GE Dishwasher Beeps 3 Times And Won’t Start? Find Solutions Here

ge dishwasher beeps 3 times won_t start

Having a dishwasher stops us from having to do the dishes manually, making the task quicker, easier, and safer. But what do three beeps on a GE dishwasher mean? And what do you do when your GE dishwasher beeps three times and won’t start? When this occurs, several issues are sometimes responsible.

If you’ve been dealing with this issue, we’re here to help. If your GE dishwasher beeps three times and won’t start, read on to find solutions and troubleshooting tips.

Why Does the GE Dishwasher Beep 3 Times and Won’t Start?

Random beeping from an appliance can be frustrating, leading you to ask, “Why is my GE dishwasher beeping three times and not starting? 

Several issues may cause your GE profile dishwasher to beep three times and not start. The most common problem is that a power surge may have afflicted the dishwasher. A surge of power may occur randomly but is more common during a storm. Damage to local power lines can also cause the event.

When this occurs, resetting the dishwasher should fix the issue. You can do so by holding down the reset button.

Another cause is that the door might fail to latch or lock properly. The beeping can warn you that the door won’t lock properly. Recheck your door, as well as internal areas like the soap reservoir. If these are fine, a reset often will fix the issue.

GE Dishwasher Beeping - How To Reset GE Dishwasher?

GE Dishwasher Beeping – How to Reset GE Dishwasher?

Now you’re probably wondering how to reset the GE dishwasher. Resetting your dishwasher is incredibly simple and not something that should intimidate you! However, if you go through these steps and the issue remains, you may need professional help. So here are the steps to restarting your GE dishwasher.

1. Pressing the Start/Reset Button Twice to Reset the Dishwasher

Your GE dishwasher should have a Start/Reset button on the front control panel. Simply press this button twice to begin the resetting. If this doesn’t work, hold the button down instead. The button’s location varies depending on the model but is always clearly labeled.

2. Press the Start/Reset Button

If your dishwasher is off, you can press the Start/Reset button again. Doing so will work as the power button on other devices works.

If your appliance fails to turn on, there’s likely a larger problem at hand. Check the dishwasher’s power supply as well as your home’s circuit breaker/

3. Disconnect the Power

If resetting isn’t working (the button may not function properly, for example), you can reset manually by disconnecting the power. Find your dishwasher’s power cord and unplug it. 

Leave it unplugged for 30 seconds to a minute. Afterward, you can plug it back in and try again.

If you can’t access the power cord, you can cut the power off to the dishwasher with your home’s circuit breaker. Then, locate the switch for your kitchen or dishwasher and flip it. Leave it off for 30 seconds to a minute before restoring power.

Disconnect the Power

4. Blinking Start or Start/Reset Button

If the start/reset button is blinking, you likely don’t have anything to fear. On most dishwashers, the blinking button means that the GE dishwasher is draining the water inside. This is a normal function after your dishwasher completes a cycle.

Afterward, the dishwasher will revert to standby status. In short, blinking means that your dishwasher is resetting itself automatically.

If the start/reset button continues to blink when the dishwasher has reset itself, you should cycle power. Then, follow the directions above to reset or remove your appliance’s power fully.

5. Put the Dishwasher In Service Mode to Reset the Dishwasher

Many GE dishwasher models have a service mode that you can utilize. Some also refer to this mode as “diagnostic mode.” Regardless of the term, the function is the same.

You can enter this function on most models by holding the Start button down for five seconds. Then, once the Start button begins flashing, hold the button down along with the Select Cycle button for another five seconds.

In some other models, you can enter it by holding down only the “Cycle Select” button. But, again, consult your instruction manual to see the proper method for your device.

GE Dishwasher Beeps Every 60 Seconds

Your GE dishwasher beeping every 60 seconds typically means that there’s an issue with the door latch. However, if it happens during a washing cycle, it could mean that the door latch became unlatched in the middle of the cycle.

To remedy this, give the dishwasher door a firm nudge. This should press the latch back into place. If this doesn’t work, you might have something stopping the door from closing. Furthermore, you could have issues with the sensor. Either way, you can safely assume the problem is with the door not latching.

GE Dishwasher Beeps Every 60 Seconds

GE Dishwasher Beeps Every Hour

If your dishwasher is blinking every hour or so, you likely have a faulty component. But unfortunately, it’s impossible to diagnose which component is the faulty one simply off the beeps.

Check the easiest things first, such as the door latch and power. You should also reset the dishwasher before doing anything further to ensure it isn’t a software glitch.

If you’re having difficulty diagnosing the issue, you should contact a professional. Your dishwasher may need repairs that are too complex for the average homeowner. In some cases, you may need to replace the dishwasher altogether.

GE Dishwasher Beeps Randomly

If your dishwasher is beeping randomly, it also likely shows that there’s something wrong with one of your components. It’s safest to reset your dishwasher first and check the easiest parts first.

Make sure you pay attention to your sensors! These are usually the parts that will cause the beeping. Your door latch is an especially common component that can cause issues, as failing to close properly will always cause a beeping.

Finally, the soap reservoir is one of the most common areas to cause this issue. First, make sure that nothing is stopping it from closing completely. If your dishwasher detects that the soap reservoir isn’t closed, it will beep and sometimes refuse to start the cycle to avoid damaging anything.

When I Hit the Start Button, the Dryer Just Beeps?

Your dishwasher may begin beeping during the drying phase. The sound is often 30 seconds apart, but it could occur every time you press start.

The most likely reason is that your door isn’t latched properly. Your dishwasher may also be refusing to start because the soap reservoir isn’t closed.

When I hit the Start Button, the dryer just beeps

GE Dishwasher Beeping During Drying Cycle?

The most common cause for this is that the door isn’t properly closed. Give it a firm nudge to make sure the door is closed completely. You should also make sure nothing is stopping the door from closing, such as stray cutlery.


If your GE dishwasher beeps three times and won’t start, there are several possible issues. Ensure the door is latched properly, and the soap reservoir is shut. The easiest and most common solution is resetting the dishwasher or cycling power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the GE dishwasher beep every 30 minutes?

The most common cause of this issue is something wrong with the door latch. However, you may also have a software glitch stopping your dishwasher from working properly.
In any case, reset the dishwasher with the steps given above. You can also cycle power by unplugging the dishwasher or tripping the circuit breaker switch that controls it.

How do I run a diagnostic test on my GE dishwasher?

The steps to begin a diagnostic test on your GE dishwasher can change depending on your model. On most models, you should hold down the Start/Reset button. Then, hold down the “Cycle Select” button once it begins flashing. This should begin the diagnostic mode.
On other models, holding down Start/Reset isn’t necessary. Instead, you can simply hold down the “Cycle Select” button and enter diagnostics mode. Consult your manual to see how to activate your own.
If there’s no power to your dishwasher, there’s no way to enter diagnostic mode. Instead, force a reset by cycling power and check the power cord to ensure power reaches your GE dishwasher.

What are the error codes in a GE dishwasher?

There are more than a dozen error codes for your GE dishwasher, which can vary depending on the model. Your appliance’s manual should list error codes and what they mean.
Many of them are also self-explanatory. For example, “Cup Open” means that the detergent cup is open and hasn’t closed. “Leak Detected” means there is a water leak somewhere, and your appliance won’t start for safety reasons.
You likely won’t receive the error codes if you aren’t getting power to your appliance. Instead, consider contacting a professional service to diagnose the problems with your dishwasher.