GE Dishwasher Start Button Blinking? Find Solutions Here

ge dishwasher start button blinking

When the start button is blinking on your GE dishwasher, there could be no problem, an improperly closed door, or a problem that calls for repairs. But, of course, you are wondering why is my GE dishwasher blinking and not starting.

Different blinking sequences can mean different things. Not to worry, chances are that somewhere in this guide, you will find the solution to the problem. Let’s hope the problem is mundane, like something blocking the door from closing fully.

Without further adieu, let’s get started with our GE dishwasher start button blinking solutions and what to do when your GE dishwasher won’t start.

GE Dishwasher Start Button Is Blinking and Won’t Start

You may walk into the kitchen and realize there is no hum of a busy machine. You ask yourself why my GE dishwasher start button is blinking.

There are several reasons for a GE dishwasher start light blinking. Most of the time, the door will not shut properly because of user error or a broken door latch. The solution might be as simple as adjusting the door or as complicated as replacing the latch.

Reasons And Solutions

Let’s look at how to start a GE dishwasher.

1. Broken Door Latch

Every door latch has a sensor that knows if the door is open or closed. A latch engages when you shut the door, and you should hear a click. I recommend getting in the habit of listening for that click. Without proper latch engagement, you will notice the GE dishwasher start button flashing.

When you hear the click, so you know the door closed properly, the GE dishwasher not starting light blinking problem is not likely to be due to user error. Open and close the door again, but you already know there is probably another problem.

Once you know you closed the door correctly, you have narrowed the problem to two likely causes—a defective door latch or a broken sensor.

The door latch mechanism with the sensor is one plastic piece you will have to replace, so identifying the exact problem is not necessary.

If you are handy with tools like a screwdriver, a DIY repair is not difficult, despite involving several steps to access the latch. If not, you will need to call a professional and explain the GE dishwasher start button blinking won’t start problem.

The Door is not Properly Closed / Opened

2. The Door is not Properly Closed / Opened

This problem sounds a bit enigmatic because how can something be closed open, right? 

Sometimes people open the door during a cycle to add a dish, and the machine registers an error.

After the improper opening, you have another chance to close the door incorrectly. Unfortunately, the blinking start light on the GE dishwasher means the computer does not know what is going on at this point, and the error reads “closed open.”

3. The Dishwasher is Resetting

A reset is a reaction that does not stem from a physical problem like an open door. For example, a GE dishwasher blinking start light can mean the machine is resetting itself.

You may have hit the start button more than once by accident which caused the machine to start, stop, and begin draining the water to reset and revert to standby status.

If you determine that the dishwasher is resetting, do not cut the power or start pressing buttons while the reset continues for up to two minutes. At the end of the process, the light will stop flashing and possibly beep, indicating it is ready to start again.

4. Control Panel is Locked

If your control panel seizes up, the solution is probably to disengage the child lock. When the child lock engages, the buttons become unresponsive, but the lights are still on.

The solution depends on the model you own. There will be a dedicated “Lock” button, or you use the “Heated Dry” button. If you have to use the “Heated Dry” button, look for a lock symbol next to the pad.

The lock symbol has a small backlight that will turn on and off after you hold the button for 3 seconds.

When you have a dedicated “Lock” pad, pressing any other buttons causes the light to flash. When you want to unlock the machine, press the “Lock” pad twice, and you will hear a beep. After that, the dishwasher buttons should work again.

Doing these operations in reverse, a 3-second hold or a double-click locks the panel again. If you determine that the child lock is not why the controls have frozen, use the GE dishwasher reset button.

GE Dishwasher Orange Lights Flashing and Will Not Start

GE Dishwasher Orange Lights Flashing and Will Not Start

The fix is simple when you encounter the problem of a GE dishwasher’s orange light flashing and will not start. Unfortunately, the light may also appear amber in color. Usually, a warning light is orange. The most common warning is when people open the door during operation.

At certain times, the machine is spraying around extremely hot water and plenty of dangerous steam. The orange warning light is there because opening the door is not safe.

The light should stop flashing when you close the door properly, making sure to hear the latch engage. A broken latch might be to blame if you still see a flashing light.

As discussed above, a broken sensor on a functioning latch also results in replacing the latch. Another problem to check for is a countertop pinching the latch. A pinched latch gets deformed. You may be able to adjust the legs to lower the appliance.

What Causes the Dishwasher to Need Resetting?

Needing a reset happens for many reasons, such as a power surge, an aging machine, pressing the start button multiple times, or a failing part(s). However, the problem should be minor if your dishwasher has been working correctly.

When you need a reset after a power surge or power cut, you can usually long-press the Start/Reset button until the reset begins. Different models can have varying methods, so consult your owner manual.

Sometimes you might accidentally press the Start/Reset button more than once and see the dishwasher lights flashing and will not start. Pressing the button again should cause the dishwasher to start or go through a self-initiated reset.

What Causes the Dishwasher to Need Resetting

Flashing Lights And Beeping – How To Reset GE Dishwasher?

If you wonder why my GE dishwasher is beeping and not starting, the first fix is to press the Start button. Then, if the Start button does not return the dishwasher to normal, check to see if the door is ajar.

If the above solutions do not answer the question, why are my dishwasher lights flashing? Do not worry just yet. The GE dishwasher start button blinking and beeping might get fixed by disconnecting the power.

Unplug the dishwasher for 30 seconds. If the dishwasher does not appear normal, remove the plug again and leave the machine alone for 10 minutes. If your machine does not have a plug, you will have to cut the power via your electrical panel.

Cutting the power resets the machine because all of the electricity drains out. Your error code might disappear and reappear later. Avoid the temptation to cut the power and carry on.

Troubleshoot the source of the error code because you might have a minor problem that, if ignored, can become a major problem later.

Final Thoughts

You can fix most of your GE dishwasher flashing light problems with the Start button or a power cut reset. However, these two solutions cannot fix most problems, apart from closing the door properly, leading to a DIY home repair, or calling in a professional.

Fortunately, most blinking light problems get resolved by pressing the right button. So overall, you should find your GE dishwasher to be a reliable machine for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dishwasher set for a delayed start?

You may wonder, is the dishwasher set for a delayed start? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not. To initiate a delayed start, you have to press the Delay Start button and set the number of hours.
The whole process requires intentional effort, so if your machine is not running, you would likely know if you initiated a delayed start.

How do I reset my GE dishwasher control panel?

The easiest fix on most machines is to hold the Start button until a reset begins. Some machines have an alternate method that the manual should thoroughly explain. If else fails, you can use up to a ten-minute power cut to cause a reset.

What can I do to prevent problems in the future?

Remember that some parts always degrade no matter how well you maintain your machine.
In terms of daily maintenance, do not slam the door shut or load dishes without care. Clean the inside, including drains, filters, and unclogging nozzles. Open the door, let the machine air out, and wipe down the seal and outside.