCL TV. If there are volume buttons on the back of your TV, press the Up button to increase the volume and press the Down button to lower the sound.  

If you do not have buttons on the back of your TV or a TCL Roku TV, the volume can be controlled with a cell phone with the Roku mobile application installed. 

Why Are There TCL TV Volume Fluctuations? 

To troubleshoot fluctuations in volume, go to Settings, choose Audio, continue to SRS TruVolume and turn this function off. This is also a solution when the background sounds or music is louder than the people talking.  

If you still experience TCL TV sound distortion, turn on or adjust any audio leveling options in other connected devices like DVD players, gaming systems, headphones, and peripheral speakers.

If you connect to a Cable box or a satellite dish, adjust your audio settings from HDMI Auto to HDMI Fixed. 


We hope that you’ve found the solution to your TCL TV volume problems. Ensure that the cables are properly connected between the TV and your sound system, check your remote batteries, keep your apps updated, and reboot your TV if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my TCL TV volume so low?

TCL TV volume may be low due to a loose HDMI connection or a more technical issue like a system malfunction.

Why is the volume on my TCL Roku TV not working?

Reset your TCL TV if it doesn’t have sound. 
First, turn off your TV and wait 60 seconds. 
Then, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. 
Reconnect your TV after a minute.

How do I make my TCL TV louder?

To adjust the volume on your TCL TV, use the +/- buttons on the remote control.