Core Innovations Converter Box Won’t Turn On? Find Solutions Here

core innovations converter box won_t turn on

Want to watch your favorite TV programs, but your converter box has stopped working? You’re not the first to experience it, and you won’t be the last. This technology can puzzle older and younger generations alike. 

But finding the solution is not difficult. Follow these steps to fix your ds converter problems. 

Why Did My Converter Box Stop Working?

It’s frustrating when your core innovations converter box won’t turn on. You could lose access to your cable service. You might wonder, “Why is my DirectTV not working?” when the problem is with your converter box. Your digital converter box might also not pick up channels. 

Ways to Fix Converter Box Won’t Turn On 

Ways to Fix Converter Box Won’t Turn On 

If you do not see a green light, your converter box could be turned off. Try pressing the power button. If it still doesn’t turn on, here are some tips for troubleshooting DTV. 

1. Check the Cables of the Converter Box

Most converter boxes are plugged into coaxial cables. These cables connect your cable box to the wall outlet. 

Check whether these cables are dirty or damaged, which could interfere with your service. Clean dirty cables with rubbing alcohol. If needed, buy new cables to replace damaged ones. 

The cable also needs a secure connection to run power to your ematic converter box. For good measure, tighten the coaxial cable with your hands. Do this on both ends of the cable. 

If the green light appears again, your converter box should be back to work. But sometimes, cable box LEDs only flash green when the device is powered on rather than properly working.

2. Reset Converter Box

If the problem persists, you might be thinking ahead already: “Then how do I reset my core converter box? Is there a reset button on the box?”

First, unplug the power cord connected to your cable box. After 30 seconds, plug the cord back in. It might take several minutes for the box to reboot completely. Allow 20 minutes for this process. 

If the device flashes a green light, your cable box should start operating normally. An ematic converter box reset might be the solution. 

Contact Customer Care Center For Help

3. Contact Customer Care Center For Help

Are none of these solutions working for you? Call your cable box provider and speak to a customer service agent at 1-833-909-2673. You can also submit a form detailing your issue on the company’s website. Its hours are 9 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

The spokesperson will help you troubleshoot a red light or an unresponsive box. However, it’s possible you may have to replace the box altogether. 

How Do I Get Channels on My Converter Box?

A converter box is useless when you can’t use it to enjoy digital television. But what if you can’t seem to find the channels? Here’s how to get a converter box to work and access channels. 

Is There a Reset Button on a Converter Box?

Converter boxes for TV generally do not have reset buttons. So the easiest rebooting method is to complete that process manually. But the process is simple and fast. 

However, you can reset your converter box another way. But this method only works if your box is receiving power. So first, turn the machine on. Then use your remote to go to the “Function” menu. 

A list of options should appear. Click on “Factory Reset.” This allows the machine to reboot and hopefully work out the bug. 

Enter your PIN when prompted. You will have created this PIN when you first bought the product. Then select “Yes.” Now your device should act as if you bought it brand-new. 

When your box finishes resetting, choose “Auto Scan” from the menu. Then click “Rescan.” Your channels should restart. The set-up wizard will now guide you through the rest of the process. 

Is there a reset button on a converter box

How Do You Set Up a Core Digital Converter Box?

Maybe you can’t access channels on your box because you’re unsure how to set the device up. This task can initially seem overwhelming, but you can easily find this information. 

Try consulting your core innovations converter box manual. Can’t find it? A digital-to-analog converter set-up usually involves these steps:

  1. Make sure your TV is analog, which means it receives analog signals that then transform into video and audio. These TVs often have antennas and include cable. 
  2. Unplug your TV.
  3. Locate the coaxial antenna wire you’ve been using. Then, unplug it from the “Antenna in TV (RF)” port on your TV.
  4. Take that same coaxial wire, and plug it into the “Antenna in TV (RF)” port on your new converter box. 
  5. Locate the new coaxial cord that came with the converter box. Plug one end into the “Out to TV (RF)” port on the box. Attach the other end to the “Antenna In (RF)” port on your TV.
  6. Now connect the TV and converter box to outlets with power cords. These allow your devices to power on. 
  7. After you start the machines, consult the converter box for the TV manual. Read the set-up instructions. They could vary across different core innovation models. 
  8. Go to channel 3 or 4 based on the instructions. Then, follow the set-up wizard with the remote you received with the converter box. You should be able to scan for digital channels now. 

This quick process ensures that you access the benefits your digital box has to offer. 


Although they are older technology, core innovations digital-to-analog converter boxes are still useful. That is, they are when they work. But even when they don’t, a solution is not difficult to come by. 

These devices can allow you to watch live programs without buying a new TV. Converter boxes also help analog TVs recognize other media forms, such as VHS tapes or DVDs. A movie night in, anyone?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do converter boxes still work?

Converter boxes still work. Even though the first one premiered on the market in 2006, converter boxes do not go bad. 

However, converter boxes only work with analog TVs. In addition, the technology is somewhat dated because manufacturers no longer create analog TVs. 

In 2009, standard US broadcasting switched from analog to digital. So you won’t find live channels on analog TVs anymore. But people can still use their analog TVs and converter boxes. 

New-age digital TVs do not require converter boxes. Instead, they directly access digital channels by processing unique signals. Digital TV is generally more reliable. Not to mention, it provides a clearer picture and sound than analog TV. Consider switching to digital soon.

How can I watch an analog TV without a converter box?

It’s possible to watch analog TV without a converter box, but you won’t have access to digital channels. Converter boxes are necessary to transform digital signals into analog ones that your TV can recognize. 

Without a box, you can still use analog TV. Here’s a step-by-step guide to access channels:

1. Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the corresponding coaxial port. This port is usually near the TV. The other end connects to the coaxial port on your TV. 
2. Turn on your TV.
3. Click on the “Menu” option on your remote. 
4. When presented with options, press “Automatic Channel Search.” This option searches available digital channels. Scroll through the list with the “Channel Up” and “Channel Down” buttons. 

If you can’t find any, try a channel scan. The process begins the same as the previous one. Connect your coaxial cable to the corresponding ports on the TV and the wall. Power on your TV. Then press the “Menu” button on your remote. 

But select “Channel Scan” on the menu. If the screen prompts you to select which channels, choose “All” or “Digital.” At this point, your screen will present all available channels.   

But some analog TVs are not set up to receive digital channels. In this case, you can watch VHS taps or other media compatible with analog TVs. 

If your TV accepts analog video signals, you can also watch DVDs. TVs that accept these signals have a yellow RCA cable input. This output sends the audio from one device, the DVD in this case, to another, like a TV. RCA cables can easily transfer audio to other sound systems. 

How do I get my converter box to work?

Figuring out how to fix a converter box is challenging without guidance. But several solutions exist based on the exact problem. 

You have options if your core innovations converter box won’t turn on. First, check the coaxial cables connected to the box for damage. You could reset the box by unplugging it and plugging it again. Finally, you can contact customer support for assistance.